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Festering Wound

“Hey you’re Alec Swade right?” Brian asked offering him his hand.

Alec glanced at the outstretched hand and after a moment he finally shook it, I watched Alec tighten his hand around Brian’s and I had to give Brian credit for not flinching because I’m sure it didn’t feel good.

“Yea that’s me” Alec said releasing my dates hand.

“Yea you were really good at baseball, I remember coming to watch a few games. Do you still play?” Brian asked, he drew his hand beneath the table and from the corner of my eye I could see him flexing it.

“No not anymore” he replied taking a seat across from us.

Brian leaned in close, his breath tickling my neck, “so, you forgot to mention your love interest is your best friend and that he’s your other best friends boyfriend” he whispered.
I swung my head facing him, our faces were inches apart, his blue eyes were understanding yet calculating. I nodded at him unable to respond. He smiled bringing the back of my hand to his lips pecking it lightly.

The sound of clattering dishes had both our heads snapping in the direction of the noise.
Alec had dropped his silverware on his plate, his jaw was clenched, the hand that sat on the table top was made into a fist and he was glaring at us. Sarah recovered herself and sat next to him, “are you ok?” She asked him.

“Fine” he snapped. The families gave them confused glances. They never fought. It was so unlike them. Alec’s and Sarah’s parents exchanged a worried glance. My father didn’t seemed fazed.

My mother came in with a giant turkey followed by mashed potatoes, string beans and Hawaiian rolls. We all made our plates and began to eat.

“So Brian on behalf of all of our families i would like to say congratulations, the engagement was quite a splendid shock for us all” My father said dipping his knife into the tub of butter.

The rest of the families raised their drink filled glasses agreeing with him.

Brian smiled at them before looking at me, “Thank you, I couldn’t ask for a better girl” he winked.

“I doubt that” our eyes swung to Alec who hadn’t touched his meal, “I mean Cassandra has so many flaws, I wouldn’t be surprised if she left you at the alter. Besides the best girl is sitting next to me” he said swinging his arm to the back of Sarah’s chair. Sarah blushed a deep rooted red and seemed to sink in on herself she gave me a small sad glance.

His words stung deep, it was like an already open festering wound and he’d dug a knife into it cutting deeper twisting left and right opening it further and further knowing it would never heal.
I looked down at my lap, I felt the stares of everyone, my throat closed up, my eyes burned and over flowed with tears. My chest hurt so bad, I rubbed at unconsciously. My Alec would never have said anything like that. My Alec was never cruel. I feared my Alec was gone.

I watched my tear drops fall from my chin onto my dress covered thigh. The material soaked it up but left an obvious wet mark. More tears followed more marks were shown.

My chair scrapped back and I darted for the front door. I could hear yelling from everyone, even Brian.
I leaned against his car, angry that his car was locked. I needed to get out of here.

This was a disaster.

Brian came storming out, this was the first time I’d ever seen him angry. He was always this go lucky happy guy never anything else.

“Get in” he said unlocking the car.

I hurried in not needing to be told twice. Just as he pulled away Alec came running out of the door. I looked away immediately, because in that spot stood a monster.

I couldn’t love that monster, the one that deliberately set out to hurt me.

“Where should we go” Brian asked after moments of silence.

“Home, I just want to go home” I curled up against the passenger side door ignoring the looks of worry Brian through my way. I set myself up for this, I had nobody to blame except myself.

We pulled up to my house and I got out of the car, Brian made a move to follow but I stopped him “not tonight” he gave me a doubtful look but accepted my demands.

I sat on the couch curled up under a blanket, my dress was still on my shoes were scattered across the living room floor, my hair was still curled but my makeup was a mess, I’d tried to clean it but every time I did I ended up crying again so I just left it.
I sat watching a movie, not really taking it all in just staring at the screen blankly.
I was numb again, I wasn’t to fond of this feeling.

It was just after eight an hour after I arrived home when a serious of loud knocks pounded on the door. Wrapping the blanket around me i took a few deep breaths hoping to clear my still swollen throat so that I can tell whoever it was to go away properly.

I opened the door and froze.

There on the other side of the door was Alec, behind him sat his red sports car. He took in my appearance his eyes seemed to soften as he stared at my tear stained face, my red puffy eyes and running make up.

“Cas-” I slammed the door shut leaning back against it. Shit.

No. No. No.

“Cas please, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean any of it I swear!” He yelled.

“Go away” I croaked, a fresh batch of tears treaking their way down my face.

“Cas I was jealous and hurt, I shouldn’t have taken it out on you like that. I’m so sorry baby please! I can’t stand when you cry you know this, please Cas!” The sound of his head hitting the door lightly jarred me to reality.

Opening the door slowly I looked out before opening it wider to let him in. He gave me a sad guilty look while passing, he stood in the middle of the living room watching as I stayed by the door.
I’d hear him out but I couldn’t be any closer.

“Talk or leave” I said tugging the blanket closer to my body. I felt weak, my hands were shaking, it was becoming struggle to stand.

“There’s so much to say... Cas I didn’t want to end things with you, Sarah found out, I don’t know how but she did. I came home from the night with you and she was at my apartment waiting for me, she asked where I’d been , I lied I told her I went to hang out with some buddies. She called me on it Cas, she said she’d seen us together. She was going to make your life hell, she was going to out us in front of all our families, you know how they are, they’re old fashioned they wouldn’t have understood they would have viewed us as if we were criminals. I couldn’t give a shit what my parents thought of me but I wouldn’t let her do that to you so when I dropped her off I told her I’d break up with you”

It’s like my brain shut down, I couldn’t process anymore. She knew this entire time. The day she came over to hangout and watch movies, she continued to gush about Alec knowing he’d left me for her. She called me and told me he’d been acting different, more lovey dovey just to rub it in my face. She watched in silence knowing how miserable I was, probably secretly cheering about it behind my back.

” Fuck! Cassy you have no idea, I was so fucking mad at her, I had to watch you crumble before me without being able to do anything about it.” He drove a hand through his hair in frustration.

“I umm...” my mind was spinning, my vision was darkening, this was all to much. My eyes began to droop.

“Shit” something hard knocked into me as my knees buckled and everything went dark.

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