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Chapter 10

Sophie beat Pete to her house. She is in the garage with the door closed when she sees the headlights of his truck under the garage door. She still has not been able to shake the unease she has felt since she got the call to go downtown. She is not sure if seeing her brother is a good thing or bad, but she knows she cannot turn her back on him he needs her help.

She hears Pete come in the front door and heads into the living room to meet him.

“Its so late lets head to bed we can talk about whatever it is after we get some sleep.” Sophie says as she steps up to kiss Pete. He turns away and walks across the room putting some distance between them.

“What are you going to do?” Pete is not looking at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you found your brother tonight, he is in a bad way, what are your plans?”

“My plans? I am going to try to help him of course.”

“You don’t even know him. Maybe he is not someone who deserves or wants your help did you think of that?” Pete askes he glances at her and looks away again.

“Well why did you call me if you did not think he needed me?”

“I called you because I needed to know if he was in fact the same Lance Johnson that is your brother, because if he was, which he is, I am now in a really bad spot. You have no idea how much I wanted it to be the wrong guy. Or for him to be such an asshole that you would just write him off and walk away. I am sure he is a creep, just not creepy enough to run you off. Why do you have to have such a soft loving soul?” Pete is pacing back and forth across the living room, he is shaking his head.

“He is my brother Pete. He has not done anything so bad that I would walk away. He is down on his luck and hooked on drugs not a child molester for gods sake. Maybe I can help him.”

“You don’t know if he has done things, and just not been caught, he could be a real peice of work you know.”

“Well, you don’t know if he hasent.”

“I have a real good idea, Mr. LJ is more then you think he is.”

“LIke what Pete?”

“See there in lies the issue. I cannot tell you anything. It is an active investigation and your brother is smack dab in the middle of a whole lot of ugly.” Pete starts for the stairs, when he gets next to her he pauses. “I cannot be here. Our relationship is a conflict of interest. I love you more then anything in the world Sophie and this is killing me, but until your brother’s involvement or lack there of in one of my cases is figured out I cannot see you.” Pete put his hand on her shoulder then heads for the stairs going up two at a time.

Sophie is shocked stupid. What the hell just happened? She went to bed last night dating a wonderful man she loves with all her heart. A phone call in the night has changed everything, and she has no idea what to do about it. She wants to follow Pete up the stairs but her feet are like stone she cannot move them. She stands there catching her breath. She has to wrap her mind around the situation. If she helps her brother Pete is gone. It would cause a conflict of interest, she gets that. If she ignores her brother, it would still be a conflict just because of the relation, it would look bad for Pete. No matter what she does, she is going to loose. And she knows deep down she cannot walk away from her brother.

As the enormaty of the situation sets in a single tear escapes and runs down her cheek. Her world is off its axis. There is no fix. She swipes at the tear. She will just have to help Lance through this, prove to Pete he had nothing to do with whatever it is, then work on her relationship with Pete. That is her only option. She turns and goes up the stairs. When she reaches the bedroom she finds Pete throwing his things into a bag. She goes over and sits on the foot of the bed.

“So as soon as I prove to you and the damn state that my brother has nothing to do with whatever it is we are so not talking about, things can be normal again?”

“Once he is not a part of an ongoing police investigation I am deeply involved in, then yes, we can go back to our lives together.” He looks up at her she turns her head and meets his gaze. The bag is forgotten. Pete reaches for her as she is reaching for him and they colapse onto the bed. Clothes are lost in a frenzy.

“Oh my god why is this happening to us?” He is kissing her face, her neck, he returns to claim her lips once again. Sophie arches into him kissing him with all she has, tears flow as the emotions build they know they will not be together for a while, she crawls on top of him kissing him as she takes him inside of her. His muscles quiver with desire as they climax together. She colapses on top of him, he rolls her over kissing her deeply.

“Remember no matter what, I love you. You are my world lady, I hate what this situation is going to do to us.” He kisses her again and pulls her close.

“Pete in a few days this will all blow over and we will be together laughing about the whole situation. I know Lance has issues, but he has a good heart, he is my brother, and the old Lance was a great big brother, I know he will remember.”

Pete pulls her close, LJ is lots of thing, a great brother not something he would use to describe him, probable violent car theif who beats people nearly to death for their car, that fits him better.

They fall asleep together.

The familiar Buzzzz of the alarm wakes Sophie. Good god, let last night be a nightmare. She rolls out of bed stiff and exhausted, and not from the sex, she smiles at the thought of the sex, until she turns her head. Pete is gone. The bag is gone. All his clothes are gone. It is like he was a dream. She stumbles to the shower as tears run free unchecked down her cheeks.

Sophie goes thru the motions of her morning routine, minus the exercise, she hardly has the energy to get herself together. She made the mistake of giving Lindsey a Sunday off to spend with family so she has to head to the store. She grabs her things and leaves.

She gets open and ready for business, then ends up spending the first hour looking through lawyers information on her computer. She picks a few names and writes down their phone numbers so she can contact them in the morning. The buzzer sounds over the door announcing the arrival of customer. Sophie glances up and smiles at the ladies as they begin to browse the store. She smiles to herself as she walks across the room to help the ladies find something to make their day a little brighter. Unfortunatly for Sophie what she needs does not look so good hanging on a hanger.

At the end of what turns into a very productive day, Sophie is locking up the shop when she feels like someone is watching her. She turns and looks all around she see’s no one, so she shrugs and heads to her car. As she pulls away from the curb she does not notice the figure step out of the entry of the closed shop on the corner and watch her drive away. The dark form turns and walks around the corner and climbs into his chevy truck. He may not be able to be with her right now, but that doesn’t mean Pete is going to leave her unprotected. LJ may be in jail, but, there is a partner to keep in mind.

Once Sophie gets home she reverts back to a healthy choice meal and a cup of tea while she tells Linus all about her day. She is back to her old ways, back to dodging facebook, she does not want to see all the happy couples. Less then 24 hours without him and she is starting to sound, lonely.

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