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Our night was phenomenal. It was a night that I would never forget. Alec had made everything so beyond perfect.

We finished off our dinner and accepted the many congratulations we received as we walked out of the restaurant. To be honest, I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay and bask in the night.

However, Alec needed to return the jet as once again it was on loan from his boss.

With my hand clutched in his we slid into the back seat of the limousine.

"To the air strip" he instructed the driver just before he rolled the middle window up.

We were now secluded from the driver and from the world as we drove through the middle of Paris.

"Is it everything you had hoped it would be?" He asked pulling me into him.

I nodded completely pleased with the nights events, "Yes. Far beyond my expectations"

He grinned sending me his signature cocky grin "Good" he replied.

Suddenly his hands were on my waist and he lifted me from my seat to straddle his lap. My legs caged his and my hands shot out to catch myself against his chest. Everything inside me sparked to life. His chest was hard beneath my hands and his thighs were tight and muscular against mine.

"I can't believe this" I said before leaning down and placing a gentle kiss on his neck.

His grip tightened on my waist and he said "Me either"

I left a trail of kisses from his collarbone to the curve of his jaw before placing my lips against his. His flesh molded to mine and he pulled me deeper into him. The thickness of his cock through his black slacks rubbed against the inside of my thigh and I shuddered at the feel of it.

I gripped the front lapels of his jacket. Our lips moved against each other, dancing a rhythm together that had been done many times and yet some how this time was different, more intense and filled with so much more love.

I rocked against him, my hips moving back and forth across his lap.

We were breathing heavy, the sound was so loud in my ears. I couldn't think straight, I just knew I wanted to touch him, skin to skin. I wanted to feel him all over.

I couldn't get enough of Alec and I don't think I ever would.

"You're forever mine Cassandra" he growled in between our feverish kisses.

I nodded and moved my body further into him, "Yes, always" I easily agreed.

Alec reached down between us, his hand grazed my bare thigh. A heavy sense of anticipation formed in the depth of my stomach as his fingers drifted over the juncture between my thighs. He grazed the lace that covered my pussy, just a light brush of his finger tips and I moaned.

He smirked and rubbed the tips of his fingers against the covered area. I was wet and so were my panties.

I leaned down and buried my head in the curve of his neck, my lips kissing his exposed skin softly before nippling and sucking on his flesh.

He grunted and pushed aside the thin fabric before slipping a welcome finger between my wet slit. Rocking my hips, I rode his finger as he added another.

I was thankful the driver couldn't see any of this. We were wanton.

"Fuck" he ground his teeth before pulling his fingers from me and I nearly let out a soft whine at the loss.

The sound of his zipper rang through the air and my breath caught. I wanted him inside me, now. I couldn't wait any longer. Nobody had every driven me this mad for passion before.

"You drive me crazy" he said, his voice thick with sexual tension. He was breathing just as heavily as I was.

The lights from the city were shining into the car as we drove through the city. The sound of traffics was muffled by the soft sound of our breathing and moans.

"Alec" I called out, my chest rising and falling rapidly as my toes curled with nearly there satisfaction.

He groaned, his hands gripped my hips. The tip of his cock pushed against my sex, I was already so wet, it made it easier for him to slip inside me.

My head fell back and he thrust his hips up, pushing himself deeper. We moved together, completly in sync with eachother. His hands moved from my hips to my breasts, cupping and molding them.

I felt so alive in that moment. I felt wild.

Arching my back I pushed myself further into his hands as I rode him.

His thighs tightened against mine and his blue eyes darkened. He was close.

A breathy moan escaped my lips as I let go, the pleasure that he had built up inside me found its release.

Alec continued to move beneath me as I rode the wave of sexual satisfaction.

I felt myself go slightly limp before I felt his lips on my neck as he came.

We stayed connected for a little bit, neither of us willing nor wanting to move. But eventually just before we reached the air strip I slid off of him and we cleaned ourselves up and straitened ourselves out.

When we reached the jet, the driver opened our door for us. He didn't seem to suspect anything and kept a straight face as we stepped out of the car and onto the stairs before boarding.

I was all too happy to take a seat on the long sofa like seat, and as we took off I couldn't keep my eyes off of the city. It was magnificent. It was an experience of a lifetime.

This was a night that I would never forget.

You know that sweet wonderful feeling of accomplishment? Where a weight seems to have lifted off of your shoulders and you feel like you can breath again? That's what I was feeling at this very moment as I stood just outside of my shop.

I bit my bottom lip as I gazed at my dream. My dream stood before me completely redone and waiting for me to flip the sign that would allow my dreams to come true.

Behind me stood my friends and family. They stood by and watched in support as I stepped forward, my pink louboutin heels clicking against the sidewalk, and I flipped the side from closed to open.

I took a giant breath in and out before turning around, a wide smile one my face.

