Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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Slow burning sunset

With my hand gripped tightly in his he led the way up the driveway, to the front door, easily unlocking it before slamming it closed. We were enveloped in darkness, the evening sunset unable to make an appearance threw the heavy curtains that hung over the large front window.

He pulled me to him once more, the searing taste of his lips on mine. I felt bold as I flicked my tongue out pushing it into his mouth, feeling his swipe across mine in a dangerous dance.

Gripping his shirt I pulled him further into me, his cock was straining against his jeans, pressing against my thigh once more. I rubbed myself against him, my breathing was already labored. He trailed kisses from my lips down to my neck, leaving a tingling wonderful sensation. My pussy clenched in need, I wanted him to fill it. I needed him so badly, he was like a drug, my own personal dose.

He sucked on the skin of my neck, his teeth scraping across the flesh. I threw my head back, my hair dangling behind me. "Jesus Cas" he sounded like a starved man.

His hands came up in a desperate attempt to pull my sweater over my head. I helped him tug my pants down and stood before him in nothing but a white bra and pink lace bikini style underwear. My small bump stood out and his eyes immediately dropped to it.

He reached out, his hand shook slightly almost as if afraid to touch it. His hand shaped the bump, the heat from his skin warming my flesh. "You're so beautiful. This is so beautiful" he said sounding in awe.

I felt like I was bursting inside. My heart was weeping for this man.

In a matter of seconds he swooped down and hand me cradled in his arms. Letting out a surprised squeak I reached out to quickly wrap my arms around his neck. He chuckled and I smiled as he carried me down the hall and into my bedroom.

Laying me down gently as if I were made of porcelain, he set me on the bed and stood back. I sat on my forearms and watched him tug his shirt over his head. The slow burning sunset cast a fiery glow to his toned stomach, he was so magnificent. I sat up, positioning myself closer to his body as he stood near the bedside. With a faint brush of my fingertips I trailed them down his abdomen, my fingers moving slightly as I went across each hard ridge, his body hardened against my touch. When I reached the lip of his jeans I slowly raised my eyes to meet his.

I stared at him as he stared back at me, a connection was linking us. It was vibrant and electric, it was something you rarely find.

Alec was mine.

My thumb fiddled with the button on his jeans before popping it open, the soft click springing open. No words passed between us as I slid down his jeans and boxers, his large cock bounced lightly as it was released. A small tear drop of pre cum coating the tip.

Anticipation and a primal want filled me as I leaned forward and flicked my tongue out to taste him. He was salty and I found it addictive. He let out a low groan as I took him into my mouth. I blinked past tears as he hit the back of my throat, my cheeks hallowing out and I began on move. His cock slipping inside of my mouth.

Alec's hand tangled in my hair, he was urging me on. My pussy wept, it turned me on even more to please him.

"Fuck Cas" he bit out a curse as swirled my tongue around his tip, dipping into the small crest before taking him deep once more.

His breathing was harsh and it filled my small bedroom. My lips felt stretched and my mouth was almost painfully full but I kept going. Alec let out a low sound in the back of his throat before he slipped out of my lips and pushed me back on the bed before coming to hover his body over mine.

It took me by surprise when he pressed his lips to mine. His tongue sweeping in, tangling with mine. My body was on fire, my hands shook, I needed him to touch me.

As if he'd read my mind his hands came up to cup my breasts threw the bra. I moaned, the small contact helping to ease a small portion of the ache that had settled across my body.

I wrapped a leg around his hip and ground my panty covered pussy against his bare, hard cock. The friction sent a delicious zing of pleasure to my core. We were so close to the real thing and yet the beginning was satisfying.

He swirled his hips in a small barley there movement, his penis rubbing against the fabric of my underwear. I moaned and arched my back off the bed.

Alec took the opportunity to unclip my bra, tossing it away before he dipped his head and swirled his tongue around a pointed nipple. I gasped, "Yes" and clutched his head to my chest. He bit and sucked, pulling on the hard nub.

The ache between my legs grew, I could barley stand it.

