Run Flicka Run

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Chapter 6

Buzzzzzzzz. I slap my alarm clock silent. 8:00am time to get up for the shop. A smell reaches my semi conscious state. Pizza. I smile as I remember last night. Sharing pizza and a romp in the hay with Pete Shaw is a great way to spend a Monday night. He had to leave last night about midnight, all his clothes are at his place except for the beach things in my dryer. I think I will hold those things hostage, oh the ransom I plan to make him pay. Oh god, I am starting to sound like Lindsey. I grab my running clothes I need to clear my head a run will do me some good.

After my run I hit the shower. Hair in a towel, robe on I am starved and head for breakfast and coffee...which I forgot to make. Damn. I throw the coffee on and run upstairs to figure out what to wear. It is a Tuesday and I have a supplier meeting this afternoon, so I go with a full business suit in navy with a white shell underneath. Simple accessories complete the conservative look. I throw my hair into a french twist and pin it securely. Bangs and a few whispies around my face soften the look as does a light application of makeup. Ready for the day, except for the coffee.

Back downstairs I am enjoying my second cup of coffee and having a banana when my phone goes off. It is Pete.

“Good morning.” I answer my phone.

“Hi Sophie. I am in the middle of something at work, I just wanted to remind you again to be cautious with your car. The car jackers got another car this weekend and the owner was hurt pretty bad. Please be careful.”

“I am Pete. No one is going to go for Flicka. Don’t worry about me. You be careful. Love you.”

“Is there any way I could talk you into the bus?”

“Ah no. I am not going to let anyone near me or my baby. I promise to be careful and call if I see anything suspicious.”

“Okay. Love you too talk to you later.”

I press end and notice the time. Great running late again. I feel the need for speed. I smile to myself as I grab my things and head for the garage. I get to the shop in record time without a ticket. I so love my car. I am sure to set the alarm and activate the GP tracking on her as I go into the shop. Anyone tries to take Flicka, I am going to know about it and where she is going. I drop my things in the office cubby and get the shop opened for business, on time.

The day goes by without incident. I meet with my suppliers, negotiate prices, and have a real busy day, not even time for lunch. I have a lingering customer that is shopping for an early vacation keep me late at the shop. By the time I leave it is nearly 8:00pm I am starved, tired, and grouchy. I have not heard from Pete since this morning which is doing nothing to improve my mood. I am not careful as I go to my car. I do not even notice when the car falls in behind me following me as I leave the store. I stop at the grocery store on my way home still unaware of my company. I drive strait to the condo and into the garage, never noticing the sedan that has followed me all the way home and cruises slowly past my condo and down the street disappearing into the night.


“Yeah she is home no problems. We even went grocery shopping. Got to tell you that is one sweet ride and the woman..”

“Is off limits Officer Davis. Thanks for keeping an eye out.”

“Hey no problem. You ever need me to play detective I am your guy. Thanks again for that. That car fits the MO perfect no wonder you’re concerned.”

“Tell me bout it. Hey I’ll talk to you later got some movement finally.”

“Catch a break you only been there for what 8 hours.”

“Gotta go.”

Pete has been staking out a warehouse that neighbors keep reporting is having suspicious activity, as it is supposed to be closed and abandoned. No one has arrived or left the location all day, finally a car has pulled up. Pete watches as a couple begin hauling small boxes into the warehouse, not exactly car jacking activities. Pete drives over to the warehouse. They are squatters, not car thieves and they are not armed and dangerous. A dead end and a day wasted. Pete reaches for his phone. Two rings and Sophie answers.


“Hey babe.”

“Hi Pete hows your day?

“Sophie it has been a very, very long day I have been staking out a warehouse for hours only to find squatters looking for a place to sleep not car thieves.”

“That sucks. You in the neighborhood you could stop by. Have you eaten anything?”

“I would but I am almost to my place. I am going to fall into bed and worry about food tomorrow. Watching an empty building for hours is exhausting.”

“Yeah I understand have a good night sleep”

“I love you. Damn I miss you. I know it sounds crazy but I do. If you want I could take some things to work tomorrow so I can oh, I don’t know, maybe come to your place after work, have dinner, hang out, stay the night?”

“That sounds perfect. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Guarantee it.” Pete hangs up the phone and drives the short trip to his place.

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