Run Flicka Run

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Chapter 5

What is that noise? My sleep hazed mind is unable to compute.

“Purrrrrrrrr, Purrrrrrrrr.”

I open one eye. Linus. The master has decided to grace me with his presence. Not only his presence, but the full weight of his body on my chest and his face about an inch from mine. I turn my head towards the bed side table. Eight-thirty. My alarm should sound any minute. The movement disturbs his highness and he reaches out a paw and taps the side of my face and licks my nose as if to say “Excuse me, did I say you could move. You stay put. I am happy and comfortable.”

I reach up and pick up the cat. The objection is made now with a long drawn out meow. I sit Linus off to the side and sit up on the edge of the bed as the alarm sounds. I turn off the alarm. Linus moves to the pillows and makes himself comfortable on a thrown of down pillows. Spoiled brat. Today is my day off. No running and no DVD torture session with the bubble headed bleach blonde. I head strait to the shower.

The Oregon coast in April is unpredictable. The forecast will be raining cats, dogs, and hand grenades, but, you never know perhaps you might see the sun. I dress in jeans and a t-shirt but I throw a hoody sweatshirt with Mustang emblem on it of course on as well. I pack a bag with an extra change of clothes, no I do not hope to get lucky at the beach, well maybe I wouldn’t mind it... oops off subject, but really nothing is worse then wet jeans and socks with sand in them. Yuck.

I braid my hair into a long french braid and apply minimal makeup. It is my day off and that means off, no makeup and hair products. I am too excited to eat breakfast. I have a cup of coffee and a piece of toast while I wait for Pete. Ten O’clock, the door bell sounds.

I answer the door to find a very handsome man in a green plaid flannel shirt and jeans standing on my front porch. I start to smile at him right up until I see the Chevy Truck baseball cap plopped on his head.

“Seriously? You think you are driving my car with that on your head you are completely delusional.”

Pete laughs so hard I think he is going to cry. I laugh with him. He takes off the hat and tosses it to me.

“Actually I got gas on the way here and it was in the quickie mart. I got it for you. Its a gift.” Pete is still laughing.

“You so better not give up your day job. A comedian, you are not. Come in and get some coffee before your funeral.” I hold open the door and Pete walks in. As he walks past me I grab his shirt and stop him. I shut the door and wrap my arms around him and kiss him. “Good morning.” I say slightly breathlessly a couple of minutes later.

“Good morning to you too.”

“Come on Chevy boy lets get you some coffee.” I put the offensive cap on the coffee table on my way into the kitchen.

“Oh Sophie. Not going to wear your new hat?”

“Not in this life time. Besides it clashes with my sweatshirt. Love the thought, glade to know you are thinking of me, but Chevy, really?” I get down two cups and pour coffee as Pete chuckles behind me.

We enjoy a cup of coffee before leaving for the beach. And, yes I am letting him drive. He needs to understand the simple pleasures of life. Driving a Mustang on a road trip, definitely in the top five. My lady roars to life as Pete backs out of my garage. He looks over at me and smiles.


“I am shocked I only got you for 75 mph. this thing wants to go that fast backwards out of the garage.” Pete says smiling. I laugh.

We head west Cannon beach is about an hour maybe a little more, with my lady, 45 minutes tops, with Pete driving... it will be over an hour. She purrs like a kitten on steroids as we make our way to the beach. We talk about everything from football to opera and everything in the middle. Pete and I share lots of the same interests. Except for his unhealthy obsession with Pop Tarts and Chevy’s we can talk about everything. We even can talk politics without any threats of physical violence. I am not a very political person, he has some opinions but does not have any real passion for politics. It is a really relaxing fun trip. Pete handles my lady without issue and I can just enjoy the ride, for the first time. I am a passenger in my own car. It is a blast.

We roll into Canon Beach a little before noon. The weather is not so bad, slightly foggy with a drizzle, pretty normal. We are starved so we decide to try Crepe Neptune and their breakfast features. I opt for their Goonies crepe chocolate, crushed graham crackers, and marshmallow crepes. Okay I admit the Pop Tart talk made me crave something sinful. Live a little right?

We head down to the beach for a walk after our splurge, more like my splurge in the calorie count. With a wonderful view of haystack rock no matter what you do, Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places on the coast. We walk hand and hand for a while, the wind on the beach is pretty brutal to conversation as well as hairstyles, braids are always a good option right? But the wind is doing a number on my braid. When we leave the beach I look like the Bride of Frankinstein, hair going everywhere and nowhere all at once. Pete laughs at me, and I blush, which results in a lovely kissing session as he feels bad for laughing at my hair. I pull my hair into a pony tail and we hit the little shops down town Cannon Beach. We explore antique shops, a pottery shop, a designer dog shop, book stores, and the normal beach theme shops. I make a few finds I cannot live without, and a few I should have, but none the less buy them all.

