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"What about this one?" I asked with a bit more excitement. I pulled up a beautiful light blue cape cod style home, it was near picture perfect with white shutters and beautiful rose trimmed bushes lining the front of the house.

Alec held out his hand on que, as he had gotten into the routine of looking at each house I looked at and deemed likeable. I handed him the phone and scanned his face as he swiped through the pictures of the house.

Whenever he liked a house, he would unconsciously nod ever so slightly, as he was doing right now.

If he disliked it, he swiped quicker and there was no head movement.

He smiled and handed my phone back to me, "I like it."

Excitement bubbled in my chest once more and I hit the share button and sent a link to his phone as I had done with at-least ten other houses. His phone buzzed on the side table next to him and he ignored it, continuing to look over his paperwork.

We had been sitting on the couch for atleast two hours, the Sunday afternoon was flying by. Alec was trying to do research for a new deal his boss had assigned him. Key word "trying". I was pestering him as I continued to scroll through houses and showing him the ones that I liked.

"I really liked that one" I said tucking my bare feet beneath me. The television was on, but neither of us were watching it, it was simply background noise.

He made a sound in the back of his throat.

"I can't wait to go see them" I grinned.

Alec sighed and nodded.

I had the urge to laugh but I knew that would piss him off so I held it back.

A knock on the door interrupted my house searching. Alec set aside his papers and stood before walking over and opening the door.

"I figured I'd find you here"

I recognized the voice and mentally winced. I'd completely forgotten about my plans with Michael. To top it all off I had scheduled my meeting with him around the same time as Sunday dinner.

Michael stepped into the house as Alec stepped back looking completely clueless as to why his friend and colleague was here. "You're pretty far from the city, what brings you to these parts?"

Michaels wheat colored hair looked a bit disheveled and his blue eyes went from Alec to me. I gave him a small guilty smile. I couldn't believe I had forgotten about our get together and to top it all off, I had forgotten to tell Alec about it. That was going to be a whole other level to deal with.

"He's here to talk with me" I said coming to a stand.

Michael nodded, looking smug. There were moments where Michael was a good guy and then there were moments where Michael was just an asshole. This was one of those moments. He was purposely baiting Alec. There was no true motive for doing it, he just liked getting a rise out of people, even his friends.

Alec glanced at me before looking back at Michael. "Why?" Silently he was seething.

Michael shrugged with a smirk.

"He's here to help me go over plans for the business. I want a slightly new layout, new paint. New material. Michael is here to help me with that, isn't that right michael?" I glared at him. My life was finally coming to a calm after the storm, I didn't need him stirring up trouble.

He grinned but shrugged "Whatever the lady wants"

Alec was radiating jealousy, his entire demeanor was filled with a dark tension.

"Michael take a seat in the dining room, I'll be with you shortly" I instructed watching as he walking away before ushering Alec into the back bedroom.

He opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off knowing exactly what was going to come out of his mouth. "listen before you go on a jealous streak I want to this straight. Michael is here to help me with the shop. He's good at financing and interior design, you even said so yourself that he's the best in the business. I called him up shortly after Mrs. Holtz handed me the deed to the store. He's here to help Alec and I need his help. I didn't tell you because in all honesty i forgot. I mean do you really think I would plan this on the night of my mother's going away party for Brian? Definitely not. I'm stressing about a lot these days and I just simply forgot-"

"I believe you" he interrupted before he leaned down and kissed me. The kiss was possessive and territorial. I sighed and gently kissed him back. I loved when he staked his claim "But that doesn't mean I have to like the fact that you're working with him" he said.

I nodded, "I can understand that"

Alec rolled his eyes but placed his hand on my back and ushered me back down the hallway. When I walked into the dining room I began to see a whole new side to Michael, we got down to business and I began to understand why he was such a hot commodity in the business realm.

The rose colored sweater dress I wore hugged my smaller frame and the heels of my black boots clicked against the front walkway as Alec and I made our way up to my parents front door for Brian's goodbye party.

He was leaving to finish school. He'd put it off for so long after his little brothers death, his parents had needed him but now it was time for him to move on.

Alec's hand brushed the curve of my back and even through the thick fabric of the dress I could feel his heat. I shivered at his touch and glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. His pressed button up black shirt was wrinkle free, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows which of course caused the muscles in his forearms to stand out and I couldn't help but salivate.

I brushed a strand of dark brown hair from my face, tucking it behind my ear before we entered the house.

