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The great white shark

Michael wasn't so bad. He had this arrogance about him but he wasn't beneath apologizing. I easily tell that he and Alec were good friends.

I stood at the small bar, settled on a small seat and sipped the small orange juice i had ordered out of the small back straw.

Alec was talking to Mr. Sampson, his boss, across the way. His eyes shifting every few moments towards me. I pretended not to notice, simply because I knew whatever his boss was telling him was important and he needed to pay attention.

Michael had walked away with a promise to come back, his attention had quickly shifted to a tall, lean brunette sitting alone at a nearby table.

Silver nails clicked against the bars top next to me and i stiffened. I knew who it was.

"If you could quit stalking me that'd be great" I said without turning towards her.

She scoffed, "You're not worth stalking"

I rolled my eyes and took another sip, "Are you ever going to leave us alone?" I asked.

"Not until I get what I want." She replied saucily.

I finally turned to her, the small glass of orange gripped tightly in my hand. My eyes traveled over her form, her dress hugged her just right. Trish was beautiful but she was also a conniving bitch who was intent on getting what she wanted. "What exactly is it that you want?" I asked.

"I can't tell you that. You'll just have to wait and see" she replied.

I slammed my hand down on the bar with a loud bang and stood from my seat, I was satisfied to see her eyes grow wide "No Trish. Enough is enough. You either back the fuck off or I will press charges. You're harassing us. You're overstepping personal boundaries. He doesn't want you anymore. I'm not a flavor, I'm his girlfriend and I'm here to stay. You are here to leave. If you don't I'm no longer going to hold back." I spat. I was tired of her games, tired of thinking she could weasel her way into or lives.

She practically growled and stood from her own seat, her hand reached to grip my wrist but I pulled away quickly and glared at her "touch me, and I will hit you" I warned.

She paled and moved back, "You wouldn't dare"

"Try me"

Her eyes darkened and her nails dug deep into her palms. The great white shark was ready to tear into me, she was hunting, looking to swallow me whole. "You're nothing Cassandra Joy. When are you going to realize that? You're nothing but a warm body for him. Alec isn't the type of man to settle down with one woman. He also isn't the type of man to have a family" she glanced at my small round tummy "You're delusional if you think otherwise. If I were you I'd milk him for all he's worth since you've managed to get pregnant because once he realizes just how much he's missing he's going to leave you in the dust just like he's done to every other woman who has thought what you're thinking"

I smiled a sickly sweet smile at her. Her vicious words rolling off of my shoulders. I wouldn't let her get to me anymore. I wouldn't let her words have an effect on myself or our relationship. "You're wrong. I'm everything, I'm his. If you think he's not the type of man for any of that then you don't know him at all and it's obvious you don't. I love him, I'm not playing a game Trish. I'm not a money hungry whore looking for easy cash, I love Alec and I will fight for him. This baby is ours and whether you like it or not we are a family, something you will never have with him. It's you who have been left in the dust, he doesn't want you, he doesn't need you. He has me. You and those other women mean nothing and I mean absolutely nothing to him." I stood tall and firm in front of her. I arched a brow at her waiting for her to scream and bitch and make a scene.

Instead she smiled, "You're stronger than I thought" was all she said before she gave me a once over and walked away. I watched her leave, her stride determined and sensual as she made her way to an older gentlemen with dark black hair that was quickly greying. She wrapped her hand around his arm and leaned over to whisper something in his ear. He looked down at her, his older brown eyes darkened with lust before smiling.

I felt disgusted but triumphant. I'd finally stood my ground and I hoped she'd finally leave us alone.

The sharp squeal of a microphone pierced the room and i winced. My eyes traveling to the source of the sound.

Alec stood on the small stage where the musicians were. He was so handsome, I admired him from afar. His blue eyes locked onto mine and he smiled, "Can I have everyone's attention"

The chatter in the room ceased and people began to turn towards him. They watched him with curious eyes as he began to speak.

"I want to thank everyone for showing up and celebrating with me. This was one of the hardest accounts we've had and we finally cracked it. It wasn't easy and it took a lot of schmoozing but we've finally have the corporation under our rein" he said. People clapped and pleasant smiles graced their faces. Alec cleared his throat, his eyes sweeping across the room, "I actually have something else to celebrate." Alec once again locked eyes with me and motioned me forward.

