Asha Swanwick: The Grimoire Maiden

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“Shhh, don’t cry,” Elizabeth cradled little Arthur in her arms. He craved for the warmth of his mother’s breasts and the strength of his father’s arms, but neither one of them was here right now.

They had ridden for several hours until they came to a stop. She had tied Night Wind to a tree and she sat on the ground with Arthur. Her provisions only included water, bread, dried beef jerky and cheese. None of those things could replace the milk Asha fed him.

“If only there was a farm nearby...,” Elizabeth murmured.

She knew that right now, she was the only one who could take care of Arthur, and that in the future, she would probably continue to be the only one to take care of him. Elizabeth was no fool. Judging by how her father spoke, she knew that he was not going to come back.

But she wasn’t so sure about Asha. Elizabeth knew that she and her mother were different. Her mother had magic that was centuries ahead of any spell Merlin could cast, and she had inherited Asha’s pure blood. She didn’t know how her father was going to manage it, but she as confident that Merlin would make sure that Asha would live.

“Shhh, don’t cry Arthur,” Elizabeth said. “Mother will come back soon.”

She stood up and with Night Wind’s reins in one hand, she continued her journey towards the sea.

The End

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