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Desire and Daze

Another week came and went and before I could truly gain the confidence I needed for this event, the night of Alec's celebratory party was here.

The past week had been heaven. Alec had been attentive and sweet. We'd lazed around on my days off, he couldn't keep his hands off my growing belly and I couldn't keep my hands off his firm, muscular one. I found myself insatiable for that man.

Work was well... work. I enjoyed it, truly I did but I'd prefer to be home in bed with Alec.

"Are you going to be able to handle tonight?" Brian asked.

I glanced at him, he sat across from me at a small table in one of our usual fast food places. Taking a sip of my drink I sat back against the cheap plush booth and sighed, "I would like to think so"

"I'm sure you would." He said rolling up the sleeve of his long sleeve dark blue tee shirt. He'd cut his hair, it was shorter and slightly styled, pointing with a slight slope upwards with gel. "But this woman that you've mentioned seems like an awefully big problem."

I picked up a fry and dunked it into the ketchup, "She's almost as bad as Sarah except even Sarah warned me about her"

Brian scoffed, looking at me with disapproval "And you believed her?"

"I didn't necessarily have to believe her. I'd met Trish before I'd even spoken to Sarah about her and trust me, what Sarah warned me about is exactly what I've seen" I took a bite of my fry and chewed swiftly becoming irritated with jus the mere thought of the wretched woman.

"What'd the fry ever do to you?" He asked.

"Haha" I said sarcastically as he grinned giving me a mischievous look. "So anyways, after work, I'll go home and change. Alec is there now, he's refused to go home since he's gotten back."

Brian's face scrunched in confusion, "Why?" He asked before taking a large bite of his burger.

I shrugged "I don't know. I'm not complaining though. I love it"

He swallowed roughly and took a sip from his own drink before giving me a look of amusement, "Maybes he's testing the waters"

I stilled, the fry I was holding hung in my hand in the air with ketchup dripping from it "Testing the waters?" I didn't understand.

"He's seeing what it would be like to live together"

My eyes widened. I had thought about it, it had been a small barley there thought only because he lived in the city ninety eight percent of the time where as I lived in our small back country town one hundred percent of the time. Did I want to live together? I did. We were going to be a family after all which meant sooner or later it would happen right?

Unconsciously I chewed on my finger nail, staring at the table, completely zoning out until Brian's hand waved itself repeatedly in front of my face.

I blinked and looked up, "Sorry"

"No I should apologize I didn't mean to stress you out"

I waved his concern away with a flick of my hand, "You didn't, i... I had thought of it myself before but I just... I don't know. I wasn't sure what would happen if I'd brought it up"

He leaned back against the booth and sipped his drink "What did you mean?"

I chewed nervously on my bottom lip before letting out a desperate sigh, "Where would we live? Here? In the City? What if I didn't want to move or what if he didn't want to move? Would that drive us completely apart? I mean.."

Brian held up his hands in an attempt to stop my rambling "Hold up. Slow down and breath. I mean you kind of have to talk to the guy first. Don't stress about it until the situation is there staring at you in the face"

I rubbed my arms self consciously.

"Cas, you'll be fine. You guys had made it this far even if though id been rooting against you cause he stole my girl" I lost my breath and he gave me a devilish teasing smile, "You've got to do this together. You have to make decisions like that together."

I nodded. I understood.

I reached across the table and grabbed his hand on mine, noting how my body was still and almost lifeless unlike how my body flared to life when Alec was around or touched me. "Thank you"

He gave my hand a strong squeeze and looked directly into my eyes, "You're welcome"

My room was once again a mess as I ran about on my black heels. I had so much laundry to do, I hadn't vacuumed in almost two days and my garbage can was overspilling with various receipts and other things.

Alec was out in the livingroom waiting for me. He'd been out there waiting for atleast an hour. I ran a hand across the sequence fabric of my dress, it was smoother than I'd originally thought it would be when I'd chosen it. My nerves were at an all time high, I was so nervous and anxious.

I touched the skin of my exposed thigh and my stomached twisted in anticipation. What would he say about it? What if he really didn't like it?

There was only one way to find out.

I took a deep breath and tucked a loose strand of brunette hair behind my ear, enjoying the fact that my hair was actually pulled up into an pleasingly graceful updo with a few loose curls curtesy of my mother taking me to the salon shortly after work.

The dress hugged the curve of my waist, the plunging neckline revealing the soft globes of my breasts, not to much but just enough. The shimmering silver sparkled in the light. I rubbed my ruby red lips together and counted to ten before throwing open the door and stepping out of the room.

My eye make up was a little heavier than normal, with a dark shadowed grey turning into a shimmering silver as it faded out lay across my eye lids. Black eye liner had been applied lightly. It felt different, wearing more makeup than i normally wore. I felt a little more beautiful.

I stepped into the livingroom. Alec was sitting on the couch flipping threw channels on the television. I cleared my throat to get his attention.

He stood up swiftly, straightening his formal black suit before turning the television off and turning around. A dark flame of desire flared in the depths of his stormy gray eyes, it caused my knees to weaken, my palms to sweat and my tongue to swell. His lips parted ever so slightly and he walked around the couch to stride towards me. A flash of heat over took me, my body felt like jelly.

He was in front of me in an instant, his hand gripped the back of my neck firmly , his other hand grabbed my waist and pulled me to him.

