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I Trust You

My lips touched his and suddenly the world seemed clearer. I had to trust him, if I didn’t we’d never truly get anywhere.

You can’t love someone you don’t trust. It just doesn’t work that way.

So I had the three words that I knew meant a lot to both of us, “I trust you” I said against his lips. He gave me a full earth shattering grin against my lips before kissing me as if id vanish from beneath him.

I moved my lips against his. His tongue licked the seam of my lips. I laughed, refusing to give in.

His hand came up, yanking down the neckline of my dress. I gasped and his tongue pushed forward, tasting me.

Moisture pooled and my panties damped, sticking to my slick flesh. His hand came up, cupping my breast. The rounded flesh fit perfecting in his hand. My nipples hardened into small pebbles. My skin prickled with awareness and my entire body flushed red.

My legs fell open wide, inviting him to settle between them. He did. His body hovered over mine, his warm heat sweeping through his expensive clothes, filtering past mine and caressing my cool skin.

Entwining my arms around his neck I pulled his head down brushing my lips across his. It was slow and sensual, it was neither harsh nor demanding. It was filled with love.

I sank back into the mattress and let out a passion filled gasp as he ground the hard ridge of his cock against my pussy. A flair of electricity flared and burned bright.
Arching my back and thrusting my hips I met him, urging him on.

His head lowered and his breath fanned across my naked breast before he enveloped a pinkened nipple into his mouth.

Shuddering, I dove my hands into his hair, holding him there. He sucked and tugged, the sensation spearing straight to my core as I dripped even more into my panties. My legs shook, my heart was thundering.

I needed him.

“I need to feel you” I said breathlessly and began tugging impatiently at his clothes. He chuckled, giving me a sly grin before helping me discard the obstruction that was his clothing. Once naked he sat back and pulled the dress down my frame. I lifted my hips as he tugged the dress from under me before tossing away the silky fabric.

I helped discard the small scrap of lace underwear before laying back, my body completely bare to his greedy, lust filled eyes. He drank me, and I basked in how attractive, sexy and powerful it made me feel.

“Exquisite . Absolutely exquisite” his voice was gruff and filled with desire. His hands first touched my ankles before smoothing their way up my thighs leaving small electrifying tingles in their wake. I gasped, my hands finding his bare broad shoulders.

His head dipped down and he placed a chaste kiss on my pussy before grinning up at my sinfully.

Then his hand cupped me, my sensitive skin flared with heat beneath his touch. I knew he could feel the wetness that was slowly slipping from between my lower lips. His drew a finger across the seam of my pussy, dipping in just a bit to test the waters before dragging my out.

I let out a moan, one hand falling away from him to clutch at the sheets beneath my body. It was then that he thrust two fingers inside of me. I inhaled sharply, my back arched off of the bed.

The walls of my pussy tightened around his fingers as they slid in and out, my breasts were thrust up and he took quick advantage capturing a hard peaked nipple between his lips. A warm flush covered my body, everything seemed to be heightened, his touch and the pleasure. My eyes fluttered close as he sucked harder and his temp increased. The tip of his cock brushed across my lower leg leaving a small wet trail of pre cum.

“Alec” I moaned out. In response he bit down on the nipple between his teeth causing a whole new flood of cream to coat his fingers. Grinning, he pulled out and moved, coming to cover my body with his.

A satisfied sigh escaped my lips as his skin touched mine. I felt safe. I felt loved. I felt... complete.

Looking up into his eyes and I melted. Such longing and fiercely strong emotion flared from the dark orbs. I leaned up and kissed him, our lips dancing feverishly.

The tip of his penis pushed forward, I felt wonderfully stretched and filled. Lust and desire was searing through my veins, simply because of the man before me. He knew exactly how to work my body.

Gripping his lower back with my hands I urged him on as he slammed into me, over and over again. I could feel the pleasure build, ready to boil over.

He groaned and leaned down to suck hard on my neck, his teeth biting into the sensitive skin.
“Alec!” I cried out as I came undone. The immense satisfying, toe curling finish swept me away. I held onto him as the bed shook and my body quaked from the aftermath.

He continued to move forward and back. His thrusts fast and deep.

The muscles in his back bunched, tensing before his cock pulsed within me, his seed spilling forth. His arms shook as he continued to hold himself above me. The air between us smelt of pure adulterous sex.

“I hate fighting with you Cas” he said hurting his face in the curve of my neck, his breath fanning across my flesh, “But god do I enjoy making up with you”

I let out a small laugh, a smile spreading across my face before placed a small kiss on the side of his head.

