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Blood in the water

I moved around people, going by completely unnoticed. Without Alec by my side nobody cared who I was. Even the people I had greeted when we had first walked in didn't seem to recognize me.

"Cassandra" I could hear my name being called and I knew it was Alec coming after me but I just couldn't face him right now. I was so angry with him. We were flying threw an emotional rollercoaster all the time, one minute we were up and the next we were down. It was tedious and stressful.

I bumped into a narrow shoulder and was jostled back slightly as they resisted the push and nudged back. I stopped and glanced up.

The great white shark flashed her sharp teeth with a sinister smile, her cherry red coated lips shined with gloss and her insidious blue eyes locked onto mine and sparked with recognition. Her eyes drifted down my body, stopping briefly on the small baby bump. "Hello Cassandra" she said.

"Trish" I greeted. I didn't return her fake smile and I didn't give her much of a reaction, I didn't want to deal with this right now.

Her eyes searched and locked onto something behind me and I knew he'd caught up to me as her eyes lit with fire. I tensed as he placed a hand at my back. "Alec, I'm so glad you came" she said.

"Of course I'd show up. The party is for me is it not?" He said with disdain. I watched surprise and displeasure flashed across her face, her lips tilted down and she returned her gaze to me.

"Of course" She mumbled with irritation. She moved her blonde hair off her neck and sighed, "Have you seen Michael around? We're supposed to be getting together tonight... you're welcome to join, I know how much you enjoyed yourself when you did" she said attempting to gain some ground beneath her feet.

I hated this woman. She could manage to bring out the absolute worst in the best people.

"Those days are over Trish"

She made a small noise of disapproval, her eyes boring into mine. I didn't look away, I refused to show her weakness. "You just don't listen very well do you? How many times do we have to go over his before you understand that Alec is done with you? I honestly don't know how you can show your face anywhere near him. You're an embarrassment and the definition of the common cliche of a side woman." I took a deep breath and stood up a bit straighter. Trish took a step back and clutched her small purse on her hand tighter, her knuckles turning white, "You need to stay as far away from us as possible. I'm sick of dealing with your crap."

Trish sneered but turned on her expensive heels and pushed her way threw the crowd past several on lookers.

There was blood in the water. The great white shark could smell it and I knew she still wouldn't give up, despite the embarrassment she'd caused for herself. She was too hung up on Alec to give up.

The hand on my back moved to cup my elbow and turn me gently around.

His eyes searched mine and a rueful smile turned his lips up. "You handled that well" he said.

I scoffed and stepped out of his reach, "I wouldn't have to handle it if you knew how to handle your personal affairs" I bit out.

Anger furrowed his brows, his deep abyss eyes darkened "I've told her countless times Cassandra. It's not as if I'm encouraging her. Before you even met her I told her about you, about us. So don't accuse me of not being able to handle my personal affairs."

"Well then maybe you should get a restraining order because she obviously doesn't care what you or I have said"

My teeth ached as I ground them together.

"It's not like she's breaking into my home or following me around town." He said.

"No she just won't back off and leave you alone. She won't stop with the snide comments about how she will always be there while im only temporary. She has it in her head that you're hers and one day you'll put a nice diamond ring on her finger" I argued. We kept our voices low and discreet.

"Well it isn't going to happen." He said stepping closer.

I was still so very angry. There was so much more I wanted to say to her, my blood was boiling. I didn't respond as I mulled over the situation in my head.

Alec leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on my forehead "Don't be mad. I hate it when you shut me out Cas. And I'm not referring to the Trish problem, I'm referring to the Michael problem"

"You didn't tell me about it Alec. You should have told me. I was being talked about as if I were a peice of furniture being passed around."

He sighed and ran a hand threw his hair, "I should have told you but I also didn't want to get you worked up over nothing."

I scoffed and crossed my arms across my chest "Its not nothing, he wants you to share me. What kind of shit is that? And he seemed pretty excited when I told him no. That's messed up."

Soft music began to flow threw the room as the live orchestra set up on the small stage on the far side of the room. People began to walk towards them, leaving us in our own safety circle.

"Michael is a friend Cas, he's also not used to getting something he wants. He will back off. Once you get to know him, you'll see that he's not a bad person."

I stared up at him. The anger was still there and I didn't trust Michael at all. "Well he needs to learn that he can't get everything he wants. I don't know. He doesn't seem like such a great person and if he tries anything again, I will not hesitate to kick the crap out of him" I said and he gave me a heart stopping rogue smile and laughed before pulling me close and kissing me.

I melted into his embrace. "You need to start telling me things Alec. Especially when it involves me. That completely pulled the rug out from under me, I wasn't prepared. I need to know about this stuff"

He nodded, "I'm working on it Cas. I've never had to communicate with someone like this before. This whole relationship thing is new to me, but I'm working on it"

"I know" I said softly. He was getting better at it but there were still somethings he needed help with.