I lost the will to breath at the possessive, greedy look in his eyes. He was devouring me, completely and utterly devouring me.

"Fucking gorgeous " he growled out before slamming his lips against mine.

I was lost in a whirlwind of desire and daze. I felt like Alice in wonderland as she tumbled down the rabbit hole. Completely at a lose.

My lips moved against his. The kiss was demanding, he was branding me. I was his. My heart thumped with a wild rythm against my chest and I moaned deep in my throat, my own hand coming up to shift my fingers threw his soft hair.

We were never going to make it out of the house if we continued on.

I pulled away first and took an unwanted step back. I didn't trust myself that close to him, I'd lose the battle and he'd win the war and we'd miss his party. "Alec we have to go" it would be bad manners to not show up for a party being thrown in your favor.

He closed his eyes and nodded before opening them slowly and holding his hand out to me, "Shall we?" He gave me a dazzling smile, the heat in his eyes still lingered and the sexual tension between us hadn't lessened, instead it cracked like thunder.

I swallowed thickly, wanting nothing more than to be under him, withering in pleasure as his cock slipped inside of me. Instead I slipped my hand into his and he led us from the house.

The ride to the S&S Corp was to short for my liking. For a Friday the traffic was surpassingly minimal and it was only seven o clock. The evening radio station was full of weekend music.

The large spectacularly large thirty five stories high all glass building was magnificent. A large blob like statue sat out front with a fountain beneath. Women and men were dressed to impress as they entered with them. Alec greeted almost each and everyone, I said my hellos feeling as if I were on display.

"Don't be nervous Cas, I'm going to be by your side the entire time" he whispered in my ear as we rose the elevator to the twenty third floor. Nobody spoke and I could feel an awkward tension settle across everyone.

The metal box chimes and the doors slid open. The laughter and chatter of many greeted us as we stepped from the elevator into a large dining hall. Large circular tables were placed throughout the hall, making a large circle around the middle of the room where a few couples were dancing slowly. A long bar with several occupied seats sat in the far corner. Large modern lights hung from the large open ceilings. Black table clothes and napkins sat a top of every table in every seat placing. Large pieces of modern decor littered throughout the large space as people roamed about admiring the pieces.

Alec's hand slid against my open back, my skin flaring at his touch. I was so aware of him. He placed a kiss against the side of my head for reassurance and we walked fully into the room immediately gaining attention.

"Congratulations!" Was all I heard for the first fifteen to twenty minutes. I was spoken to and around. His work colleagues were pretty nice and welcoming. The women were young and old, pretty and ordinary. They all smiled in welcome. I didn't receive any of the stares I'd received a month or so ago.

"Your dress is so beautiful" a deep husky voice rang out from my right uncomfortably close to my ear.

I turned my head, not wanting to part from Alec and stared back at Michael who was undressing me with his eyes. There was a small lift to his lips as he smirked.

"Thank you" I said, my voice almost a whisper. I tugged on Alec's sleeve to draw his attention and felt sweet relief when he turned. He faced Michael and frowned, "What are you doing here?" He asked.

Michael shrugged "I work here to, or did you forget?" He laughed before eyeing me over again "I suppose I would forget a lot of things around her as well"

Alec sneered at his blatant interest. "Back off Michael. I'll never share Cassandra get it threw your thick skull"

My mouth went dry with disblief. Share me? Michael wanted to share me with Alec?

I straightened my back and steeled my gaze against his "I'm not a thing you can toss back and forth. I'm not a toy. I'm a person. And if you think for one second that I'd let you out your filthy hands on me well you're mistaken. If we weren't surrounded by people right now I'd knee you were the sun don't shine" I gritted out between clenched teeth. Rage warmed my skin. I really, really wanted to hurt this man.

That silly, go lucky smirk didn't falter. Instead his eyes shined brighter at the threat. The chase was exciting him and since I'd fought back, I'd made it even more interesting.

Alec pulled me further into his body, his soft caresses soothing me. He made me feel safe and protected and right now I needed that.

"Back off Michael" there was an edge to Alec's voice that left me shivering.

Michael held up his hands in mock surrender, gave me one last look before disappearing into the crowd. Nobody seemed to be aware of what had just happened between the three of us and that was for the best. No need to cause a scene.

"Damnit" Alec cursed and wrapped both of his arms around me. "What a fucking ass hole,don't worry about him Cassandra. I'm dealing with him"

I tensed, "Dealing with him? What are you talking about? What's going on?" Then I realized, Michael had wanted to share me and Alec knew about it, which meant they'd been talking about it. Alec had hid a conversation that I should have been aware of behind my back. I glared up at him and kept my voice low but my intentions of finding the truth were clear .

He groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose in agitation, "After the get together at my place about a month ago he asked for his "turn" I denied him of course and ever since he's been persistent about it simply because we've shared women in the past"

I cringed, feeling disgusted. "You kept it from me"


"You should have told me. It involves me and I should have been told. I'm not a pawn to be moved around at your every whim. I'm a person."

"I know Cas. I know but I didn't want to upset you"

I crossed my arms across my chest in a defensive measure, "You've upset me with hiding it from me. I'd rather be told about it. This is what I was talking about Alec, this. You make decisions without talking to me first as if I don't have a mind of my own and I'll always be here. Well I won't." I turned on my heel and walked away feeling completely furious with my idiot boyfriend.

As much as I needed to get away from him, that was the first mistake biggest I'd make all night.

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