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Chapter 11

Sophie awakes ahead of the alarm. She went to bed early last night due to the lack of sleep the night before and now, up half an hour early. She goes for the running suit and heads out to run, she does an extra half mile just cause she needs to clear her head and running helps her focus. First thing on her agenda is a lawyer for Lance, a damn good one. She has no idea what is going on, but whatever it is, Pete is sure he is involved, she just has a feeling.

Once back home she hits the shower, then the closet room going for a black pants suit with a torquoise shell for a pop of color. She puts her hair up for a conservative look and applies light makeup touches. She is ready to face the day. She heads down the stairs and calls the lawyers she has choosen for her brother. After speaking with the three she had narrowed it down to she picks a Martin Shrinner as his representation. Martin agrees to head to the detention center and start working on the case right away as well as to keep her informed of what is happening. She checks the time and realizes she needs to get to the shop. She heads for the garage and goes to work.

Her cell phone rings about 2:00pm. it is Mr. Shrinner.

“Yes Mr. Shrinner, this is Sophie Johnson.”

“Ms. Johnson sorry it took me a while to get back with you, I have been in questioning with your brother for several hours.”

“Questioning, what kind of questioning?”

“It appears, your brother is a suspect in a car jacking case.”

“What! You have to be kidding me?”

“Detective Shaw started out just feeling around, your brother just has no idea when to stop talking. He thought he was convincing the detective of his innocence and just incriminated himself instead. It didn’t help that the detective is good real good at his job.”

“What do you mean?”

“He just knows what to ask to stay within the boundries of the law and your brother did not do so well with his answers. On the good side, everything is circumstancial so I will be able to get bail set in the morning. He has a bail hearing set for then.”

“Well thats good.”

“Can you be at the hearing? I need you to be present so the judge can see a support system and they will hopefully cut us some slack on the bail, especially if he is going to be staying with you.”

“Staying with me?”

“On his own your brother poses something of a flight risk, with you in the picture that risk is not nearly as likely.”

“Okay, whatever I need to do to help him. Okay then, what time do you want me where?”

“Meet me in front of the court house at say 9:00am?”

“Okay Mr. Shrinner, I will see you then.” Sophie ended the call.

Now everything makes sense. Pete thinks Lance is involved in the car thefts. He is out of his mind. Her brother could never be involved in something like that. He has always been a kind person, he hated to fight, thats why he walked away from his family. He would never beat people for their cars. That is not how her brother works. She cannot believe Pete would try to trick him into incriminating himself. How could he do that knowing he is her brother perhaps Pete is the one she does not know so well after all. Wait a minute, she cannot do this, she does not know what she is doing, her brother is a stanger, and yet she is throwing everything away to help him, now she is getting angry at Pete for doing his job? Pete is right this is going to be hard to do.

Sophie wraps up her day at the shop with a phone call to Lindsey. She needs her to open so she can go to the courthouse. She also needs a friend, and Lindsey, for all her craziness is Sophie’s friend.

“Yes my wonderful boss what may I do for you?” Lindsey answers her phone on the second ring, I think it’s a record.

“I need your help, will you open in the morning? I have an appointment.”

“Oh, would this appointment have anything to do with a certain cop?”

“In a way.” Sophie says softly.

“Is something going on?” Lindsey asks, concern growing in her voice.

“You could say that. My brother is back.”

“Your brother? What brother would that be?”

“That would be the brother currently being housed in the detention center, a suspect in one of Pete’s cases. The same brother that I went to see in the middle of the night at the jail, the same brother who needs my help oh and the same brother that pretty much caused my mother’s mental illness that led to her commiting suicide. We would be talking about that one.” Sophie chokes back tears as she talks to Lindsey.

“Wow that is a lot of shit to deal with. Why didn’t you call me before now, I could have helped you.”

“I needed to work it has kept me somewhat distracted from everything else. Plus I did not really know what was going on until I spoke with Lance’s lawyer a little while ago.”

“What does Pete have to say about it?”

“Well I have not spoken to him. You see the fact that my brother is involved makes our relatioship a conflict of interest to his case so he moved all his things out and I have not heard a word since.”

“So let me get this strait. You have a brother. Your mother commited suicide. Pete moved out. Your brother is in jail. You are trying to help him. That about sum it up in a nice little package?”

“Well you left out the whole my brother is a drug addict and a boozer but I cannot believe he is involved in the car jackings, thats what he is being questioned about.”

“Okay then. All I know is Pete would not just question him and put you two through all this if your brother was innocent. He loves you too much to let you go through all this hell.”

“It is just a mess Lindsey. I understand Pete’s position. If he is seeing his suspect’s sister that would be a conflict of interest regardless of my brother and my relationship. He has to be in a uncompromisable position in order to keep the case from being tossed out of court. But damn it this hurts.”

“I guess I see his problem too. But I would just be taken off the case. Let someone else take care of the damn thing.”

“Pete has spent months on this case. He knows it inside and out. To walk away and be reassigned would be unfair to him and the detective put in his place. Besides, what if someone else is hurt or worse because Pete is trying to get off the case and things get delayed. I would never forgive myself.”

“Yeah I see your point. You would feel all shades of guilty if something happened because of you. What’s your brother like?”

“He is your typical self loathing drug addict. Trying to make me leave him alone. Not so much working for him of course.” Sophie replies with her usual twist of sarcasm.

“Trying to make you do anything is like waving the red towel thing in front of a bull, just makes you mad, which makes you more determined, what an idiot.

Yea I will open the store tomorrow not a problem. The quicker you solve this crap with your brother the quicker you’ll get laid which keeps you in a good mood. That works for me.” Lindsey said matter of factly.

“Are you saying I was grumpy before Pete?”

“Not grumpy exactly. Driven, dedicated, motivated to succeed. What made it rough, you are a success and the fact was you did not see it so you just kept beating your head into the wall, you are at the top. Pete gave you a new challenge. See how many ways you could ...”

“I think I get the picture. I so do not need a reminder of what I cannot have right now.”

“Good point a horny unable to get off Sophie, that would suck.”

“Oh god Lindsey. The things you say sometimes.”

“Just keeping it real girlfriend, keeping it real. Hey gotta go the kiddo is home from school. Chow for now.”

She was gone. Sophie was left hanging, at least she said she would open the shop in the morning.

Sophie heads home, she spends her night on her computer, paying bills, making new ones as she seeks a treatment center to check her brother into, it should keep her mind off Pete. It is hard for her to believe it has only been like a day and she misses him so much.

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