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The Bad Boy And The Cheerleader ✔️

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Annabella had everything planned out. That was until she met a certain boy that would turn everything upside down. Could she find romance? And keep her secret? Or would everything crumble down? Annabella Stone lived in a normal house, in a normal town with a normal family. She was quite a shy girl yet she loved to cheerlead. She studied hard and spent time with her friends. She was normal. Or so that's what everyone thought. What they didn't know was that the Stone's were hiding a secret. A dark secret. A dangerous secret. Nobody knew. And nobody would ever know. At least, that's what she promised her parents. But things change when an arrogant, handsome bad boy waltzes into the picture.

Romance / Drama
Lydia Rose
4.8 139 reviews
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Chapter 1

Annabella's POV

The halls were packed, as teenagers flooded through the doors. Some laughed, some gossiped, and a few cried. Boys joked around as they eyed the girls, who waved flirtatiously at them, trying to gain their attention.

All in all, it was a normal day at Wellington High.

“And then he was like ‘you are too crazy for me bitch’ and walked away. He freaking walked away from me!” Ren says, her tone angry and upset. Ren is my crazy best friend who is going on about her disastrous date. I'm leaning against my locker, very disinterested but pretending to be interested. Cora, my other best friend, was showing her lack of interest by trying to chip off her nail varnish.

All of us had been friends for what felt like forever. I met Ren in kindergarten and we instantly hit off a great friendship. As for Cora, she joined halfway through middle school when she moved from California. I had noticed her sitting alone in the playground, upset, and decided she needed a friend. After meeting each other, our friendship blossomed.

We all worked well together, each of us having very different personalities. Ren would be classed as the pretty one, by people outside of our friendship group, with her silky blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes, she is also tall, around 5’7. Ren was kind but also a bit crazy. She really wants a boyfriend and she goes to great lengths to get one. Ren is the one who socializes the most by doing clubs like drama and singing.

Cora is the bold one. She has fiery red hair, blue eyes, and is of average height. She has freckles dotted on her nose and cheeks, which she despises. Cora's the headstrong one, who fights back at whatever people say. She has an athletic body from all of the soccer and cross country she does. She also acts like a tomboy who pretends to hate most people, even though deep down, she is the most sensitive out of all of us. She just didn’t show it.

Some would say I’m the ‘nicest’ out of the group. I have been called many times by my two best friends, the ‘innocent one’, with big doe green eyes and soft features. Unfortunately, I'm just below average height, reaching 5"4. And I look quite skinny from all of my sporty activities - cheerleading. I’m really quiet around people I don’t really know. However, the people I’m comfortable with know just how chatty I really am. They can’t get me to shut up. If I did ever talk to others, I would use small and short sentences or I would just stutter, embarrassed. My passion is dancing, especially whilst doing cheerleading. My parents enrolled me in gymnastics when I was around five and ever since then, I’ve been in love with it. Because I’m quite light, I was put as a flyer. Which I adore - it’s my life.

I have long brown hair, reaching to my elbows, it's shiny and wavy, something that Ren is apparently jealous about. She says that she’s envious of it but really, it’s the other way around. I’m envious of her hair.

At school, I’m not really unnoticed; instead, I’m just kind of there. People know about me, including some boys who had asked me out on a date once or twice but that was about it. I’m friends with a few of the other cheerleaders who were nice but stayed away from people like Stacy.

Unlike my friends’ outfits, I usually wear casual clothes like skinny jeans and crop tops. I don’t feel confident enough to wear any pretty dresses or bold clothing here. Half of the time I hate wearing crop tops, only considering them because Ren insists.

Cora snorts. “I don’t blame him.”

Ren, being the overdramatic person she was, gasps in shock. “Come again?

“Renny, you act too desperate. Guys go for girls who are hard to get,” Cora explains. “He could probably smell your hormones from a mile away.”

I have to stifle a laugh at Cora’s statement. Cora’s clearly right, Ren acted way too desperate. But I’d never tell Ren that.