Alec grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it gently. A soft fire of need warmed my skin and I blushed. "Would you care to dance?" He asked.

I glanced around, hesitant as I didn't want us to be the only ones on the dance floor, but to my surprise there were more than a dozen couples moving about. I turned back to look at him and nodded with a soft smile.

Alec tugged me behind him and we made our way around a few tables and past more of his business associates who congratulated him before we stepped onto the dance floor, easily flowing into the crowd.

His hand gripped my waist, his fingers brushed the curve of my butt. My heart knocked inside my chest, ready to burst. I could feel the eyes of many on us as I wrapped my arms around his neck and we moved gracefully about the dance floor. The scent of his cologne hit me and pressed myself closer to him, I loved the way he smelled.

The soft sounds of the melody tumbled around us, weaving a romantic cloud all around us. The way his eyes shined down at me, the look of utter happiness and content made everything we'd been going through worth it. Life wasn't easy, sometimes it was a complete disaster, but it helped you grow and learn. Which is what we were doing, we were learning. We were learning how to be a couple, I was learning how to handle his city life and he was learning how to handle his job and still make time for me.

There was so many more hurdles we had to conquer but for now, in this moment, they didn't matter.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked, his lips brushing the shell of my ear.

I shivered and placed my cheek against his chest "Everything" I replied letting out a soft content sigh.

He chuckled, the sound vibrating my cheek "That's a lot to think about"

I nodded lightly "Yeah it is"

We fell into a comfortable silence until a hand fell on his shoulder. Alec stilled and I leaned back.

Michael gave us both a sheepish smile, "May I cut in?" He asked politely.

Alec looked hesitant and glanced at me. I contemplated it a moment and gave a small nod. Before Michael could step forward, Alec stepped closer to him and whispered something into his ear, his eyes were dark and his posture was stiff. Michael gave a curt nod and offered me his hand.

I placed mine in his and was pulled into his embrace. We kept a good distance between our bodies and an uncomfortable silence fell between us.

Alec stood at the edge of the crowd and it wasn't long before he was swept bombarded by co workers, including his boss.

"I would like to apologize" Michael said.

I glanced away from Alec and up at the man who wanted to share me, "Then apologize"

He laughed, small strands of his wheat colored hair falling in his face. His blue eyes locked onto mine and he said "I'm sorry." It sounded sincere. "When you told me you were with Alec, I assumed you were up for grabs. That's just how we usually did things. I wasn't aware he'd begun to settle down. I should have left things alone when Alec said you were his."

I blinked up at him, my lips parting in surprise. I didn't expect him to apologize for everything. "Thank you" I said feeling a bit better.

"You're welcome" came his husky reply.

I still couldn't trust him completely but him apologizing helped his odds.

My eyes scanned the room for Alec and my blood ran cold as I locked onto him but he wasn't alone.

Trish had her arms around him, his hands were settled on her waist as they slowly moved about the dance floor a few feet from Michael and I.

Michael caught my gaze and looked over his shoulder, quickly finding the source of my surprise. He glanced back at me and frowned "Don't worry about her" he said.

I looked up at him and breathed in deep trying to get my emotions under control. It was just a dance and yet I felt betrayed. "She's crazy. I have to worry about her"

"She's been playing this game a long time. She has many more men to choose from. She's simply latching onto him because he's pushing her away. He's made it more interesting by withdrawing from her. In time she will back off and leech onto someone else. That's just how she works, she lives off of the men with deep pockets"

"She's a gold digger"

He nodded, "exactly"

"Does she hound you as well?" I asked my eyes locking onto hers. She lifted her lips in a triumphant smile and moved herself closer to Alex, her breasts pressed tightly against his chest. He scowled down at her and moved her back, his lips curling in displeasure and he began to speak to her. I couldn't hear or make out what he was saying but from the angry look on her face it wasn't good.

I smiled this time, despite the jealousy I was feeling. Alec wasn't letting her get away with it.

"From time to time. She spreads her legs or sucks my cock and I repay her with a shopping spree or something else" he said without regard to the other people around us.

Disgusting, I thought to myself. The look on my face had him laughing. I glanced around nervously to see if anyone had heard his foul mouth, to our luck everyone seemed to be in their own world.

"It is what it is Cassandra. She's easy and sometimes I don't feel in the mood to pursue anyone else so I call her. A lot of men in this room, I'm sure she's already wiggled her way into their beds."

"That's so gross. And you don't care that she shares herself with other people before coming back to you?" I asked.

"I'm always safe and cautious, if I plan to have sex with her I pay for her to see a physician first. Always"

I shook my head in disbelief. "I think I prefer my small town"

He smirked and twirled me before pulling me back to him, "It suits you and sometimes it suits Alec to. Whenever he'd leave to go visit, he always came back looking better. Happier." We stopped moving as the music stopped playing, his eyes crinkled and he smiled down at me. "And now I know why"

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