Sex, Secrets, Sins and Lies

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I drove home at a neck braking speed, I wanted to forget I’d opened my big mouth. The rest of dinner was awkward and I was stressed beyond belief. My irritation and hurt had gotten the best of me and now I’d dug my grave. Everyone was expecting me to bring home my “fiancé” next weekend.

I sat in my driveway and stared off into the night. My small one story house was calling to me, telling me to come inside take out a bottle of wine and drown my sorrows.

A pair of headlights pulled up behind me and a familiar red two door sports car came to a harsh hault behind my small blue jeep.

I watched in surprise as my very pissed off best friend strode from his vehicle and came to stand beside my door.
“Open the door Cas” he barked. I looked at him hesitantly, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me physically but emotionally he’d do some damage.

His hands were balked into tight fists and his wicked mouth was thinned and stretched in a tight line, his eyes seared me.

Slowly I unlocked the door, my hand hadn’t even made it to open the door yet before he’d yanked it open and had me out of the car and striding towards my front door. My legs were burning as I tried to keep up with him, the grip on my upper arm tightened as we stepped through the front door.

The door closed and my body was pushed up against it. He practically snarled as he took one look at me and smashed his lips to mine. The kiss was harsh and demanding, his tongue easily dominated mine. He took what he wanted.

I moaned and pressed myself against him.

I was left cold and grasping for his warmth as he tore himself away panting a few feet from me glaring at me.

“What was that?!” He yelled flinging out his arm.

I looked at him curiously “um... a kiss?”

He chuckled darkly “not what I meant smart ass” his eyes darkened as I stepped away from the door stepping closer to him, I already missed his touch “you’re engaged?”

I debated whether I should push his buttons, I could lie and say yes, I’d dig myself an even deeper hole confirming what I’d said earlier or I could say no and he’d hold it over my head forever.

“What if I am?” I said blinking up at.

“You can’t be” he growled stepping closer.

“And why not?”

“Because your mine” he pulled me by my waist, my body crashed into his and instinctively molded itself to his firm muscular one.

“I’m not yours Alec” as much as I want to be, “Sarah is yours... I’m simply the other woman... to do as she pleases” I said trailing my fingers up his chest to the curve of his neck, I grazed my finger tips across his tanned skin earning a small groan and a shudder from him before sliding my fingers into his short styled dark brown hair.

“Sarah is not mine, at least not by choice” he muttered. I didn’t get to ask what that meant before his mouth was on mine, biting, licking and sucking.

My breath caught and my vagina clenched, still sore from the last time yet already ready, practically dripping wet in anticipation. I wanted this, I needed this, I needed him.

His fingers grazed my thigh slowly sliding up and under my dress. He moved to the inside of my thigh and lightly grazed my lips. I felt him smile into the kiss, satisfied I was ready for him.

“You love this” he said nibbling his way down my neck leaving small red hickeys in his wake.

“Yes” I breathed my hands fisted into his thermal shirt and clutched tighter as he moved aside my soaked panties and dived a finger between my folds.

Biting my lower lip I moaned, it felt so nice to finally be able to make all the noise in the world. We didn’t have to hide here.

“I love that sound” he said pumping his finger in and out, the wet noise it made echoed into the small living room, “make it again” he drove two fingers into me harder. I gasped and moaned even louder. It felt so good to be filled even if just by his fingers.

I arched into him and couldn’t wait any longer, grabbing the back of his shirt I pulled it over his head tossing it to the side.

My fingers drifted across his chest as his continued to pump into me. I reached the lip of his jeans and tugged the button free glancing up at him I watched his eyes drift down to mine, they were like silver flames, boiling and burning. He smirked withdrawing his fingers then after discarding his boxers and jeans, in one swift pull he drew my dress over my head.

His hands lifted me up and squeezed my thighs as I wrapped them around his waist grinding my wet pussy against him as he strode toward my room.

My back hit the bed and he loomed over me quickly discarding my underwear and bra. My purple comforter was cool against my back and the moons illuminate glow was the only source of light in the room.

I was bare to his gaze and I reveled in it, it made me feel even more sexy, the way he looked at me made me feel like I was the only one for him.

I felt truly loved.

“Alec” I whined grasping his cock and pumping up and down. He was large and the first thrust was always a bit painful.

“Cassy I have to have you now” he said pushing my hand away. The tip of his cock slid against my sensitive folds and we locked eyes, his stormy gray ones with my oceanic blue ones.

His thrust was brutal, I felt him hit my cervix.

My legs tightened around him and I clung on as he fucked me, deep and raw.
“You. Are.Mine” he gritted out between thrusts.

We were both panting, I couldn’t hold back, I sucked on his shoulder and nibbled, knowing he loved it. He moaned, just as he always did when I sucked on that particular spot.

“Yes, yours” I whispered lifting my hips to meet his thrusts as he picked up speed.

My body came alive from the inside out and I felt him shudder, he thrust deep once more and we came together.

The only sound in the dark room was our erratic breathing, he rolled over, off of me and onto his back drawing me into his chest. He kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes in bliss.

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