Ren opens her mouth, about to fight back but she freezes as she sees someone. Her brown eyes widened as she gawks at something ahead.

“Oh my gosh, Xavier King just walked through the doors.” Ren squeals, grabbing onto my poor arm in excitement. “I heard he just dumped Stacy. About bloody time,”

I roll my eyes. Ren has this huge obsession with the prince of this school - Xavier. He was your stereotypical, drop-dead gorgeous popular boy that everyone was in ‘love’ with. Oh, and did I mention he’s a ‘bad boy’? With his pitch-black hair, gray eyes, and strong build, he looked tough. He had a few tattoos on his arms which everyone believed were from a secret gang he was working for. His face was stunning too, with a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and pink lips, he could be mistaken for a male model.

Everyone adores him, even though he acts so cold towards everyone. Even his ex-girlfriend, Stacy, who dated him for three weeks. That was a record for him. He was known to be a player, one who didn’t give a damn about girls. He picked them up and dropped them like a yo-yo. He didn’t do ‘girlfriends’. He didn’t do love. Some say he doesn’t even know what it is or how to feel it.

In school, girls drop to his feet. Even though they know he’s cruel and cold, they still want him. He normally hangs out with his two friends, Derek and Lucas who are the only ones who seem to put up with him. Apparently, they’ve known each other forever.

For Xavier, high school was simple. He was popular because he is stunning. He has a face like an angel, he has good friends and he is an athlete. All three of his friends played football, with Xavier being the star quarterback.

I didn’t see the point of pining for some guy who looked nice. They only went after him for his looks and ‘bad boy’ exterior. To me, he’s just some guy who’s an attention seeker. I made a vow to never like a guy who was like him, who treated girls like garbage.

Honestly, our school sounds like one massive cliche.

I eye him in distaste, my top lip curling upwards. Suddenly, his gray eyes met my green ones, seeing the disgust in them. He looked at me in shock, surprised that a girl didn’t look at him with dreamy eyes. He stares at me, his eyes taking everything in about me. The way he was staring at me, gave me shivers. It was like...someone had breathed life into him. His grey eyes looked satisfied with me; I try to not go over and give him a piece of my mind. If he feels like I could be his next target then he needs to think again.

Xavier walked to a random locker and lent against it, continuing to watch me. He folded his arms over his chest and gave a cold glare to any other girl who approaches him. His friends crowd around him.

I try to ignore his stare; instead, I continue to listen to Ren.

“He’s so handsome and hot.” She sighs. “I’m so glad he dumped Stacy. She’s such a bitch.”

Nodding in agreement, I think back to Stacy. Everybody knew Stacy was a bitch. She was your typical stereotype: a total Malibu Barbie doll. Blue eyes, blonde hair, a golden fake tan, and skinny. She had the attitude of a bitch, a Queen bee.

Stacy ‘ruled’ the school, with most of the cheerleading squad. She was also the number one bully for people. She was cruel to everyone, even to her own friends. She wasn't your dumb blonde, just your blonde with a horrible attitude.

“I heard Stacy cried about it. Apparently, she’s gonna go on a warpath.” Cora includes.

“Poor girl,” I mumble. “She brought it on herself though. I mean she did know his ways. Everyone knows Xavier never dates a girl.”

Cora nods. “Anna’s right, the day Xavier ends up being serious about a girl is the day Ren actually gets a guy to like her.”

Cora and I laugh as Ren protests. “Hey!” She said, hitting Cora on the arm. “I will find a guy, it’s just that nobody appreciates me right now.”

I pat Ren’s shoulder. “It’s okay, I’m sure my cousin George would love to take you out on a date.”

Ren looks at me in horror. George wasn’t the best guy in the world. He was a ten-year-old who played way too many video games. When he stayed at my house a couple of months ago, he kept hitting on Ren in the worst ways. It was horrific.

“Nope. I’d rather be single than date him.” Ren shakes her head.

