Run Flicka Run

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Chapter 15

Slumped on the passengers side of Pete’s truck, Lance is startled by the ringing of his cell. Half dozing from exhaustion and blood loss, the name that flashes on the face of his phone sends chills down his spine, Bill is calling.

“It’s Bill.” Lance says.

“Well answer it see if you can get anything out of the call we can use.” Pete is instantly full alert. They have been cruising around the warehouse district checking out all sorts of seedy bars, warehouses, any place Lance thinks Bill might be around. They were running out of options quick with no idea where to look next.

“Where are you?” Lance says as he answers his phone.

“Wouldn’t you like to know ‘Partner’.” Bill sneers into the phone. “You think you know me so well, guess what? You don’t know shit about me. By the time you find her all that will be left will be dust and bones.” Bill laughs into the phone. In the background a Max train passes by, Lance hears the passing train and smiles to himself, clue number one.

“You are not the only one with secrets Bill, I got them too.” Lance is trying to keep Bill on the line he will say anything to keep him talking. If he is talking to him he is not hurting Sophie, if she is still alive. No, she is alive, Sophie is tough and god knows her stubbornness is legendary. She will keep her wits, Bill is crazy as hell, just not that smart.

“What secrets? You are an open book, pissed at the world and punishing your family is all you ever have done. My family see they never gave a shit, I got what I wanted when I wanted it, no matter what I did, how awful I was. If mommy and daddy didn’t give it to me grandma would.” Bill laughs to himself, even this house is his, a gift from grandma left to him in her will.

“Let me talk to my sister Bill, I want to hear her voice.” Lance wants to be sure she is okay, hoping she will be able to talk to him give him a hint where the hell she is.

“Sorry boy your sister is a little tied up right now.” Bill laughs at his own joke, Lance seemed to not like his joke so much. “Sony’s boys are on there way to pick up my prize, then I will have all the time in the world to play with my house guest.”

House guest, Lance thinks about that what house. “You leave my sister alone, I will pay you whatever you want just don’t hurt her.”

“You aint got shit I want. I hold the cards now, and I feel like playing a little poker.” Bill Laughs again, as his body reacts to the thought of having the delectable Sophie under his control, able to poke her as he pleases. “Ya know this conversation just got boring, I don’t think I will wait for the boys after all I believe I want a little taste now.” Bill turns and looks to the window of the bedroom Sophie is tied up in.

Sophie ducks when he looks her way. Not that he could see her watching through the boards, but still she does not want his eyes on her. She has heard his side of the conversation, knowing he plans to do everything she has been afraid of is not comforting. She has to come up with a plan.

Bill ends the call and heads back into the house.

“Damn it! He hung up.” Lance says as he tosses his phone on the seat.

“Did you hear anything, anything at all that will help us?” Pete is frantic he knows time for Sophie is running out.

“Yes! A Max train passed they are near the tracks so close I could hear it. That and he called her a house guest, so perhaps he has her in a house somewhere.”

“Well that narrows it down to about a hundred total miles of track and god knows how many houses. What about Bill? Bill is probably short for William do you know a last name?”

“I know his family was well off and he was spoiled. He used lots of last names. Smith, Jones. Ones like that.” Lance is so frustrated, he was high so much of the time he does not remember that much about Bill, not that he talked much about himself.

Pete calls the precinct. He gives them the information he has asking for addresses on foreclosures, perhaps condemned homes located close to the Max tracks, its the only sure thing they have to go on.

Sophie hears Bill moving through the house. She looks quickly about the room for a weapon. She sees nothing useful she turns and with bare hands loosens a sharp good sized piece of broken glass from the window frame and dives for the floor and her position she was in when last Bill saw her. Surprise, being a powerful tool against him and she does not want him to see her coming.

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