It was done, Cassandra's Garden, was now open for business.

My dad whistled, my mother clapped and everyone cheered. Alec stepped forward and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed the side of my head as he hugged me tight, "I'm so proud of you"

I was trying really hard not to cry as I hugged him just as tight and replied "Thank you"

Michael stepped forward out of the small crowd and cleared his throat to get our attention. Alec stepped back but kept his hand on my back. "Congratulations Cassandra"

"Thank you" I replied, smiling at him, "And thank you for everything you did, I couldn't have done it without you"

He grinned "I know" he replied arrogantly. However it was true. He was a true artist. "Now can we go inside so I can show off my talent?" He said insistently.

I laughed and Alec rolled his eyes before we all followed him inside.

Mr and Mrs holtz roamed around with my parents, all of them looking impressed. I cringed as Michael caught their look of satisfaction and made his way over to them all. No doubt to talk their ear off about his technique and to offer his services should they ever need any.

Refreshments and snacks were laid out on a large table. People mingled here and there. I stood back and simply watched.

The town seemed to have lost their disdain for Alec and I and of course everyone who had once snubbed me was now checking out my new store. They would walk by, smile politely and say how good it was to see me. I replied politely but that's as far as it went.

The bell above the door chimed again as two more people entered the store.

My eyes widened in surprise as I took in the new visitor.

Bryan looking as sharp as ever strolled in with a small blonde on his arm. She was pretty, her hair was short just above her shoulders, her eyes were a dark brown and the short blue short sleeve dress showed off her curves. They looked stunning together.

He scanned the crowd before stopping as he spotted me. A grin spread across his face and he quickly made his way through the crowd.

"Cassandra!" He practically shouted and I laughed with glee as he dropped her hand and engulfed me in a huge.

I had missed him so much.

"Brian!" I called back as he swung me around.

He set me back on my feet and I stepped back giving him a bit of distance. I didn't want his friend or whatever she was to him to think we were anything other than friends.

She seemed shy as she gave a soft smile and came to stand next to him.

"Cassandra I want you to meet Kaitlynn. kaitylnn this is Cassandra"

I reached out at the same time she did and we shook hands. It was sort of awkward but overly so.

"Hi" I said trying to appear as friendly as I could.

She nodded and replied with a "hello, Brian has told me so much about you"

"Oh that's not good" I said and we all laughed.

She shook her head "All good things"

"That's a relief"

"I would never speak bad about you" Brian grinned and took Kaitlynns hand in his once more, "Cas I can't believe what you've done with the place. It's amazing."

I shrugged, "Honestly the remodeling was all Michael" I nodded towards the over confident male model who stood talking to Sarah's parents.

"But this happened because of you. This is your dream" he declared, "Give yourself alittle more credit"

Heat flamed my cheeks and I nodded.

"So how long are you in town for?" I asked my eyes continuing to stray to their interlocked hands.

"Just today, I've got an exam to get back to tomorrow. But I wanted to come check out the new store" He seemed truly happy as he glanced down at Katilynn "And I wanted to introduce Kaitlynn to my parents. See we've been dating for almost two months and I figured it was time for them to meet"

There was one question answered.

"Oh, well congratulations. I'm sorry I didn't know" my reply was a little bitter but as happy as I was to see Brian I was still a little upset he had just dropped our friendship for the most part.

His smile dropped and kaitlynn looked a tad uncomfortable.

I cleared my throat feeling childish "I'm sorry that was rude. I apologize. I've got to go check on a few things I'll catch up with you later"

I didn't wait to hear a reply before slipping away. I worked my way around people and slipped into the back room where the orders were prepped. Where I had spent countless hours working.

I took a deep breath and hated myself for how crazy I was being. I just missed my best friend. He had become my life line for such a long time when I needed him the most and then he disappeared. But at the same time I know how selfish I was being, Brian had a life of his own to create and what kind of friend and support system was I to interfere with that?

"Cas?" Brian called out as he stepped through the back doors.

I cringed and leaned back against the table. All I could feel was shame.


He stopped me as he interjected quickly, "No. Don't. This is my fault, I haven't been a very good friend these past few months. I got so caught up with school and then I met kate and ... I'm sorry. "

I shook my head, "Dont apologize. I should be the one apologizing. I'm sorry, I flipped a switch super fast on you, I just had no idea you were seeing anyone, I mean we haven't talked in forever and I've just missed you and our friendship. I'm sorry"

Brian came forward to stand next to me, he leaned back again the table as well and chuckled, "Look at us being adults, apologizing and talking things out"

I grimaced "I know... who are these people?"

He gagged, "I have no idea"

We both looked at each other before falling into laughter.

"I promise to keep in touch" he said leaning against me.

"You better" I said leaning against him in return.

I had missed this so much.

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