“What are you going to do with all your treasures?”

“Actually most of this is for the shop. They are business expenses. I will use them to set up displays for summer wear and beach themes.”

“That does make perfect sense now. Lets store your finds in the trunk and find someplace for a warm drink, its chilly.”

“That sounds wonderful, and a fireplace would be great too.”

Pete smiles. “What we need is a room. We could have drinks, a fireplace, privacy and an ocean view.”

“I have to open the shop tomorrow.”

“Make a phone call, maybe Lindsey could cover for your for a few hours till we get back?”

Pete pulls me close and kisses me. He trails kisses across my jaw line and down my neck. Whispering. “Lets spend the night Sophie. I want to wake up with you next to me and the ocean at my door.”

“I’ll call her.”

I punch the shop into my phone and wait for the answer. Lindsey picks up on the second ring.

“Hey its Sophie. Can you do me a small favor?”

“Please please tell me you are out with Pete and you want me to work tomorrow morning, so you two can make some magic tonight.”

“Actually we are in Cannon Beach and were wanting to stay. I was wondering if you...”

“Hells yeah! It is about time you take some time for yourself. I will get a sitter and watch the shop tomorrow for you. Not a problem. Maybe you will even come back in a better mood. A big old smile on your face, oh a hair out of place, the whole freshly fu..”

“Good bye Lindsey, thank you, I owe you one.”

She giggles. “Ah yes and believe me I plan to collect. I also want to hear all about it when I see you which reminds me I never did hear about the first date. Wait a minute I think you had a hair out of place then...”

“Bye Lindsey I am so going to hang up now.” The way her mind works, never ceases to amaze me.

“Bye boss don’t worry about a thing, I got your back.”

I look at Pete and smile. “I am all yours.” I kiss him, feeling real freedom for the first time in a very long time. I don’t have to be the responsible Sophie, reliable Sophie, I get to be hells yeah I am at the beach with a wonderful man, I am going to have a blast Sophie. We hop in the car and go in search of a place with a view and a fireplace. Sea Sprite Guest Lodging has just what we want. We book the Sand Dollar Suite for the night. Our room has a lovely sitting area by the gas fireplace, a full kitchen and a bedroom. The whole room is wonderfully decorated with mint green beach style furniture and a private porch with an ocean view, it is perfect.

We drop our things in the room and head to the market for some necessities. Hot chocolate, Baileys, Brandy, tooth brush and paste the small things as well as some items for a quick breakfast. We go back to our room. I put things away and Pete cranks up the fireplace, pushes the remote button, a guy thing. He makes us some drinks and we sit on the couch near the fireplace looking out at the darkening sky, ocean and our fire, life is good.

I am not much of a drinker and one drink gives a real warm and fuzzy feeling as well as more bravery then I would ever muster on my own. I am cuddling with Pete on the couch when I decide to put my drink on the side table and well, climb in his lap. Pete is taken by surprise.

“Hello beautiful. Couch not to your liking?” Pete kisses me. I kiss him for a second then I decide it is my turn and I begin kissing him across the jawline and over to his ear where I whisper.

“Couch is fine. You are way more interesting.” I kiss down his neck to his collarbone. I travel back up his neck to his ear and give it a little nibble. Pete’s arms come up and around me as he turns his head to capture my mouth in a passion filled kiss. He is intoxicating. Bailey’s is one thing but his body and mouth are a whole different level of intoxicant.

He breaks off the kiss and looks at me. “We could continue this here on the couch which does have a certain appeal. However, there is a perfectly made king size bed in the next room that I would really love to mess up with you.”

I stand up and hold out my hands to the man I realize I am falling in love with more and more by the minute. “Lets go make a mess of that bed.” Pete stands and follows me into the bedroom.

It is just me and him together, that is all that matters. I kiss him. It is like striking a match to a flame and the fire is started. I back up with Pete in my arms until the back of my legs hit the bed. I pull off his t-shirt expose the bronze sculpted body. I My shirt is gone directly after Pete’s. Our skin colors contrast , mine milky white to his bronze tan. I fall back on the bed and scoot up to the pillows. Pete follows me down. Kissing my stomach and up between my breasts leaving a trail of burning desire set fire by his lips. As his mouth crushes mine in passion there is no turning back. The match struck flame is burning between us and the passion fire is about to engulf us both.

