Run Flicka Run

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Sophie Johnson is successful, thats what I keep telling myself. I own a clothing store in the right part of town. At twenty-eight, I am considered by some to be an inspiration to women. However to be such an inspiration, goals and desires in other areas of life have paid a price.

Whatever, man did I sound pathetic. It is my wedding day! How is that for a Facebook status. After much planning and replanning, Lindsey is my matron of honor so we have had a blast trying to keep a handle on the decor. Tie die napkins? I don’t think so. I am about to marry the man of my dreams exactly one year ago he pulled me over for speeding and the world turned upside down. Yeah we had the car theft and the kidnapping, the sobering up of my big brother, love you Lance, and the reunion with my dad, which was really great, and now we are getting married.

The ceremony is taking place at Bridal Veil Lakes in the Columbia Gorge, we are keeping it small about a hundred people, with a reception to follow and then we are off to the airport and our honeymoon, which Pete is keeping a secret. I look in the mirror I have a vintage dress that I love. My dad is walking me down the aisle, bandaids on two fingers, Linus and dad are so not BFF’s.

“Sophie, you ready?” Todd Johnson is decked out. Wearing a dark grey dinner suit a fresh glimmer in his eyes shoulders back and head held high, his daughter is getting married today and he is here to walk her down the aisle.

I look to Lindsey and pull her close. “Love you. Thank you so much for being my best friend.”

“Are you kidding? Who else would put up with me? On second thought, don’t answer that. Lets go get you married.” Lindsey says as she hugs me back.

We walk the short distance to the ceremony site on the shore of the lake, not a cloud in the sky and a soft breeze is blowing in the trees, a perfect day. Lindsey goes first through the aisle scattered with daisies and ribbon. I look to the head of the aisle to the most handsome man in the world, and he just happens to be marrying me, can you believe it?

I walk down the aisle on my father’s arm, I look over to Pete’s Best Man and look into blue eyes like mine brimming with tears, my brother Lance has always been a softy at heart. My father hands me off to Pete and we say our vows.

The officiant pronounces us husband and wife and the party begins. We have our reception under the trees. We dance, cut cake, and enjoy the company of our friends and family all the while one thing is on my mind. The Honeymoon.

It is finally time to leave and Lindsey and I make our way to the changing room so I can change into travel clothes. I have a really cute dress picked, and Lindsey pulls out one of her patented Tie die maxi dresses, oh what the hell! I slip into the tie die.

I come out and find Pete waiting for me, he throws back his head and laughs at the dress.

“ You should really of worn one of those before you look fantastic!”

“Thanks, now where are we going?”

He just smiles. The DJ blast a familiar tune, Mustang Sally, only he has changed it to Sophie, everyone is laughing, and then I hear the sound I so love to hear the roar of a Shelby V8, and Lance pulls around the corner in my Flicka, decked out in her wedding day best! Crete Paper trailing behind her. He hops out and leaves the drivers door open. I run over to him and hug him close.

“I love you bro.”

“Love you too sis now get out-a here.”

I turn to Pete. “Are you driving?”

“Hell no, I am not going to get a ticket!”

I smile and climb behind the wheel, Pete gets into the passenger side.

I look over and wink, “Hang on pretty boy we are going for a ride.”

He just throws back his head and laughs. I tear out of the lot, hit the road and the familiar red and blue lights come on behind me. I pull to the right. The patrol car pulls up beside me. I look over, Reid is in the patrol car. He gets on the PA.

“ Just wanted to give you two the proper send off.”

We wave as we pull back onto the road. I don’t know where I am going on my honeymoon, but I do know I love the man next to me with all my heart, so really does it matter? We pull on to I84 heading to the airport. All I can think is Run Flicka Run as the big V8 roars down the freeway

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