Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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His thrusts were fast and hard. His cock stretched and filled me to the brink. Our hearts seemed to hammer together.

The cool wall of the lemon colored bathroom was hard against my arched back. I let out a harsh breathe that was his name and tried not to dig my nails to deep into his shoulders.

I loved the feel of him, I loved his warmth. He moved deep within me, I shuddered as I felt the tip of his penis scrape back across my sensitive vaginal walls before slamming back in again.

“Oh shit” he groaned, his hand palmed my breast before finding my hardened nipple ready and waiting, his head ducked down and his wet hot mouth sucked hard. His teeth scraped across the sensitive pebble and then he bit down. It took everything in me not to cry out, I bit my lip so hard I was afraid it was close to bleeding.

“Alec please” I whined thrusting my hips forward to meet his.

The rushing earth shattering feeling was close and I wanted it so bad.

“Right there baby” he growled unlatching himself from my breast.

The small bathroom seemed to close in on us as we released together, my muscles went lax as my moment came. I could still feel his penis pulse as his seed shot from him into me. A rush of panic rolled over me as I realized we hadn’t used protection again, this wasn’t the first time but usually we were more careful about it. I made a mental note to run to the drug store after dinner and grab a morning after pill.

He held me against the wall, his face digging into my neck, his breathing harsh matching my own.

His warm lips grazed the curve of my neck creating goosebumps across my sensitive skin before he pulled away setting me on my feet.

I stood on shaky legs, almost unstable as a newborn foal, as I picked my underwear off the floor and slipped it back on. The sound of the small dinner party that still went on sounded through the bathroom door.

I pulled my black lace dress down as it had gotten bunched at the waist and pulled the spaghetti straps back up my pale shaky arms. The front of my dress still bared my naked breasts and I quickly fixed that.

Alec dressed quickly, after pulling up his boxers and dark blue jeans that had fallen to his ankles, he’d picked up his black thermal long sleeve shirt from the floor and slipped it on.

I ran my fingers through my long chestnut colored hair sneaking a peak into the large bathroom mirror hoping my hair didn’t look to bad and reapplied the lipstick removing any and all smears. Alec checked himself also removing any traces of left over lipstick marks before granting me one last lingering kiss on my forehead before walking out and closing the door behind him.

Pasting a smile on my face I grabbed my clutch and walked out following in Alec’s footsteps.

The sound of silverware, laughter and soft music became louder as I neared the dinning room.

It was a pleasant get together at the Bockman residence. Sarah Bockman was one my best friends in high school, we graduated three years ago and have remained friends since. Our families were all really good friends as well, my parents, Sarah’s parents and Alec’s parents were thick as thieves. Alec was my other best friend in high school and just recently he’d become something more.

Today however the families were in a joyous mood as the new couple told our families they’d be moving in together by the end of the month.

My two best friends were moving forward with their relationship and I had to watch.
I was a home wrecker and a horrible best friend.

I loved Alec. I believe a part of me always has and always will. We couldn’t keep doing this. Sarah was my best friend and the guilt was eating me alive.

His steel gray eyes found mine and softened, he seemed to always know what I was thinking and or feeling. Perks of being a friend for so long. But now he knew me inside and out.

I smiled softly at him before taking my seat next to my parents.

“Cassandra when should we expect to meet the love of your life?” Melanie Bock asked resting her head on her entwined hands. Melanie Bock was like a second mother to me, she was warm caring and had opened her home to me when my life had been a disaster, sometimes she still did. Her soft hazel eyes locked onto my baby blue ones and I couldn’t help but feel even more guilty.

I didn’t miss the way those gray eyes that I loved so much hardened and snapped to mine, silently questioning me, “sometime soon” I lied.

I was 22 years old and my parents expected me to have a boyfriend and to be moving up the dating scale to becoming engaged. Over the years they’d gotten worse, constantly hounding me and trying to set me up with various men. I couldn’t take it anymore so a few months ago I’d lied and told them I’d met someone and that it was getting serious. Now I had a problem of them wanting to meet him, and now my second mother wanted to meet him as well.

“Cassandra raves about him all the time, he sounds absolutely wonderful and just last week she’d told us they were getting serious” my mother said practically bouncing in her chair. My father sat next to her smiling pleasantly.

“I hear wedding bells” Georgina Swade, Alec’s mother said clapping.

“Dorothy Joy calm down before you scare your daughter into not marrying” my father said his blue eyes twinkling at me.

“I doubt they’ll get married” a voice said.

Simultaneously everyone looked at Alec who sat rigid in his chair practically crushing his fork.

“Why would you say that?!” Sarah said turning to him with a frown. Her short black hair sat perfectly on her shoulders not a hair out of place, her mossy green eyes glared at the man next her. She looked like a younger replica of her mother, soft features, small nose, thin lips and an equally small frame. Her navy blue dress was cut deep to her chest and clung to the rest of her. My friend was gorgeous.

“Because Cassy is Cassy. She doesn’t like commitment she’ll turn and run the moment he gets down on his knee to tie his shoe” Alec chuckled.

Everyone laughed, thinking it was true.

I stared at him, angry, irritated and most of all embarrassed.
I was super competitive and I felt the need to prove myself.

Face completely crimson I waved my fork in his direction “it just so happens he did propose and unlike your assumption I loved every second of his proposal and I said yes” the words flew from my mouth and I instantly regretted them.

The look in his eyes said it all. I was in deep shit.

All the families looked at me, Sarah included and the dining room was suddenly filled with squeals of happiness and congratulations. My parents were dumbfounded.

Now I was stuck and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

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