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A spark of a flame

We stumbled into the house, smiling and laughing. For the first time in awhile I felt as if everything was going to be ok.

Alec shrugged out of his coat, throwing it across the back of the couch. I set my small clutch down on the cushion. I let out a groan I'd been holding in all night and then a yell of surprise when suddenly my feet no longer touched the ground and I was lifted up and held tightly in a strong pair of arms.

"Feet hurt?" He asked setting off towards the bedroom with me in his arms.

I nodded and held onto his neck tightly as he carried me down the hallway and into the bedroom. Setting me down gently he stepped back and watched as I undid the straps of my heels and shook them off until they fell to the floor with a small thud. I wiggled my toes as the pain began to slowly reced.

"Better?" He asked with a look of concern.

I nodded "Yes much"

"Good." He glanced around the small mess I'd left behind before settling back on me, "Want to take a shower?"

That sounded nice, so I agreed and slipped off of the bed and padded after him into the bathroom. Alec turned the knobs of the shower before undressing. I watched as he drew his shirt over his head, his abdomen bunched and pulled tight, his sun tanned skin beckoning me to touch him. My mouth went dry as he shucked his pants aside.

His cock stood semi erect.

He caught me staring and a devilish dark look entered his eyes. He took a few steps and stood in front of me, his wicked gleam glinting in his blue eyes. My lips parted on a breath as he brought his hands up, bunching them in the fabric of my dress before hauling it up and over my body.

"I've been wanting to rip this dress off of you since the moment you walked into the living room" he said, his eyes flickering down my body.

His words wove around me, creating a spark of a flame. He awakened a sexual hunger within me. It was something he never faltered at.

He held his hand out to me and I slipped mine into his and was tugged cautiously into the shower. I shivered and then found myself relaxing as the warm spray hit my back. I wiggled my feet as trails of water traveled down my legs, past my calves to slide across the irritated marks where my shoes had been. It stung at first but overall it felt wonderful.

Alec chuckled softly and I slowly opened my eyes to meet his, "Are you going to be able to stay awake?"

I honestly wasn't sure. I hadn't realized how tired I was until now.

He saw the hesitation on my face and nodded with understanding. "turn around" he said and I obeyed, letting the water slide into my hair and drip down my face.

The first brush across my shoulders of my light green loofah startled me and then I relaxed as Alec began softly washing my back. The soap bubbles created a foam, like a second skin. I leaned into his touch as my lips parted on a breath. He was taking care of me.

He washed my body and let me rinse before washing my hair. His fingers delved into my dark brown wet hair, he massaged my scalp. A small moan slipped back my lips.

As he cleaned my, the events of the night played through my head. I was proud of myself and of Alec. I'd stood my ground against Trish and he had stood in front of his co workers, including Trish, and announced out growing family.

A small smile curved my lips.

Alec helped me rinse my hair before placing a soft kiss on my bare shoulder. I turned around to face him, letting the water run down my back. I didn't want to move, the sensation felt wonderful. It was the most relaxed feeling I had felt in awhile. "Your turn" I said.

Alec looked surprised , "Are you sure Cas? I know you're tired, I can wash myself while you get ready for bed"

My heart fluttered, "I'm sure" I wanted to give to him what he had just given to me. The sense of calm and peace. Something we both desperately needed.

I took my time scrubbing his body, my hands held the small cotton wash cloth against his abdomen, the flesh was hard and ridged beneath my touch. Slowly bringing it up across his chest, feeling the strength of his shoulders before washing his neck. Bubbles left a wide trail across his skin as I bathed him.

Alec closed his eyes and his head fell back as he rinsed off. I grabbed the shampoo bottle, squirted enough in my hand before setting it back down and working my hands into his hair.

The sound of the water hitting the tub floor and bouncing off of our bodies and dripping down filled the small bathroom. It was the only sound that could be heard as neither of us talked. We enjoyed the silence.

Alec groaned as I worked my hands in his hair, mirroring what he had done for me.

I helped him rinse his hair and then stood back, simply watching as he finished up. He stepped out of the spray and turned towards me, he reached out and gripped me by my waist.

I teettered forward on my toes, shuffling closer to him. Our eyes locked, his blue eyes were filled with a calmness, a deep wave of love washed over me and I shivered in his arms.

