Run Flicka Run

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Chapter 8

Saturday morning at the shop on how much sleep, bout three hours? Mostly due to the alarm issue, but some of the blame falls squarely on Pete’s shoulders. She rolls over, he is still sleeping. Slept through the alarm. Humm wonder just how much he can sleep through.

Twenty minutes later, sweaty, both needing a shower, Sophie and Pete still have not gotten enough strength to get out of bed.

“Babe, you are going to be running late, again. You have to get up.”

“I know I just really want to stay in bed with you and play footsie all day.”

“We play footsies many more times today and I am going to need traction. I love your enthusiasm.” Pete kisses her completely.

“You keep kissing me like that and no way will I make it to the shop. Ladies across the city will have to go without that shirt in the perfect color of pink and they will all blame you.” Sophie sits up in bed, and looks down at Pete. She quickly exits towards the bathroom and a shower before she does not make it to the shower at all.

Pete calls out to her from the bed. “You want me to wash your back for you?” She looks back at him, his charming crooked smile on his face.

“No just stay in that bed. I have to get moving, I am a mess and I smell like really great sex, can I go to the shop like that? No everyone will be jealous.” Sophie giggles as she shuts the bathroom door on him.

Once the door is shut Pete throws on some PJ pants and runs down the stairs. He is met by Linus, who, of course hisses at him as he passes. The cat is an ass but Sophie loves him so, what you going to do?

Pete makes sure the coffee is hot and quickly whips up some waffle batter and microwaves some turkey bacon for breakfast. He has waffles, fresh blueberries, bacon, and steaming hot coffee ready for Sophie when she comes down the stairs impeccably dressed and ready for the shop.

“What did you do?” Sophie smiles at Pete as she takes her seat at the table.

“I made you breakfast. I figure we probably burned a good 500 calories this morning. I could not have you go faint at work from too much morning loving now could I?”

“True. But if a girl is going to faint, fainting from too much attention from you in the bedroom is one helluva way to go.” Sophie smiles sweetly.

“Thanks, I think there was a compliment in there, somewhere.”

“There was.”

Sophie devours her breakfast. She runs back up the stairs, brushes her teeth, takes another look in the mirror, and heads back down stairs. 10:45am. She is late. Pete meets her at the garage door with her bag, gives her a quick kiss goodbye, and out the door she goes. He hits the automatic garage door opener and the daylight filters into the garage. He looks at the Mustang, smiles at Sophie and waves as it roars to life. As she backs out of the drive way, he hits the button starting the garage door to lower as she drives out of sight. Pete shakes his head, she does love that car, he just wished car thieves did not like it so much. He cleans up the breakfast mess and heads upstairs to shower.

Sophie gets to the shop just before 11:00am. She parks in back, unlocks the door and goes in. No need to worry about disarming the alarm today, assholes. She grabs a till and goes out front to turn on the lights, background music, and unlock the front door. She did not open late, but she is a little out of her routine today. Instead of jogging and clearing her head, the extra time in bed with Pete, just slightly scrambled her brains. She smiles, what a reason to be unorganized in the morning. The man is amazing in bed. The door buzzer sounds as some ladies wander into the shop starting Sophie’s business day, she turns to them and smiles.

“Welcome to the Hideaway anything in particular you ladies are looking for today?” The three women are all in their 40’s look at Sophie. They are all dressed well, designer clothes on all of them. One is tall and slender, she would look good in anything. One of the other ladies is medium height and weight, she would be easy to please as well. The third woman is quite a bit larger, looking at skinny jeans, oh this is not looking good for Sophie. As the third lady answers the other two look on with pained looks on their face.

“Yes, I need some pants that will make my butt look hot. Should I try some skinny jeans don’t they make your butt look good?”

Oh god, I did not get enough sleep for this Sophie thinks to herself as she begins to explain the different cuts of jeans and make some recommendations for her customer.

An hour and a half later, at least 30 pairs of jeans later, the lady finally decides the first pair she tried on. Sophie’s hair is a mess, she is sweating, and right now she really just wants to strangle the woman in front of her holding out her credit card to buy the jeans. She rings up the sale and sends the trio on their merry way then she flops in her chair behind the counter. The women have completely monopolized all of Sophie’s time. She did manage to close four other sales while they were in the shop, but the other customer’s did not get her normal attention she hates that. Sophie wants all her customers to feel important, like they are the only ones that matter. Looking over at the dressing area at the pile of jeans she has to put back gives Sophie chills. Maybe she should have been a vet?

Sophie spends the next half hour putting the shop back together. She is just finishing up when in walks Lindsey, thank god.

“You have no idea the day I have had.”

“Well, judging by your appearance I would say it started with morning sex, then you were running late, and your routine got all screwed up so now you feel out of sorts.” Lindsey produces a coffee carrier from behind her back with two of those whipped frozen coffee drinks in them.

“Oh my god Lindsey I could kiss you right now.” Sophie says as she goes for the cup closest to her.

“You could, but I am not so sure where that mouth has been lately so I think I will pass.” Lindsey is breaking the seal on her cup as she speaks. Sophie however is a step ahead and nearly chokes on her coffee drink.

“Well, all have you know I had a trio in here for an hour and a half looking for the right pair of jeans to make a butt look hot, tried on thirty pair and then bought the first pair tried on, my appearance has nothing to do with sex.”

Lindsey starts out and out laughing.

“What the hell is so damn amusing?” Sophie asks.

“I honestly didn’t know you had a romp in the hay until I just watch every color red I know flush your cheeks. Damn Pete is a fine looking man, he must be Tarzan in the sack to make you blush like that.” What could she do? She lets Lindsey catch her breath.

“Not to change the subject, well actually yes to change the subject, we had an attempted break in here last night. I did not get much sleep, even before the best sex of my life last night, followed by even more fantastic sex this morning, so I guess yeah I am a little off my game.” Sophie is now laughing like a hyena quit proud of herself.

“Someone tried to break in? Wow that sucks. So you like had to talk to the police and stuff last night and still had crazy sex. That is fantastic, you are getting impulsive, Oh my god. I am so proud of you. Bummer about the break in though. What the hell would someone break in here for?”

“Whats really stupid is they tried to pry the back door open with something. That thing is reinforced steel, no way anything short of a small explosion is going to pry it open.” The two ladies go over behind the counter and Lindsey stores her things. They both sit, drinking their drinks.

“I don’t know something about the whole break in seems strange to me. I even thought I saw someone checking out my car through the window when I was in here with the police, still not sure if I imagined it or not though.”

“Did you talk to Pete about it?”

“Yeah I mentioned it to him, but then one thing led to another, it is quite possible he forgot.” Sophie and Lindsey collapse into giggles as the buzzer sounds announcing the arrival of more customers, looking for something special to brighten their day.

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