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A Swade wedding

I sat in a white plush high back chair facing the white wood vanity. The mirror seemed larger than normal and I stared at all the million and one different shades and brands of make up money could buy that were placed perfectly on the top of table.

My ears were ringing, my palms were sweaty and my stomach was turning.

Today I was getting married.

The hair dresser my mother had hired stood beside me as she worked her magic, attempting a sweet and simply half up do with small clip in diamonds.

Sarah and Kaitlynn we're behind me getting ready. Sarah's full time live in nurse, Wendy, was currently helping her slip on the long pale violet bared shoulders brides maids dress.

Believe it or not I actually went to Brian first and asked if he would be my maid of honor. At first he took it as a joke but I was serious.

My mother didn't think it was traditional at all. In fact she absolutely despised the idea which made me want to do it all the more.

Brian has agreed but he'd refused to wear a dress. Even now I have a hard time not laughing at the memory of his reaction when I told him the dress was non negotiable. He was absolutely horrified. In the end I told him I was kidding, sort of, and agreed a tux would be better.

Alec was all for Brian wearing the dress.

All morning long my mother had fluttered about the house anxiously double checking everything, making sure it was perfect. All I could do was sit back and watch her.

I was sort of numb, I couldn't believe this was actually happening.

"Are you ok dear?" My mother asked as she stepped away from helping Kaitlynn to access and critique the hair dressers work.

"Fine mom" I replied for what felt like the hundredth time.

She nodded before waltzing away again. Kaitlynn looked beautiful in the gown. Her and I had grown closer after I had met her at the opening of Cassandra's Garden. She was sweet and she was studying to me a teacher. She wanted to teach the second grade. I could tell just how in love with Brian she already was and he with her.

As promised he had gotten better with keeping me in the loop.

A knock sounded at the door to the room and the girls fell silent as my mother called out, "Who is it?"

"It's me" Alec replied. I tensed and a swarm of butterflies seemed to be captured in my stomach.

My mother screeched "Don't you dare open that door Alec Swade!"

I could only image the amused smirk he had as he replied "I wouldn't dream of it. I was just wondering how things are going? We're running alittle behind schedule" he sounded a little nervous.

I smiled feeling giddy, "I haven't run away yet" I yelled out and the girls burst into laughter.

He chuckled nervously and said "Good" before walking away from the door.

My mother sighed and placed her hands on her hips, with a stern exasperated look in her eye she muttered "He's always been such an impatient boy. Even when you were in high school he never could just wait for anything. He always had to have it right then and there"

She really had no idea. But I kept that sinful thought to myself.

"Alright, all done" the hairdresser glanced at me in the mirror and I couldn't help but feel completely satisfied. She had braided two stands, one from each side of my head and pulled them together in the back before loosely curling the rest into soft ringlets. The diamond stud clip ins were scattered throughout and each individually sparkled as I turned my head this way and that.

"Absolutely beautiful. You've done a wonderful job" my mother praised and the hair dresser beamed as it was probably the first compliment my mother had given her.

"Thank you" I said before standing up from the chair. My robe was tied tight as I only had on a pair of white lace underwear underneath.

"Alright ladies, it's time for the dress!" Again a set of squeals filled the room.

My friends watched as my mother pulled the large black bag that held the gown from the back of the door and unzipped the pouch.

Wendy stepped forward to help bring the gown out and tears filled my eyes as it was bared to everyone. It suddenly felt so real.

Today I was getting married.

"Oh Cas don't cry you'll mess up your make up" Sarah said.

I blinked a few times pushing back the tears and took a deep breath "I know I know. I just can't believe this is happening. It didn't feel real until now"

"You two were meant to be together. " she said and it felt funny coming from someone who had once despised me and had tried to keep my future husband from me. I wasn't going to lie, the situation with Sarah was different and not a lot of people would be ok with letting her back into their lives, even asking her to be a brides maid but we all made mistakes. I did her wrong too. Alec did us both wrong. You learn to grow and to forgive.

She reached up from where she sat in her wheel chair and clasped my hand in hers as I reached down to her. She gave me a reassuring squeeze before letting go.

My mother held the dress up and out and I stepped forward to put it on.

It was a sheer long sleeve off shoulder beaded lace with a v neck that dipped to the bodice that was covered in lace and embroidery. The bottom was flared out like a ball gown and swept across the floor in a trail of floral lace.

It fit like a second skin.

My mother helped with my veil and then we were ready.

Alec and I had decided to rent out a large cathedral in the city. It held a maximum of 1,500 guests and we were currently at capacity. Alec has made a lot of friends and of course work colleagues while living in the city. My side was filled with mainly the town people from home. The place had been decorated lavishly by Michael and his people, nothing but the best. It was definitely a Swade wedding.

As we stepped into the lobby just behind the closed main doors, Brian stood waiting in a nice pressed black and white tuxedo. Michael stood waiting as well.

"Are we ready?" Brian asked coming forward to start the line down the aisle.

Everyone looked at me and I nodded.

This was it.

The music started and Brian and Kaitlynn made their entrance as everyone stood from their seats.

My father came to stand beside me and I slipped my arm into his as Michael and Sarah slowly made their way down the aisle.

My hands were sweaty as I held the bouquet of pink and white roses close.

"I can't believe my little girl is getting married" my father said tearfully. "It seems like only yesterday I held you in my arms for the first time." He sniffled. My dad has never really been a cryer so it surprised me that he was shedding tears and it sort of broke my heart. "I had never seen anything so beautiful than when I looked at you for the first time. All red and wrinkling. You were crying and waving your little arms around." He gently patted his eyes with his handkerchief and sighed, "You're still as beautiful as ever. A little less red and wrinkly but just as beautiful" he said and chuckled through the tears.

My throat tightened and I sniffled as tears stung the back of my eyes.

"Oh look at what I've gone and done now. Don't cry little girl, it's just an old man being crazy" he said as we began our decent down the aisle.

"I love you too dad" I said. I couldn't say anymore. I was afraid i would fill the entire cathedral with tears.

He gave a loving smile and patted my hand that lay on his arm as we neared Alec and the priest.

Alec stood watching me come towards him, he rocked back on his heels and wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand as his own tears began to slip. He walked towards my father and I and the priests voice rang out "Who gives this young lady away?"

My father let out a deep breath and replied "I do" before looking at Alec with dark look of an unspoken promise before going to sit next to my mother.

Alec escorted me towards the priest and everything else around us was drowned out. I don't remember saying anything, I couldn't stop staring at my husband. He was my best friend and my soul mate. We had grown together and would continue to grow together. For better and for worse.

Until death do us part.

"I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs. Alec Swade. You may now kiss the bride"

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