Much later as the flame cools to embers we hold each other close, neither of us willing to move much. I look up at his face in the dim light filtering in from the other room. He kisses me. As we return to the reality, the full weight of the feelings passing between us hits me. I have known this man all of two days and I love him.

Pete whispers to me. “I have never felt for anyone the way you make me feel.”

I feel tears at the corners of my eyes and I blink them away. “I did not think there was anyone in this world for me until I met you. I had shut myself off in my work, not wanting to feel anything for anyone ever again after the disappointments of my family. Then you came into my life.” I kiss him.

“I never believed in love at first sight, until I saw you, you are proof it exists. I have never loved anyone the way I love you.” Pete kisses me and pulls me close. I can feel the beating of his heart as it matches my own. I look up at him.

“I love you too, you changed my life. You made me remember to live.”

The smell of fresh coffee reaches my brain slowly. I open my eyes to a very well messed up king size bed and the sounds of humming coming from the next room. I look around find my undies and a t shirt that just covers my rear end throw them on and look in a mirror. What did Lindsey call it? Freshly Fu oh yeah I remember. I giggle who would of thought I would be in such a state. Me always in control, looking very satisfied, half dressed and smiling to herself in a hotel room. I walk into the other room and have to catch my breath. A shirtless sun god has invaded the kitchen, only sporting some jeans which by the way he did not bother to button or really zip. The god is standing in the kitchen two cups of coffee in hand. As Lindsey would say holy shit. He walks up to me kissing me on the forehead then on the lips as he hands me my coffee.

“Good morning love, sleep well?” Pete smiles at me with a sly look.

“What sleep? Who has time for sleep?”

“True sleep is over rated. Especially when you are in bed with a beautiful wild thing”

“Well. Look who is calling who a wild thing seems to me you have been pretty out of control for the last couple of days.” Point for me. I wander past him patting his butt as I walk over to the counter where he had the bagels and fruit we purchased yesterday at the market laid out.

“Well you are a feisty one this the morning.” Pete says as he joins me at a table for two by the window for breakfast. The table has a wonderful view of the morning beach. We watch as sea gulls land on the porch rails staring in the window at us hoping for a bagel crumb. We eat quickly. Wanting to walk on the beach before we have to check out. We decide on a shower before a walk which ends up with the king size bed getting slightly wet as we make love from the shower to the bed, then have to take a second shower before the beach.

We check out of our room and pack all our things in the back of the car so we can spend some quality time together on the beach. We find some drift wood and sit together watching the surf and wild life as sand birds run up and down the beach and sea gulls soar over head. My heart feels ready to burst from the feelings that have developed for this man in such a short time. He has completely rocked my world. We head back to the car after a couple of hours and begin the drive back to the reality of our lives in Portland. Our night at the beach is one I will never forget regardless of what future pleasures await me in Pete’s arms.

We arrive back at my condo about dinner time. We pull the Mustang into the garage and unload everything. All the beach clothes mine as well as his I toss strait into the washer in the garage, I hate sand all through the house. We go inside and are greeted by a very mad Linus. His bowl is below the acceptable level and he is not having it. I fill it back to acceptable levels and even give him some canned food to sooth the savage beast. With Linus content, I turn my attention to Pete who has been looking at the pictures on the mantel of family and friends.

“Wow he has your number. Spoiled slightly?” Pete smiles at me as I come over to wrap my arms around his waist. He kisses me on the nose.

“No he is not spoiled. He is rotten, but he is a good kitty and has been my best friend for sometime so he gets what he wants.”

“Ah so can I be your best friend too so I can get what I want when I want it.”

“Nope thats Linus. You are going to have to settle for boyfriend. You might get what you want when you want it, but I am not going to spoil you.” I giggle. “If you were to start to try to run in front of me and throw yourself on the floor when you don’t get what you want that could be ugly.”

Pete laughs. “I see your point. Hey these pictures your family?”

“Yes thats my mom, dad, brother and me when I was about 16.” I say pointing to the first picture. “The one in the middle is my friends from high school, none of which do I keep in contact with above their bragging on Facebook.” I point to the middle picture. “The last picture is the last picture taken of my brother before he decided family was not for him and partying was. Pretty much signifies the beginning of the end of my family.”

“Not to change the subject from sad times and Linus but food, food would be a good thing. I am starved, you hungry?”

“Yeah I could eat. I don’t do much cooking here so there is not really anything to make. How about we order a pizza, take it up to my room eat it in bed and make love until you have to go get ready for work.”

“You know I have Domino’s on my speed dial.” Pete smiles as he reaches for his phone

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