Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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Trish Greene

Bright blonde hair, Apple red painted lips, blue eyes and top of the notch body to match, Trish Greene stared at me threw the mirror as she stood a few feet behind me. Her eyes scrutinizing me from head to toe. "Well if it isn't Alec's current flavor of the month" she said with venom.

I scoffed and turned, her eyes widened in disbelief as she caught sight of my slightly rounded belly. Immediately I became defensive, all the hate and anger I felt for this woman just came rushing out. "When are you just going to accept the fact that I'm here to stay and you're no longer needed? You were used Trish, simply to scratch an itch he had and now that, that is scratched by me you can damn sure believe he doesn't need you anymore."

Her perfect cold and cool manor slid back into place as if she hadn't been surprised by the pregnancy. "I can see why he stays. He feels bad. You play the game well, I'll give you that. You managed to do something I hadn't been able to, you trapped him with the pregnancy card. I won't make the mistake of not giving you enough credit again. Clearly you've played this game before but don't worry I've played it longer" She sneered turning on her heel, a red colored dress in her arms.

"Oh I know you have" I said and watched her shoulders stiffen at the jab but she didn't look back she continued towards the register.

My mother came around the corner with three more dresses. I found myself giving her real smiles as I felt adrenaline course threw my veins. I had stood up to Trish Greene, even though it had been a small confrontation, I had still done it. On my own. It didn't matter what she thought, it didn't matter that she thought I'd "trapped" him because it wasn't true and Alec knew that. I had a feeling she was going to make a scene at the party.

This time I stood in a long silver sequence dress with a long slit that traveled up my leg ending four inches from the top of my thigh, the back was completely cut out dipping to the curve of my butt. The neck plunged down baring a good portion of my chest but still hiding my breasts. A small silver strand looped around the back of my neck holding up the dress. As I turned this way and that, the dress glinted in the light. It cling to my waist and hips, it made my breasts look fantastic and my small bump was slightly showing but not overly so.

"Oh Casssandra, that looks so beautiful on you" my mother said coming once again from around the corner. She eyed the dress and came to stand near me and made a movement with her fingers telling me to turn. "This dress is absolutely breath taking. You're going to purchase it aren't you?"

I admired the dress once more before nodding my head with a small barley there smile "Yes I believe I am" I could only imagine the look Alec would give me once he sees me in it.

"Do you have shoes?" She asked.

I almost groaned aloud. After spending hours looking around for a dress and finally finding the perfect one, now I had to go shoe shopping. My mother was a 'shop till you drop' type of woman and in the past, she'd shop and I'd drop from exhaustion and currently I felt history repeating itself. Most women enjoyed shopping, buying new items that made them feel beautiful or at the very least gave them entertainment for a brief period of time. I on the other hand was the complete opposite.

I hated it with a burning passion.

"Lets take a look at what they have and then decide if we need to stop somewhere else" she said and before I could respond she took off.

I huffed out a laugh and stepped down from the pedestal and into the changing room. I carefully maneuvered out of the dress and stepped back into the dark blue jeans and dark purple v neck t shirt before throwing my coat over my arm. I rehung the dress on the hanger and carefully placed it over my coat over my arm and made my way out of the changing room.

I was feeling giddy, like a girl on her first date. I couldn't wait to put the dress on again.

I quickly found my mother chatting with the sales lady we had been greeted by when we'd first stepped threw the doors.

"Cas we've found two pair that would go absolutely wonderful with your dress" she held out both rectangular gold boxes. One pair of strappy black Stuart Weitzman, the other a pair of black pointed toe jimmy choos. I eyed them both with blatant interest.

The sales lady and my mother watched me expectantly, "Hmm... I think I like these the most" I said grabbing the gold box that held the Stuart Weitzman heels.

"Perfect choice" the sales lady said with a bright white smile. Although I'm certain whatever I had chosen she would have agreed with.

We followed her to the cash register and had a small argument with my mother as she insisted on paying. The shoes alone were over three hundred dollars, but she insisted and I eventually relented. The sales lady bagged the dress and the shoes and We walked out of the dress shop and I finally felt as if I could breath again.


The second I stepped into my house I ran to the bathroom. All the baby books and online information pages were not kidding when they said you would have to pee way more than normal.