“Well, you might be single for a very long time then,” Cora says, smiling.

The bell rings, signaling the start of the beginning of the first lesson. We all do a group hug, Cora and Ren giggling at how they were crushing me. Ren steps back first, waving as she turned around and walked the opposite way to her Geography lesson. Her high heels clinked on the solid floor as she sways her hips. Her summer dress swishes as her wavy blonde hair bounces up and down.

Cora and I walk the opposite way to her, moving to the side every once in a while when someone barges through. Cora has English whilst I have calculus. Luckily, our rooms were next to each other so we could walk together to the next class that we have together.

When we arrived, I pull Cora into a hug before walking in. The whole time, I didn’t notice Xavier following me. I know he’s in my class as I recalled the times he burst in late, not caring about disrupting the class. That was another reason why I hated him. He thinks he can do what he wants and get away with it.

I sat in the corner at the back, where I always sit. Bending down to get my stuff out of the bag, I place them neatly on the table and waited for the teacher.

As soon as Xavier waltzes in—on time—everyone quietens down. Many of the girls straighten up, as they push their boobs up and fix their hair. It is ridiculous.

Xavier’s gray eyes scan the room as he looks for a certain person. As soon as he spots whoever he was looking for, he walks, his steps making a noise on the floor. I roll my eyes and look at my folder, not noticing him until he plonks himself onto the seat next to me.

Startled, I looked up at whoever sat next to me. My eyes widen in shock for a moment as I see who the person is. Xavier casually sits next to me, without a care in the world. I stare at him confused, with my mouth agape.

And then I came back to reality with a thump and soon turn my curious gaze into a glare.

He observes me, that I could tell, seeking to find any sort of arousal or lust from me. Sorry buddy but not everybody is in love with you.

“Hello beautiful, my name is Xavier. What’s yours?” He introduces himself, confidence flowing off of him.

I just scowl at him, looking away.

I can feel his curious stare on my form but choose not to say anything. The people around me look at me in surprise and shock. Some clearly unsure why Xavier is interested in a girl like me.

“You know it’s rude to ignore people.” He states with a hint of arrogance in his voice.

I still ignore him, refusing to talk to him. My eyes wander around the room, stopping at the door as I pray that the teacher would come in soon. Some of the girls were giving me evil looks, clearly, these are his crazy, jealous fangirls.

“If you don’t tell me your name then I’ll just continue to harass you.”

I’m starting to get irritated by him. I have no idea why he is so interested in me, why did he want to know my name? It was stupid. He had never taken any notice of me before so why start now?

And then he pokes me. He actually pokes me. My eyes snap to him, glaring. He didn’t seem affected by that though as he smirked.

Then he pokes me again and when he did I felt something tingly. Sparks. At first, I thought he had given me an electric shock but as he continued to do it, it still happened. I had never felt that before. Was he feeling that too? Or am I really losing it?

“Come on, tell me.” He pries.

Sighing, I give up. The poking was just too irritating and plus, he might leave me alone once I tell him. “Annabella.”

Xavier grins in success as he leans back in his chair. His cocky face made it hard to resist the urge to punch him.

His eyes were studying me, taking in everything about me. His grey eyes lingered on my face.

Third person POV

From the moment he saw her, he felt this pull to her. She was beautiful, absolutely stunning. She had this innocent aura around her that captivated him.

Xavier felt something in his heart, in his distant heart that wanted nothing more than to find someone to share it with. He felt warmth. Every time he touched her, he felt sparks, the electricity created between them. And he felt hope. He felt like he had a chance to feel something warm, to feel love.

She was innocent, kind, and quiet but also stubborn and not interested in him. She seemed shy but she had a fire in her. He felt a connection with her, he felt drawn to her.

He liked the feeling of being around her. A lot.

From that moment, he realized he wanted her. Needed her.

At that moment, he decided she was his. He decided he was going to chase this astonishing girl and find out more about her.

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