"Please" I whispered, my head thrashing against the bed.

Alec leaned back, reluctantly letting go of my nipple and pulled down my underwear tossing them somewhere in the dark before settling back over me. His warmth returning once more.

The feel of him against my thigh had me itching for him.

Alec was torturing me. He gripped his cock in his hand, his eyes gleaming down at me with satisfaction as he rubbed the tip up and down my slit coating his tip in my cream. Ever so slowly he inched in. It was a slow burning stretch, as he pushed into me.

I held my breath until he was fully sheathed in my core before letting out a breath. He groaned, sweat forming near his hair line. I brought my hands up to clutch his shoulders as he started to move, my nails dug into his shoulders.

He leaned down and captured my lips once again, the kiss was desperate, raw and needy. I returned it tenfold. I felt a storm within me rising, the need to release continued to build as his thrusts were slow and deliberate.

His hand that caged me on the side of my head clutched at the bedsheets. Alec swirled his hips and thrust and I came undone. My body shook with the force of the orgasm and I continued to hold onto his back as Alec pushed himself to find his release.

His body coated in a thin sheen of sweat shuddered as his cock pulsed and he found release. He groaned and buried his face in my neck still slightly thrusting as he rode out the rest of his orgasm.

Our chests hammered together as we struggled to catch our breath.

I could say I'd been thoroughly made love to.

He pushed himself off of me and slid out of me and immediately I missed his warmth. As he laid back against the pillows he tugged me to him and I obliged by laying half on his chest. "I love you Cassandra"

My heart felt full and I blinked back tears, "I love you to Alec" the words had never sound truer.

I must have fallen asleep shortly after that as Alec was suddenly shaking me awake. Groggy and slightly disoriented I blinked my eyes open and peered up at him threw narrowed slits, "What?"

His hair was disheveled and he looked just as tired as I felt with small bags beneath his eyes "Come on we should shower before we go to sleep"

I grumbled and rolled over. I hated being woken up especially when I had been in such a deep sleep.

My shoulder was shook again and my name was being called and I couldn't care less. I had almost fallen back asleep when a pair of hairs went under me and carried me from the bed. "Put. Me. Back" I snapped curling into his warm naked chest.

"No" he chuckled, "After we shower, I'll gladly put you back to bed."

Again I grumbled something incoherent and stood on wobbly legs as he placed me on the cold tiled bathroom floor. The shower was started and steam rose from behind the curtain.

It was then, as I was standing there that I felt the stickiness between my legs and realized I did in fact need a shower. Reaching a tired hand up to my hair I froze in horror as the strands were everywhere. I no doubt looked like a mess. My hair was in a complete disarray.

Alec turned and caught my hand, "You're fine" he said before pulling back the shower curtain to help me step in.

The warmth from the water curled around my body and I could feel my battered muscles give way, finally relaxing. If I closed my eyes I could undoubtedly fall asleep.

Alec stepped in behind me, the warm spray enveloping him to. "Do you want me to help?" He asked.

I shook my head, if he put his hands in my hair, massaging the soap into the tresses I'd fall asleep. I had a problem at salons when they washed your hair, it felt so good, sometimes I'd find myself nearly falling asleep in the chair. So I washed my hair myself, I worked quickly. Alec cleaned himself as well, working around me.

I felt dead on my feet by the time we were both done showering. With a towel wrapped around me and Alec at my back I made my way into the bedroom to quickly throw on a spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of violet bikini style underwear. As I went to slid into bed I stopped.

Alec stood in his grey sweat pants, that hung dangerously low on his hips, his back was bent as he tore the sheets and bedding off of the bed before throwing them in a corner and marching his way out of the room only to return moments later with clean sheets and a comforter.

"Thank you" I said moving around the bed once it was made. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

His arms came around me in an equally tight embrace and he ducked his head down to plant a small delicate kiss on my neck "You're welcome"

We both climbed into bed and slid beneath the covers. My bed welcomed me gleefully. With the lights off and the darkness of the night peeking in, it was safe to say it didn't take either of us long to fall asleep.