My parents Sunday night dinner was in full swing. Alec's parents were chatting with Brian's parents, which I was pleasantly surprised to see them. They had never been to a Sunday dinner before. But seeing as how Brian was now apart of our "group" my mother was welcoming his parents into her circle.

Sarah was sitting in a wheelchair at the table slowly sipping a glass of water. Her dark black hair was thinning and pulled back out of her face. She was wearing a soft white cashmere sweater and a black pencil skirt. She gave us a small smile as we entered the dining room.

Alec parents came barreling towards us out of the kitchen and pulled us both into warm hugs. Next were my parents and then Brian walked out of the kitchen and walked towards us with a smile.

Already I could feel the tears brimming along my eyes. We had gotten so close and for awhile he had been my rock. There was no doubt that I was going to miss him.

"I'm glad you guys could make it" he said shaking hands with Alec.

"We wouldn't have missed it" Alec replied.

"It's kinda hard to miss it when my mom is the one throwing the party" I replied with a sad forced laugh.

His grin widen "Very true"

Suddenly the weight of him leaving fell over me. Brian was leaving. Maybe for good. He wouldn't be around to show up at my house randomly for dinner and a movie like he usually did. He wouldn't be around for me to run to when I had a problem. He also wouldn't be around to pee on my front lawn anymore.

I couldn't hold the tears back anymore and I choked on a sob. Brian's grin fell and he suddenly appeared as sad as I was.

He opened his arms and immediately I walked into them and was instantly engulfed and held tightly. "I'm gonna miss you Cas" he whispered against my hair.

I nodded and sniffled, my voice cracked as I replied "I'm really gonna miss you too"

We all sat down for our Sunday dinner. The table was fuller than usual and it felt so right. The laughter and chatter was genuine. Even Sarah had a smile on her face, her skin gained some color to it. Alec stood from the table and gave a wonderful farewell speech and a salute to Brian and everyone joined in taking a drink and yelling "cheers" to a new chapter in Brian's life.

He was going to to do wonderful things, I had no doubt about it.

It was late by the time we made it home. Nobody had wanted to say goodbye. Especially me. Brian would be gone by tomorrow morning.

The moon was full and high on the dark night sky as we stepped from the car and walked up the driveway and into the house.

As we entered the house and closed the door behind us, Alec wrapped his arms around me from behind and nuzzled his face against my neck. It felt so good, to be held by him. To have these moments.

My toes curled and everything inside me warmed at the feel of his lips against the curve of my neck. It was definitely a weak spot and he knew it.

"Hmmm... I love you Cassandra" he said placing a kiss against my sensitive flesh.

I inhaled sharply and let my head fall back allowing him more access, "I love you too Alec"

He reached up slowly, his hand smoothing over the fabric of my dress before cupping my breast In his greedy hand. My heart pumped faster. I missed this.

I pushed my behind back against him, I could feel just how excited he was.

Alec brought his other hand up to cup my chin and tilted my face towards his. His lips met mine and I melted back into him.

I nibbled softly on his bottom lip earning a deep moan from him. "Shit" he said. He surged forward towards the couch.

My body was raging with an internal fire that only he could put out.

Suddenly my stomach met the arm of the couch and my face met the cushion. I reached out to catch myself as my ass hung in the air. With a swift intake of breath I listened to the distinct sound of a zipper.

Alec's hands gripped the bottom of my dress and yanked it up bunching it around my hips and yanked my panties down. I moaned, I was dripping, completely ready for him. My pussy was on full display and I didn't care one bit.

I felt the tip of his penis slowly rub up and down my wet entrance and my breathing became heavier and I gripped the sofa, my nails digging into the fabric.

"You're so fucking beautiful" he said and he surged forward. I cried out and he began to move thrusting hard and fast. I bounced against the couch. Together our moans and the sound of my wet sex filled the house.

My eyes blurred and abdomen tighten. My legs felt like jello.

Alec went deeper than he ever had, his thrusts were more determined than ever.

The couch moved a bit as his cock slid into me over and over.

It hadn't been this way between us in awhile and it felt amazing.

My breasts fell out from the top of the dress and he reached his arm around and gripped one in his hand, his fingers punishing the rosy nipple.

Pleasure came crashing down, I was panting and crying out. My body was sweaty and being jostled back and forth just as Alec thrust again, his cock pulsed and I could feel it as he finished.

Our breathing was labored and we stayed like that for some time. Neither of us wanting or able to move.

He placed a gentle kiss on my bare back just above the line of my dress before slowly slipping out of me and walking towards the bathroom to clean us both up.

My body shook from the exhaustion of the day.

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