Run Flicka Run

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Chapter 18

“Thank god.” Sophie says into her cell. “The insurance company has decided there was extenuating circumstances and they are going to pay for the repairs to Flicka, course my rates are still going up because someone had to go and give me a speeding ticket.”

“I thought you decided the ticket was a small price to pay for the joy of meeting yours truly.”

“Not sure yet as they say in court the jury is still out. When are you getting here, this sitting on the couch all day is making me crazy.”

“Sweetheart I brought you home from the hospital yesterday. Relax for crying out loud. Is your dad still there keeping an eye on you?”

“Yes he is. I am so glad he is back. He has changed a lot. Quieter, sad, but I am thinking what he probably needs is a woman in his life.”

“Oh my god, he has been sober for six months don’t go finding him a reason to start drinking again.”

“Watch it fella, now hurry up and get here I want to see you.”

“I will be there as soon as I can.” Pete says.

“That will have to do. See you soon.” Sophie presses end on her cell phone. She sees her father in the kitchen he is at the stove cooking something that smells marvelous.

At first she honestly did not know what to think when he followed Pete into her hospital room. Shock, betrayal, then relief at seeing him and hearing he is sober and sorry. Yes it will take time for her to trust him with her love all the way, it has only been twenty four hours but she is making progress.

A sudden growl, hiss and the sight of Linus dashing for the stairs snaps her back to attention. Where her father was standing there is just a spoon as if standing on end on the counter, then a forearm, then her dad peers over the counter top at her as he struggles back to his feet.

“Ah dad you okay?”

‘Fine just fine the little bastard just bit me on my damn toe.” He says as he hops about the kitchen. “Darlin you got any bandaids? I am bleeding through my sock.”

Sophie is trying hard not to laugh, really really hard. “Um yeah I think they are upstairs in the hall bathroom, I used all the ones I had in the kitchen sorry. You want me to go get you one?”

“No you stay put I will just run up there and get one.” Todd takes his pot off the heat and heads for the stairs. “Lunch is near ready I will be back in a couple minutes.”

There is a knock at the door right when he got by it he opens it. “Hi Pete come on in. I gotta go get a damn bandaid the damn cat bit my toe.” He says as he heads up the stairs.

Sophie hears Pete’s name and sits up on the couch, see no problem the room did not spin or anything this time. Pete comes round the corner and into the room. Sophie looks up into those green eyes she loves so very much then she notices, flowers! Pete has brought her flowers.

“What have you done?”

“I think once I told you I wanted to put a smile on your face when I brought you flowers, right?”

“Yes you did, right after you pulled me over.”

“Well once again I want to see a smile, this time I would like it to last a life time.” Pete sets the flowers on the coffee table in front of the couch and gets down on one knee. Behind the bouquet he has a ring box, he opens the box set in the cushion is a beautiful diamond ring. “Marry me Sophie?”

Sophie is stunned, speechless, this time for real.

“Sophie, did you hear me, I want you to be my wife.”

She looks up realizing she can look into those green eyes everyday for the rest of her life, nothing stands between them anymore. She throws her arms around him and they tumble to the floor. “Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.”

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