Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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Alec blinked at me and then he began to laugh. I stared at him, pretty sure he was losing his mind.

"Alec this really is not a laughing matter"

He pulled me closer and kissed me. Shocked, I could nothing but completely freeze. He pulled back, a look of happiness in his eyes. "Cass-"

I scowled at him and pulled away from him sitting back in his expensive leather seat, "I don't see why you're laughing or why you're happy about this" my anger was growing by the mere second. Was he laughing because he was happy that it may be his? Did he simply find the situation humerous? What the hell was going on with this man?!

He calmed down and sat back against his own chair, "Cas, if Sarah is pregnant. Which is very likely. The child is not mine"

I felt skeptical about that. He couldn't know for certain that it wasn't his. "How do you know that?"

He shrugged and opened the car door but glanced at me before he got out "Because Sarah and I never had sex" he exited the car and shut the door.

My mouth fell open. I was certain they had. How was the possible that they hadn't? I found myself grappling for the car door and throwing it open before stumbling out of the car.

Alec watched me with amusement before lending me a hand to steady myself. "I don't understand. You two never had sex? Never? " he shook his head and I let out a puff of air of disbelief "How is that possible?" I asked planting my hands on my hips.

His lips twitched as he wanted to smile and possibly even laugh again but he held back "I refused to have any sexual relations with her, I didn't see her as a potential sexual partner or as a wife. She'd always been a friend in my eyes"

I chewed on my bottom lip as I thought about that, "What about me? Did you always see me as a friend up until that night at your parents house?" I asked.

Alec stepped closer, his hand gripped the back of my neck bringing me closer to him. His cologne curled around me, his smell was intoxicating. "I have always seen you as more than just a friend. I've always wanted you, the way that I want you right now. I'd just never had the courage before that night" he trailed the tip of his finger down my cheek and my body flushed with sexual desire for the man in front of me.

My neighbors were no doubt getting an eye full as I was pressed against him, our faces so close together. The sexual tension between us could be felt from behind the windows of my neighbors homes.

"You're ex boyfriend... the one who had stood you up that night..."

"Jason?" That was the second time he had stood me up. He had been a jerk, always putting me last especially when it came to his friends. We hadn't been dating that long but still.

Alec shrugged, there was a slight tick in his jaw. Alec was jealous of an ex boyfriend. "Whatever his name was, he didn't stand you up. I saw him pull up in the driveway."

I easily put two and two together, "Alec... you didn't..."

"Of course I did. The guy was a jerk. I told him to take a hike, that he wasn't welcome back and to stay far away from you."

I couldn't even be mad at him, because it was true, Jason was a jerk. In all honesty, I was actually happy he did it. It had given us a chance to to delve into us. Besides it wouldn't have taken me much longer to end it with Jason.

"I figured you'd be upset with me. I'm sorry, it's just-"

I didn't let him finish his sentence, I closed the small distance between us and kissed him. He was surprised at first, unresponsive for a moment before he regained himself and responded back to me. I licked the seam of his lips and he granted me access as he parted Them.

Now my neighbors were without a doubt getting something to look at.

I gripped his shirt in my hands and pulled away, "thank you" I said staring up at him.

There was a long pause and a look of uncertainty before he spoke "You're not mad?"

I shook my head, "no"

I let go of his shirt and stepped around him heading towards the front door.

"Are you sure?" He asked still standing where I'd left him. He looked so bewildered.

I unlocked the front door and smiled at him over my shoulder "Yep"

As I stepped into the house I could finally hear him slowly following behind me. I let him think it over, I know it confused him that I wasn't mad at him. He could be overbearing but this time, it had been a good thing.

He shut the front door and came up behind me, his hand wrapped around my elbow to stop my movements. I turned to look at him and wanted to laugh, I was putting him through the ringer. He almost looked distraught.

"Cas... is this one of those moments where you say you're ok but you're really not and in the end you're going to hold it over my head for awhile?"