"So how was Alec's first night back?" My mother said taking a small sip of her morning tea before biting into a small breakfast biscuit.

We sat at a small bistro, Breakfast at Bethany's, it was a cute vintage hole in the wall that would be passed by if you weren't keeping a close eye for it. The small elegant black table with intricate swirls with a glass top made it all the cuter. The chairs were a little uncomfortable but they matched the table and had small beigh cushions to sit on. Three small Daisy's sat in a small narrow vase in the center of the table. The decoration was simple and calming.

A small smile made its way onto my face, I couldn't tamp it down. Last night had been amazing. We'd fed on each other sexual as if we'd been deprived for ages. "It was good" I replied really my wanting to talk to my mother about my sex life.

My mother smirked, her eyes lit with laughter, "Oh dear. If he was simply just "good" I think you'd had a problem"

I choked on my own tea, the Camomile burning the back of my throat. My ears, neck and face turning an awfully dark shade of red. "Mother" I hissed, slightly mortified.

She laughed, her head thrown slightly back, "Oh come now Cas. You're a grown woman now, we can talk about these things"

I shook my head reverently. As far as I was concerned my mother was a saint and my parents never had sex. That was just gross. "No" I said my voice sounding off as I forced past the burning. "No we can't. That subject is off limits mother"

She rolled her eyes and called the waiter back to us before asking for another tea.

The fall breeze picked up and I closed my eyes and inhaled the calming smell of wilting leaves and low burning campfires. The morning sunshine warmed my skin.

"Alright" she said as she turned back to me. I opened my eyes and focused on her "So, we're out looking for a dress?"

I nodded "Yes. Alec has another party to attend. This one is in his honor and he wants me by his side. So I need a dress"

My mother lived to shop. Her eyes beamed with anticipation. "So where is he?"

"He's back at home. I wanted this to be a you and me thing"

Her face softened and she reached across the table to squeeze my hand lightly with motherly affection "I'm glad" I smiled back at her. I loved my mother, truly i did. There were occasions were we didn't get along but what parent and child relationship didn't have those ups and downs?

We sat and chatted about here and there things while enjoying the morning sun and the warm tea before paying for our breakfast and leaving.

The town wasn't very big and there were only two dress shops total, otherwise we'd have to take a trip into the city which I was dreading.

We walked into the first store, immediately drawing attention. We were under the towns microscope as we shopped. I ignored everyone to the best of my ability, my mother didn't have a care in the world and I envied her for that.

After two hours of trying on dress after dress we both had come to the conclusion that we would indeed have to make that trip.

The half hour car ride wasn't bad. I was just anxious. I didn't want to be recognized. Alec had come out about our relationship and now there was the possibility of being spotted by paparazzi or even his friends and or co workers. My stomach turned at the thought.

As we drove down the Main Street I couldn't help but be pulled in by the view of all the tall buildings, the Hussite and bustle of the busy streets and the constant noise. This was what had pulled Alec in, something within this place had sucked in right in.

My mother spotted a glitzy dress shop and surprisingly found a good parking spot at the side of the building .

Walking inside my breath was easily taken away. Chandeliers hung from the tall ceilings. The overly white floor and walls made the entire place look pristine and uptight. Dressed lined the walls and were placed on small circular racks. As we walked past the front desk a lady dressed in a highwaist black knew length skirt and a tucked in emerald green silk blouse greeted up with a smile. Her blonde hair was twisted in sophistication. "Hello, can I help you with anything?" She asked politely.

"I think we will just look around first. If we need anything we'll holler" my mother said. The sales lady looked hesitant as if the thought of my mother hollering in the store would bring down their precious pristine walls.

We walked away and began searching threw the dresses, finding a couple that had potential we headed back to the dressing room. She helped me zip up the back of the last one, a long sleek black number that a long slit up the side and was sleeveless. I stood standing on the small fabric pedestal that sat on the floor in the middle of the various mirrors they had set up outside the changing rooms when I caught sight of the one person I didn't want to see.

Trish Greene.

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