Fear and anxiety crept up my spine. A dark blush stained my cheeks as I hesitantly and slowly made my way threw the crowd, past on lookers and up onto the stage.

Alec wrapped his arm around my back and his eyes searched mine with certainty and excitement. "Recently we have found out that we're expecting"

I nearly collapsed. His work colleagues bloomed with happiness and praise, the sound of their excited chatter filled the room quickly. My knees were weak and my palms were sweaty. I forced a smile as my stomach turned. I wasn't angry with him for announcing it, I was simply shocked.

It seems everyone's eyes went from him, to me, then fell on my belly. I had to politely excuse myself as to many people felt the need to put their hands on my stomach. I needed space. Alec followed me, the news of our pregnancy still a buzz nearly an hour and a half later.

As we stepped onto the small balcony, the autumn chill cooled my skin. The sounds of the city below us filled the air, the light brightened the dark night like a giant lantern. It was breath taking.

"Are you ok?" He asked as I gripped the railing and stared out into the vast depth of the city streets.

I nodded and let out a harsh breath, "you took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting you to announce it to everyone"

He smiled sheepishly, "I'm sorry Cas."

"I'm not mad. Can I ask why you announced it like that?"

He stepped behind me, his body gave off so much heat, I closed my eyes in pleasure as he rested his chin on my bare shoulder, his hands wrapped around and settled on my tummy. I found myself smiling in the darkness of the night. This was a memory I would never forget, this moment was something I would cherish forever. "I wanted them all to know, I also wanted it to help my case in wanting to stay around the area and not travel anymore. I'm going to be here Cas. For you, for the baby, I'm tired of missing out on things."

"I'd like that" I said leaning back against him.

He smiled against my bare shoulder, I could feel the stretch of his lips.

I didn't want to move, I wanted this moment to last forever.

But it was cold and we couldn't stand out here much longer without catching a cold and getting sick. "Let's head inside" I suggested. Feeling a nod against my shoulder we turned and stepped back inside the warm fancy decorated room.

Alec's boss was waiting for us as we stepped back threw the glass doors. He smiled at us in approval.

"Mr. Sampson, thank you for the party. I appreciate it" Alec said shaking the older mans hand.

Mr Sampson grinned, pleased with the appreciation, "You're welcome. I can't tell you how pleased the company is with your work and efforts Alec. You're talents are in high regard." He said fixing his grey silk tie.

I stood at Alecs side forcing a smile to seem polite. I'm honest truth, I hated small talk especially with people I didn't know to well.

Mr. Sampson nodded towards me, "Congratulations are in order to you both."

"Thank you" we both replied.

They began to talk more in-depth about the business and even venturing into politics and that's where they lost me. I softly excused myself and made my way back to our table, the table that neither of us had really sat at all night.

I took a seat and my sore feet were thankful for it.

"So pregnant huh?" A deep voice said from behind me.

Michael walked around me, he adjusted his tux before taking a seat next to me. Just like everyone else, his eyes roamed across my belly. A soft, warm look entered his eyes.

"Yes" I said.

His lips titled up in an attractive playboy smirk "Now I know why Alec is so possessive and territorial over you. I mean, you're beautiful and I can understand why he'd be jealous should anyone's eyes linger to long on you but now I truly understand why he feels so protective over you"

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked feeling a warmth of true happiness settle deep. I settled my hands on the soft white table cloth.

He shook his head "not at all" I stared at him unsure of how to talk to this man. He stared back , "I made a bad first impression didn't I?" He asked.

"And a second one" I countered.

He gave a small lopsided smile that was sure to send hearts a flutter "Damn. I hope my third time was more charming"

I nodded "You did much better the second time"


I caught sight of Alec striding towards us, I watched him until he stopped next to Michael and settled a hand on his shoulder, "Trying to steal my woman again?"

Michael grinned, flashing his white teeth before coming to a stand "I've learned my lesson" he said before winking at me, patting Alec on the shoulder and moving along towards a group of men standing near the bar.

Alec held out his hand, "I don't know about you but I'm ready to head home."

I wanted to jump for joy. I was so ready to crawl into bed. Instead I slipped my hand into his, and stood from my seat "Me too" I tucked a stray strand of chocolate brown hair behind my ear as we walked the room, said our goodbyes and made our way to the door.

This party had gone better than expected.

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