I did laugh that time. "No. I'm serious, it's ok. I'm sort of glad you told him to leave, even though I was mad and upset that I had thought I had been stood up, I'm glad you did it. It gave us a chance to... explore each other"

He grinned wickedly, "I liked the exploring part"

"I'm sure you did" I said taking a step back towards the hallway. My body tensed as I was ready to run from him. I knew I couldn't get very far, but that didn't make the chase any less exciting.

"I think, I'd like to explore a little bit more" his sultry voice said.

I took that as my que to run. It was slightly awkward as I turned and made a mad dash down the small hallway. My tummy was heavier, making it difficult. But a secret thrill of being caught fell across my body.

Alec charged after me. I laughed as I made it into the bedroom. I didn't even attempt to close the door as it was a useless waste of time.

I rounded the bed as quickly as my feet would carry me only to be snared around the waist by a firm muscular arm.

"I'm ready to explore Cas" he said with a dark heat. I shivered with anticipation fell back onto the bed. My core was wet and ready, I was practically dripping for him.

"Me too" I said completely breathless.

His eyes bore into mine as he gripped the edge of my plain white shirt and drew it over my head. He pulled his own shirt sleeve dark navy shirt over his head, tossing the clothing aside. His abdomen rippled and my mouth went dry.

He flicked open the button of my jean shorts and I watched him threw heavy lidded eyes. Anticipation coursed threw me. I needed him so bad.

He bent down, hovering his lips above the skin of my hips where the curve of our child was growing, I could feel the warmth of his breath against my flesh as froze above me. I met his gaze and sucked in a breath at the look of determination in his eyes. A sinister grin curved his lips before he began to move again, he pressed a kiss against the flesh of my hip and sucked lightly.

My body was so sensitive, I moaned, my hips lifting up in a slight movement. His teeth scraped across my skin before he nipped me.

My hands curled into fists as he moved down planting kisses across the top of my pussy. My eyes closed just as his tongue slipped into my cunt. I lay back against the bed, my back arching as I could feel as his tongue twisted and turned, pushing in and out as he fucked me with his mouth.

"Alec... yes... please" I cried out, one hand bunched in the blanket beneath me while the other combed through his dark blonde hair.

He made a sound in the back of his throat and my world titled.

He lapped at me, his tongue sliding into my soaking flesh. A familiar build up of release centered in the pit of my stomach stretching to my pussy.

Alec slowly raised himself up, licking his lips. My chest was rising and falling, we hadn't even gotten to the best part yet and I was nearly exhausted. He placed several random chaste kisses on my body as he made his way up before hovering above me. The tip of his penis brushed and pushed against my inner thigh and I desperately wanted to reposition is and take him deep within me.

I was surprised when Alec cupped the side of my face with one hand, his thumb brushing across my cheek, his dark blue eyes like pools of sapphire. "I love you Cassandra. There is nobody else in the world that I would rather be with than you"

My heart fluttered and I licked my dry lips, "I love you too" I said just as he nudged my opening with the head of his cock before pushing forward.

I parted my lips as he pulled back and trust forward. He set a rhythm that left me breathless and wanting more. I was so wet for him, the feeling of release inside of me continued to build.

I gripped his shoulders, before running my hands down his back, over his ass only to travel back up to hold onto his shoulders once more as we shook the bed.

"Fuck" his jaw was clenched and the muscles in his arms were straining as he held himself above me.

His cock slid in and out, the walls of my pussy were stretched to the max. My breasts were pressed roughly against his chest.

His back shuddered and I could feel the slight twitch of his cock. He was almost finished.

I spread my legs further, giving him better access. Alec went deeper, hitting just the right spot. My grip on his shoulders tightened and I dug my nails into his flesh as I came, my toes curled and my legs shook. I came completely undone underneath him.

Alec's breathing was harsh as he turned to settle on the side of my body instead of crushing me and the baby.

He threw an arm over his head and let out a soft chuckle.

"What?" I asked unwilling to move.

He grinned, "I love exploring with you"

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