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Don't Be So Naive

A heavy thunderstorm rained down hard on the large greenhouse windows. Droplets making a path from top to bottom, bright flash of lightening crackled with thunder outside and i shivered drawing my olive jacket around me further. Feeding the last of the plants, I made my way back inside the shop nearly bumping into Mrs. Holtz.

“Oh I’m so sorry” I said stepping back and bumping into the door.

Mrs Holtz smiled a half, almost there smile, the wrinkles around her eyes seeming more prominent than before, “Oh no Cassandra it was entirely my fault. I - ah, I wasn’t exactly looking where I was going.” She said looking a bit flustered and out of it.

“No Mrs. Holtz, it was mine i shouldn’t have barged through the door like that” I said slightly embarrassed.

She waved away my embarrassment and stepped back so that I could step away from the door. I could hear customsters talking to her daughter up front, just as the bell above the front door dinged. “How are you doing?” She asked sliding a small glance over my still non existent stomach.

I’d told her about the pregnancy a day or two after I had been released from the hospital, and ever since she had avoided asking any sort of questions. Which was fine , I mean she’s my employer however I had a feeling it had something to do with her dead son Peter.
“I’m doing ok” I said keeping it short and sweet. She nodded and walked away, secluding herself to her office.

Exhausted from a long dreary day, I walked over to my station and grabbed my purse from beneath the table. I called out to Mrs. Holtz before walking out from the back.

The ride home was short and treacherous as the rain continued to pour down. As I pulled up into the driveway I was disappointed to find Alecs car missing.
Before getting out, I sent a quick text to Alec, wondering where he was.

By the time I managed to run to the front door and unlock it, I was drenched. I looked like a wet cat. My dark hair was plastered to my face, neck and clothes and was scraggly looking. My make up was smudged and my shoes held a small river in them.
I shivered as I stepped inside my dark living room, my clothes were cold against my skin and I couldn’t wait to change into my pajamas and slippers.

“You look like you could use a warm bath”

My eyes went wide and I scrambled towards the light switch, my heart was racing and as I reached the switch I chucked my purse at the intruder just as I flipped the switch.

“Fucking asshole!” I yelled out, glaring at Alec. He stood smiling like a smug bastard, his light blue button up shirt and dark faded blue jeans and dark tennis shoes completely dry unlike my own appearance.

My purse lay an inch in front of him.

His eyes, filed with humor looking from the purse at his feet to my shivering form clutching the wall. “You threw a purse at me”

Hands clenched into fists I continued to give him a sour look, “Yeah and you scared the shit out of me” I said slightly embarrassed.

He chuckled, “But a purse?”

“I didn’t really think about it. I just chucked it. My brain hadn’t exactly caught up with the situation” I explained stepping away from the wall, heading around Alec and towards the bedroom.

He followed behind, amusement still seeping from him. I rolled my eyes and pulled out my comfy pajama pants and t shirt, placing them on the bed. I had planned on simply shucking the wet clothes and scrambling into the warm clean pajamas but hearing Alec suggest a warm bath sounded nice.

“Wait, don’t change yet” he said grabbing my hand and hauling me back out of the room.
With his hand wrapped around mine he pulled me willingly down the hall and stopped at the bathroom door.

“Close your eyes”

I hesitated a moment before obeying. I could hear the sound of the bathroom door being opened before Alecs hand strayed to the curve of my back ushering me forward a few steps.

I could feel the warmth from his body as he pressed his front against my back, his lips grazed my wet hair before brushing against the curve of my neck. I shuddered, goosebumps breaking out across my body. I let out a shaky breath.

His lips grazed my ear as he whispered, “Open them”

On command I blinked my eyes open.

My heart melted and any second thoughts I’d gathered over the last few days vanished. I was being won over by this simple, romantic gesture.
My small, plain and simple bathroom was beautifully lit with golden halos by several wonderfully smelling candles. The flames of each flickering as their shadows danced across the calming blue bathroom walls. My small tub was filled, the warm water smelt of my favorite stress relieving bath rocks.

As I stepped inside I had to bit down hard on my lower lip as I was eager to burst with happiness. Rose petals, red, pink and white lay filtered swaying softly in the tubs warm water.

Glancing over my shoulder I smiled at him, “How?” I asked, hardly able to form words.

He shrugged and leaned to the side, his shoulder taking on the weight of his body as he casually leaned against the door frame, “It wasn’t to difficult. You were at work most of the day so grabbing the supplies and setting everything up on time was the real key. I assumed it only took about ten to fifteen minutes to go from Peters flowers to here, depending on traffic of course”

“Of course” I said still completely astonished.

He smiled, “so are you going to get in?” He asked.

I blushed and began peeling off my clothes until I stood stark naked in front of him. I could feel his eyes take across my skin like a caressing touch of his hand.

Taking a deep breath I step into the tub and sat down before leaning back.

A soft sigh of relaxation and tranquility spread around me. This was exactly what I needed.

Alec pushed away from the doorframe and shut the door, effectively trapping the warm air inside. He took a seat on the lid of the toilet and simply watched me as I enjoyed every minute of his surprise.