"Cassandra?" A sharp knock on the door sounded.

I let out a sigh feeling ten times better. "Yes?" I called back before finishing up.

"Are you ok? Are you getting sick again?" Alec asked, concern lacing his voice.

I buttoned my pants and flushed, "No I'm ok" he fell silent as I washed my hands.

When I opened the door, Alec was there leaning back against the wall. He pushed off of it and immediately came to me, his hands gripped my arms and he looked me over "Are you sure?" He asked and my heart melted.

I nodded and learned forward placing my lips on his. He smiled and moved his lips against mine. He tasted like mint. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held onto him. His arms came around my waist and held on tight, his lips left mine to place a small kiss on my neck before burying his face into the crock of my neck. "I missed you today"

"I missed you to" I replied.

He placed a few more kisses against my neck and my skin prickled with awareness. I shivered and found myself smiling. I loved these moments.

"So how was shopping with your mom today?" He asked placing one more kiss before stepping back. I hated the lack of touch.

"It was good. We had breakfast to start, we stopped by a few places in town but didn't find much of anything so we actually ended up taking a trip into the city"

"You did?"

I nodded, "Yeah. Mom found this dress shop just as we were coming in. I was able to find a dress and a pair of shoes" I thought over the confrontation with Trish and decided to tell him. I cleared my throat, my eyes finding his "I saw Trish there"

Alec stood straighter, a tension surrounding him, "Did she follow you in there?" He sounded really mad.

"No... I don't think so. I think she was already in there when we got there. I was trying on a dress and she came up from behind me"

His jaw clenched and I could practically hear the grinding of his teeth "What'd she want"

I waved my hand in a gesture of indifference and scooted past him to head down the hallway and into the livingroom where I'd carelessly thrown the dress in my quick dash to the bathroom. "She wanted me to know that you and I were not going to last"

A grunt followed by an irritated growl sounded behind me. I grabbed the dress from the floor, holding the protective cover it was in close to my chest and walked back down the hallway into my small bedroom to place it in the closet.

"She's such a bitch" he muttered as I came back down the hallway and into the kitchen.

I nodded easily agreeing "She saw that I'm pregnant and didn't hold back her remarks about me trapping you and you staying because of guilt" I said searching the pantry for my favorite soup.

Alec huffed, "Don't listen to a damn thing she says. The jealous bitch is going to get what's coming to her" he walked over to me and grabbed the can of soup from me. "Go sit down I'll make it "

Grateful I leaned forward kissed his cheek and went to the living room to settle on the couch. I palmed my bump and turned the television on. I was still flipping threw channels when Alec walked in holding a bowl of hot Broccoli and cheese soup. "Here" he set it carefully on the side table. "let it cool down first it's really hot"

I smirked, "thanks Dad"

He froze.

"What's wrong?" I asked looking up at him.

He blinked and settled down on the couch with a half flop, "That sounds... weird" he pulled me into him and I nestled into his arms, my head resting comfortably on his chest.

"A little but I'm sure you'll get used to it"

"I'm sure I will" he said placing a kiss on the crown on my head. We watched a movie, I finished my soup while we sat together. The light from the television was the only light in the room for the rest of the night.

I was so drawn into the movie I didn't hear Alec calling my name until I was slightly shaken by my shoulder. I glanced up at him and felt the heat rise to my cheeks as I hadn't been listening to him. "Sorry" I mumbled.

He chuckled, "I thought I'd lost you"

I laughed feeling my insides turn with laughter and happiness.

He brushed my hair back sending shivers of pleasure across my skin "I wanted to ask you about the dress"

"What about it?"

He leaned forward and nipped at my ear. I yelped and attempted to scoot away from him but his arms were locked around me, holding me tight as if he were never going to let go. "Will you show it to me?"

"Nope" I said immediately. It was going to be a surprise because I knew he'd love it and wouldn't be able to keep his hands off me once he'd seen it on me. I was hoping for just that. I loved making him squirm, I loved having the ability to do that.

"Aw come on Cas. Please" he begged.

I rolled my eyes at his antics, "Nope. You have to wait"

He scoffed and fell back against the couch, pouting like a small boy. I couldn't stop laughing. I loved these moments the most. They warmed my heart.

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