Run Flicka Run

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Chapter 14

The world is spinning. The feeling of floating is making Sophie want to be sick. Then she tries to open her eyes, the pain assaults her. Her right eye is glued shut, she tries to wipe her eyes, she can’t, her hands are tied behind her back. Her left eye flies open as memories race back to her. Her right eye comes open some, her vision is blurred but she can see well enough to know she is in a house of some kind. The window in what appears to be a bedroom is boarded up all the light she has to see by is leaking through the cracks, it looks to be dark. It was afternoon last she remembers, she has been out for hours. Shadows hide creatures as they scurry about on the bare wood floors. The smell of urine and yesterdays lunch assault her as she takes in her surroundings. There are holes in the wall that may have been once a pink color and graffiti is everywhere, as well as swastica’s, and satanic symbols. Not a comforting sight.

Her head is throbbing and she is dizzy. She attempts to sit up to no avail. Her ankles are tied. She falls down. There is no sign of the man that shot her brother. She sobs as the memory of watching Lance crumble to the ground comes back to her. Sophie knows her chances of getting out of this alive are slim to none. This guy has no problem beating people with a bat for their car, leaving them for dead in the street, she expects no better. She hopes for no worse, for there are things that would be worse then death, death would be welcomed in comparison .

She hears a commotion in another room, she quickly decides optimism is her best option and closes her eyes, pretending to still be out. She has to figure out what he is going to do with her, and Flicka.

Bill is stumbling about awake but not sure what was going on. Memory begins to tease him with flashes, the red Mustang, the woman. Thats right he has a new chick to play with for a little while. Thats why he is here. No one knows about this place, he only comes here when he has a ho and needs his privacy to get better aqquainted. Hard to believe this was his grandparents house once. Even harder to believe how many women never left this house. He smiles and scratches his head as he stumbles from the bedroom, bouncing off the hall walls as he walks to the room she occupies.

He opens the door, looks in, she is still out. Good. He shuts the door and continues down the hall. He needs his bottle and his crack pipe, he is too close to sober. Sober lets the voices in, he does not like to hear the voices. The voices of all those he has hurt before, they haunt him when he is down, he has to stay high.

As she hears him move on, she opens her eyes again. In the semi darkness she starts trying to work her hands free. She is bound by electrical tape and it tears at the tender skin of her wrists as she works. She knows her only chance to get out of here alive is to somehow stay one step ahead of her capture, to do that she needs to get free.

As she works the tape she feels it loosening. As it loosens it is getting sticky, she holds up her wrists, they are covered in blood, great that explains the stickiness. She continues to work her hands free, suddenly one pops free from the bindings. She nearly cries out but controls her relief, her hands may be free but the rest of her has a long ways to go. She reaches down and removes the bindings from her ankles. She crawls to the window, pulls herself up by the window sills and peers out through the cracks between the boards.

Bill is hole up in the suburbs, the Rockwood district, right by the Max tracks. He has the car stashed in the garage. Sony’s guys should be here soon with the trailer and the damn thing will be out of his hair and he can get back to the woman.

Adding to his joy this time is this is his old partner’s sister. He smiles. May as well give ol LJ a call not that he looked to be in any condition to answer last time he saw him. What the hell leaving a voice message will be fun. Bill walks out into the back yard with his bottle. It is littered with trash, old furniture, no wonder the city condemned this place. He places the call. As Sophie watches through the cracks.

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