“I thought you weren’t coming over today. I texted you and you never replied, so I assumed you were busy still.” I succeeded in keeping the bite out of my voice. I was actually pretty angry and upset that he hadn’t messaged back, although the suprise was nice, a quick “I’m good” would have been nice.

“I wanted you to think that.”


“Because I wanted it to be a surprise” he repeated, his tone changing. He responded as if talking to a small child.

“I realize that but you could have replied even just once, to let me know you were still alive”

He held up his hands in surrender, his eyes wide and watchful, “Whoa Cas, what’s gotten into you? I thought you’d like the suprise and instead here you are biting my head off over it.”

I sunk deeper into the water, letting my hair dip into the liquid. I could feel the muscles in my body slowly unwind and let go.

“I hardly hear from you. I guess I expected to hear from you a lot more often now that we’re together and that obviously isn’t the case” I took a deep breath and submerged myself beneath the water before coming back up for air. My hair was slicked back, wet and dripping down my back as I sat up in the tub. The roses swayed back and forth as the water moved, before slowly settling.

Alec went to his knees beside the tub and grabbed the shampoo bottle before squirting two quarter size amounts in his hand. He rubbed them together before diving his hands into my hair. Bubbles formed around his fingers and in my hair. He moved his hands and sifted his fingers through my hair.

It felt amazing. Any and all tension that was still some how still attached to me suddenly vanished. I was completely free.

“My work is important and demanding. I told you this wasn’t going to be easy. You have to give me a little leway, I can’t sit on my phone all day and text you. I’d like to, but I can’t. I’d never get anything done”

I let out a soft sigh of pleasure, “I understand”

“Good” he said before helping me to rinse my hair.

Alec catered to my needs and all I had to do was sit back and enjoy it.

After I rinsed off and stepped out of the tub, securely wrapping a plush towel around my body, I couldn’t help but get the feeling that I was being softened up.

Glancing down at the expensive silver watch on his wrist, he said, “It’s almost past six, I better get dinner ready”

I blinked at him, once again completely astonished. He was just full of surprises today. He was acting like a doting husband. Alec had never been this attentive before.
He left the room before I could say anything.

I padded back into my bedroom, through on my underwear and cozy pajamas and brushed my hair.

I still felt completely relaxed. That bath had done the trick.

I made a quick stop in the bathroom to blow out all of the candles, drain the water, scoop out all of the rose petals and pick up my drenched clothing before making my way to the kitchen where a heavenly smell of food was coming from.

Alec was leaning over the stove, his blue button up shirt was rolled at the sleeves near his elbows and he was glaring down at the Pan in front of him.

“What did the pan ever do to you?” I asked laughing while sidling over next to him.

He sent me a mock glare, one that I had seen time and time again, “I thought that I could make a simple dinner for us. Have a nice night in, you know something romantic.” He rubbed the back of his neck and scowled once more at the scorched pan.

“You’ve never really been one of those people who have romantic tendencies” I said also staring at the Pan unable to tell what exactly he had been attempting to cook.

He chucked the pan into the sink, the metal clinging, a loud and obnoxious sound.

I reached out and grabbed onto his forearm with a gentle touch, I put a little pressure on it turning him towards me. His blue eyes held a lost, desperate look. This obviously had meant a lot to him.

Reaching up I stroked his cheek, and leaned up on my toes to stroke my lips against his. He groaned and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me harder against him.

I smiled against his lips, “Why don’t we just order out and snuggle up and watch a movie?”

He nodded and kissed me once more easily igniting a fire before pulling back to search his phone for possibly places to order from.

It didn’t take long for the food to arrive and for the rest of the night we sat cuddled on the couch watching a few movies, eating Chinese take out.

It wasn’t until the end of the second movie that his face suddenly became serious and he shifted away from me. I gave a confused look, “What?”

He looked hesitant and yet at the same time, determined, “I have a business trip coming up in a few days.”

I blinked at him, unsure as to why he was telling me this as if he was going to be gone for months on end. It wasn’t unusual for him to go on business trips, especially to New York, Florida and California. He’d often come back baring small gifts for Sarah and I from several of those places.

“They’re sending me to England for a couple of weeks”

I stilled, the air around me coming to a close as I realized why he’d been hesitant to tell me. A warm flash of anxiety spread across my skin, searing me from the inside out. “Exactly how long will you be gone?” I asked trying not to sound as shaky as I felt.

“A month”

“What?!” I screeched coming to a quick stand. The blanket id had across my lap fell to the floor in a heap. “A month?!”

“Yes, a month.”

“Alec you’re normally gone days at a time and I’ve been ok with it, I’ve been dealing with it because I sort of understand. But a whole month?”

He ran a tired hand through his hair and closed his eyes breathing deep, “Look, it’s not like I asked to go.”

I threw my hands up. He was completely missing the point. “Can’t you just say no? That you want to stay in the states?”

He shook his head, irritation etched upon his face, “It doesn’t work like that. Don’t be so naive”

I gaped at him. Those words were like knives to my gut. Wasn’t my mother just saying almost the exact same thing?
Maybe I was being naive, atleast only when it came to Alec. I was so wrapped up in my feelings for my childhood sweetheart that the wool was being pulled over my eyes.

Something had to change.

Alec left shortly after and I crawled into bed. Doubts began to bury themselves deep in my heart and in my mind.

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