Run Flicka Run

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Chapter 16

Bill is making his way towards the bedroom, and his prize for the night when his phone rings.

“Bill here.”

“Yo we will be there in like half an hour.” One of the crew says.

“Got it.” Bill ends the call. Half an hour. Good he can play with the woman for a while.

He stumbles to the bedroom. Bill opens the door quietly and steps inside, Sophie still has not moved.

“Oh doll face, I got a surpise for you.” In a flash Sophie springs into action. From her position on her side she round house kicks at him, unfortunatly for Bill he was leaning forward and the heel of Sophies shoe catches his cheek, snapping his head back. Thank god for those exercise videos! Sophie is on her feet and lunges for Bill, stabbing him with the glass shard in the shoulder. She bolts for the door.

“You bitch!” Bill makes a grab for her missing her by inches as she scrambles past and out the door. He falls. He gets to his feet, eyeing the glass protruding from his shoulder. He pulls it out and throws it on the floor as he goes after her.

Sophie runs to the front door. She throws open the door and runs into boards. The entrance is sealed. She turns around, she hears Bill in the hall and runs for the kitchen. She sees two doors she pulls open the first, closet, shit. She moves on grabbing the handle to the second door off the kitchen. It is the garage. Flicka is glistening in the dim light coming through the cracks in the garage door. She stumbles down the stairs towards the car. She puts her hands on the hood and makes her way around to the drivers side. She is kneeling down near the rear fender when she hears Bill making his way to the garage. She reaches up and tries the driver door, it is unlocked, she see’s her keys in the ignition and she goes for it as Bill enters the garage.

She is in the seat and the big V-8 has roared to life before Bill even knew what happened. She slams the gear shift into first and the Shelby lunges forward. Slamming Bill into the wall of the garage. He cries out in pain, as the impact breaks bones. Sophie switches gears hitting reverse with a vengeance. The door to the garage explodes as the Mustang roars through it.

Sophie looks around trying to get an idea of where the hell she is. She is in unfamilar territory. Head lights on she see’s Bills crumpled form on the garage floor. He is moving, just not so well. She guns the car as she makes her way out of the neighborhood.

She comes to a stop sign. Burnside, the Max tracks are in front of her. She takes a right and flys like the hounds of hell are on her heels down Burnside. She turns into a gas station. She runs for the door to the mini mart.

“Please call 911 I was kidnapped!” The confused clerk does what she says.

“They want to know your name?”

“Sophie my name is Sophie Johnson.” She says as she begins to shake, shock starting to take over her body, she slumps to the floor.

The first patrol car rolls into the lot. They see the Mustang and call it in, as they go into the mini mart. Sophie is in a heap on the floor the officer kneels down in front of her. He radios for medical.

“Ms. Johnson, your safe now, he cannot get to you.”

“He is close, just down Burnside a few blocks I think. I hit him with my car, so he is probably not moved much.” Sophie looks at the young patrol man with her good eye, and gives him a weak smile as more cars arrive.

Pete is driving out Burnside from the Gateway district, hoping to spot any clue as to where Sophie could be. The police radio Pete is carrying lights up with calls. He hears Sophie’s name, she is at a mini mart on Burnside in Gresham.

“Lance, they found her, she is safe.”

Lance is slumped over in the passengers seat. Pete reaches over and shakes Lance, no response, he feels for a pulse, it is there but it is weak. Pete turns towards the nearest hospital. Sophie has been found, and he is certain if he lets her brother die in his truck because he wants to see her, she would never forgive him.

Several of the units that resond to the mini mart follow Sophie’s directions and make their way to the house, just in time as it would turn out to catch the transport team and to find Bill crumbled in the garage.

The ambulance arrives for Sophie, they package her and are taking her across the lot when she see’s Flicka.

“Wait, wait! Whats going to happen to my car?”

The first officer on the scene has never left her side. “Don’t worry Sophie we will take good care of your car. Just relax please and let the paramedics take care of you.”

“Thanks, officer.”

Pete is in the Emergency Room at Adventist Medical Center when he see’s Reid Davis the traffic cop he worked for on the day he met Sophie come in the doors.

Reid sees Pete and makes his way over to him. If it wasn’t for Pete’s advice he would not be where he is today, he is like a big brother. That would be why Pete helped him out when he needed it most, and why he never left Sophie’s side from the time he responded to the 911 call. He may be a traffic cop but tonight he happened to be the closest unit to the crime.

“You got here fast man, she is just getting here.” Reid says.

“What are you talking about? I had Sophie’s brother with me, he was shot when she was taken and refused medical, right after I heard the call she had been found, I discovered he had lost consciousness and I brought him here, he is back with the doctors.”

“Sophie is here. She is real shocky has a pretty nasty head wound, and cuts and bruises. The ambulance was pulling up in back when I came through the door.”

Pete made his way to the check-in.

“Excuse me, please. Detective Shaw again, another victim is arriving, a Sophie Johnson, I would like to speak to her as soon as possible please.”

“Detective I will let the doctors know you are waiting, for both the Johnson patients. What is this a love triangle gone bad?” The nurse asks curiously.

“ Ewe, no they are actually brother and sister and neither knows the other is here.”

“Okay. I will let you know as soon as I know.”

Pete leaves the desk and returns to Reid. “They will let me know. Why is it so irritating when hospital staff tell you they will ‘let you know’?”

“I don’t know buddy, but it is one of the worst phrases in the english language.”

Reid and Pete wait together in the waiting room for quite a while before anyone is able to let them know anything. Pete practically wearing a hole in the linoleum with his pacing. Reid keeps the coffee flowing as it is after dawn, and still no news. They are into the mornings second episode of Jerry Springer when they see a man in scrubs with a white lab jacket heading in their direction.

“Detective Shaw?” Pete gets to his feet and meets the doctor part way across the waiting room, Reid at his side.

“Yes I am Pete Shaw.”

“Dr. Landon, I have been taking care of both of the Johnson cases. I have an update for you on them.” The doctor pauses and looks at Pete and then back to his notes in the first chart. “Lance Johnson has been in surgery. We removed a bullet from below the left Clavical , no damage to lung but the Clavical is fractured. He lost a lot of blood and has required two transfusions, we expect a complete recovery.” The doctor moves on to the second chart. “Patient Sophia Johnson, has a skull fracture and a concussion. Her CAT scan is negative with no brain injuries. She has several cuts and bruises. Her right palm required 10 stitches to a deeper cut, which had some small glass splinters and pieces in it. Ms. Johnson is awake and has in fact asked to speak with you if you are available.”

“How long will they be in the hospital?” Pete asks the doctor.

“Mr. Johnson can be released in a few days, Ms. Johnson can go home tomorrow, we would like to watch her for twenty-four hours.”

“Can you take me to see Sophie please?”

“Yes but can we hold off on too many questions right now just a quick hello you can interview her after she rests a bit please.”

“I understand.”

“Hey Pete, I am going to head out, let the guys know how you are and whats going on here. I will tell Tom to come by and interview the Johnson’s this afternoon perhaps?” Reid says.

“Thanks, thanks a lot for staying with me.” Pete hugs his friend in a typical back slap man style, then falls into step with the doctor and heads back to see Sophie.

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