I woke up as the fresh morning rays of sun filtered across my face, warming my exposed skin. The thin grey sheet was pulled just over the curve of my breasts, the comforter was pushed down to my hips and I was so comfortable, I didn’t think I’d ever want to get up.
But I did. The space beside me was empty but after running my hand lightly across the vacated space, I found it to be still warm.

“Good morning love”

My head snapped around and stared at Alec who stood dressed in jeans and a t shirt, his hands clutched a large dark wooden breakfast tray. The smell of freshly cooked food filled the air.
I smiled and shifted to sit with my back against the headboard of the bed, “Good morning” I said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

I could feel how chaotic my hair had become over the night. I knew I would be horrified whenever i got a chance to look into a mirror.

Setting the breakfast tray on the bed, Alec walked towards his dresser and pulled out a large grey t shirt, “Here” he said coming to stand beside the bed, handing it to me.

I slipped it over my head, grateful I didn’t have to eat breakfast completely nude. Although I don’t think he would have complained.

“Thank you”

He picked the tray back up and set it across my lap.

My heart bloomed. My favorite foods steaming from the plate. Scrambled eggs, sausage links and fresh strawberries. A tall glass of orange juice sat to the side, besides a small glass of milk.

I glanced up from the tray, my eyes locked onto his. He smiled sheepishly as he scratched the back of his neck, “You know I’m not that great of a cook, so I hope it’s ok” he said.

I licked my dry lips and reached out to grab his hand, my fingers entwining with his, “Either way, it’s the thought that counts”

He nodded, his hand giving my a brief squeeze before moving away back towards his dresser. I couldn’t wait another moment, I was starving, grabbing the fork I began to dig in.
Normally, Alec was indeed a horrible cook. As teens his mom refused him access to their kitchen, he had been permanently banned from it after he had set her kitchen on fire after trying to help cook their thanksgiving meal. The fire department had to come by and it was just an overall complete mess. I don’t even remember exactly what he’d been helping with but it didn’t matter, his mom had been furious and he’d had to stand outside the kitchen archway at all times unless supervised by her or her husband.

“I’ve got a meeting I have to attend to this afternoon” he said pulling out a tie from his top dresser drawer before making his way to his closet. “You can stay here and explore”

I swallowed a sip of orange juice before setting it back on the tray, “Actually I have to get back to town, I have to work tomorrow”

I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. The past week, Brian and i have been completely and utterly avoiding each other. Things weren’t the same, I couldn’t trust him. I thought in the midst of everything I’d found a friend I could count on and in the end, he’d screwed me over. Everything id told him in confidence had been relayed back to the viper herself, Sarah.

“I hate having to go back and forth all the time Cas.” He said from somewhere deep in his closet.

“Yeah so do I” the drive wasn’t to bad but just the fact that we had to continue commuting back and forth every other day, took time and gas.

Alec stepped from the closet, his earlier jeans and t shirt discarded, instead he was now dressed in a finely pressed black suit, his red silk like tie placed perfectly in the middle. His freshly polished shoes shined to perfection. He looked like a 20th century god.

Myself on the other hand sat in bed with an overly large t shirt, a rats nest for a hair do and make up smeared across my face.

What a pair we made.

“Why don’t you move in with me then?” He asked off handedly. His blue eyes darkening as I placed the tray aside and stood up from the bed. My stomach churned and I prayed I wouldn’t throw up the nice breakfast he’d spent time cooking.

I blinked at him, “Move in with you?” I squeaked. That was a rather big step. Wasn’t it?

“You don’t have to answer right away but it only makes sense, I mean we’ll be a family. We will all need to live under one roof anyways. I want you here with me Cas and I want my baby here with me.” He said walking around he bed to stand in front of me. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me into his body.

I sighed content, wrapping my arms around him and hugging him back. My cheek was pressed against the front of his suit, I could hear his heartbeat, “Let me think about it. I... it’s just... I like my job at the floral shop and I don’t know if I’m ready to give that up yet” I responded.

Even though Brian and I were on the outs, his mother and I weren’t.

“Of course Love” he placed a gentle loving kiss on my forehead.

I stepped back and headed for his bathroom, “Alec, I’m going to take a shower. Do you have anything other that dress or this shirt for me to wear?” I asked hopefully for some normal clothes to wear.

He nodded as he scrolled through his phone, “Ive already instructed my assistant to bring over something for you this morning. He should be here any minute”

“He?” I asked peeking my head out of the bathroom unsure if I’d misheard him.

He chuckled glancing up at me, “Yes, he. What? Did you expect me to have women everywhere including my office?” He said his voice laced with humor.

I blushed, my cheeks turning scarlet, “well... yeah” I was grateful he didn’t have a female assistant. Women seemed to flock to him and I didn’t need to worry about yet another one who spent all day with him.
I pulled myself back into the bathroom and started the shower.

The day just got a little bit better.

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