Alec lowered his head, it was a slow motion and then his lips met mine. I moved myself closer to him, until my breasts were pressed again his chest, the water fell from his shoulders and splashed across my chest. It was a bit colder than when we'd first gotten in and I figured our time was up.

I kissed him back and moved my lips against his before stepping back, "We should get out. The waters getting cold"

Alec blinked, his eyes straying to my lips before flickering up to my face. He didn't seem to even realize the water temperature had dropped. I stepped out of the shower as he turned around to shut the water off.

I wanted to say I was ready for a night full of sex but I wasn't. I was exhausted, my feet hurt and my eyes were heavy. Wrapping a towel around myself I walked from the bathroom and into my room in search of pajamas.

Alec followed behind me soon after.

I threw on an oversized t shirt and a clean pair of underwear before sliding into bed. Alec drew on a pair of boxers before sliding into bed. He drew me into his arms, placing a small chaste kiss on my shoulder before we both fell asleep.

Days fell into weeks and before I knew it, Alec and I found ourselves at the doctors office again. Everything appeared normal. I was nearing the half way point to my pregnancy.

"Are you sure you don't want to know?" Alec asked clutching the sealed envelope in his hand. I could tell how badly he wanted to rip open the seal.

I nodded and grabbed my purse from the chair Alec had been sitting next to during our visit. Alec sighed, he so badly wanted to open the small envelope that would tell us what our babies gender was. I nudged his arm, "Only another month or so. We will find out at the baby shower"

He groaned, "I don't know why you have to do this gender reveal thing, why can't we just know now?" He asked and I laughed as he practically stomped his foot in anger like a little child throwing a tantrum.

"Because they're fun."

He rolled his eyes and held open the door so I could exit.

His hand took mine as we walked down the small hallway towards the entrance of the radiology department.

We passed by a single closed door and stopped as we both recognized the voice inside, she was arguing with someone. "I'm sorry, it doesn't appear to have cleared up. Unfortunately things like this do happen, the treatment isn't a hundred percent effective."

"This isn't what I was paying this place for!" Sarah shouted. "I need you to get this thing out of my body!"

There was a small silence before someone cleared their throat. Alec and I glanced up and away from the door where an administrator stood. "Excuse me" He said as we both stepped back, caught red handed. The man was no older than forty five, his light brown hair was slicked back and his face was slightly rounded. His grey suit was a little too tight on his slightly bigger frame.

He gave us a look, scolding us for snooping then proceeded to open the door and enter, swiftly closing the door behind him.

We took that as our que to leave.

Alec and I fell into a stunned, confused silence as we drove back to my place. It wasn't until we parked in the driveway that we decided to talk about what we'd heard.

"Are we sure that, that was Sarah?" He asked slightly skeptical. I mean I understood why he was hesitant to believe it was her considering we didn't actually see her but we'd known eachother for a long time, I know her voice.

"Yes I'm positive" I said, I was a hundred percent sure it was her. There was no doubt in my mind. Besides that wasn't the first time I'd seen her there.

He glanced out the window, I couldn't tell what he was thinking and that sort of scared me.

"What was she doing there?" He asked on a whisper. He wasn't directing the question at me because we both knew that I had no idea why she was there.

"She said she needed to get something out of her body..." I trailed off and my heart began to hurt. The churning of my stomach nearly had me spilling the contents of my lunch all over the front seat. "Alec..."

He glanced over at me, his confusion turning swiftly to concern, "What's wrong?"

"Alec... I think..." I took a big breath in. I didn't want to say what I thought was wrong with Sarah out loud because I could be right and that would make it real.

"What?" He asked his eyes searching mine for an answer. He cupped my face in his hands despite my protests. I didn't want to throw up on him as it was a very big possibility at this point.

I couldn't think straight my mind was whirling. My lips parted and I still found myself tongue tied.

"Cassandra what is it?!" He demanded his anxiousness growing. He didn't know what was wrong with me and that was my fault. I was having an internal battle with myself.

There was a possibility on the tip of my tongue as to what was wrong with Sarah and I found it hard to spit out. It could ruin us. We were already dealing with so much at the moment, her predicament would only make matters worse.

But I couldn't keep it to myself.

Alec had to know that it could very well be a possibility.

I squeezed my eyes shut and the words slipped from my mouth "She could be pregnant"

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