A Billionaires Lover

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"I can't help think i'm playing with fire with you, but guess what? I don't care, because every moment i spend with you... its worth it." Mia knew what it was like to have it all. Luke knew what it was like to have nothing. But there are always life changing moments. Its what makes life so interesting. But Mia knew she was playing with fire pursing America's most wanted billionaire. But how badly will she get burnt?

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1- The beginning

Some people are lucky enough to experience several life changing moments throughout their life. I use to think i was one of those people but as my life went on and I lived through so many more changes I realised that all of my life changing moments could be summed up into one word or maybe two. All of those different twists and turns, love, loss and hardships all trace back to one moment and one person and one word.

It’s 3am and I sit alone. The sound of planes taking off and landing ring in my ears. A burning anger grows inside me. As I lean against the cold hard plastic, time was itching awfully slow as I sat waiting endless hours to get away from this life. A life I had grown to love but now despised it even more. I was hurt and I was ruined.

There was no turning back, because there was nothing left for me here. Not anymore. I cannot bare to bring something innocent into world filled with cruel fire. I had 10 more hours left to sit alone in this cold and empty room and wait. Maybe reflect on the wonder that was my formal life, before I can begin a new one.

Not many people go through what I have been through. Being kicked in gut by life so many times but still manage to stand tall, to keep going. Who I am is difficult to explain, what my life was like is hard to comprehend, even now. So I’ve decided to start at the beginning because well maybe then you may understand.

I was seven years old and even though I was so young I still remember every single thing about this particular day. It was close to Christmas in New York City and snow was falling all around me. The atmosphere was busy and yet so breathtaking. The tall gleaming buildings were smiling down at me and despite the cold snowy weather i could spot the sun amongst the clouds.

I was excited because my father had given me five thousand dollars to go buy a new dress and for once my mother had let me hold onto the small stack of one hundred dollar bills he had tossed at my mother this morning. My mother stopped to glance at a window in the street. Less concerned with the magnificent gowns on display and instead glancing at her tired complexion. She had been getting slightly frustrated at my giddiness as she pulled me around the busy streets.

Myself on the other hand, well I was fascinated by the gowns and the suits of display. The fabric looked soft and delicate, as if it were made for a princess. The suit tailored with so many new and interesting designs that I had never seen before. I was in heaven.

I come from a very wealthy family. My father is the CEO of one of the biggest hotel chains in America. So to say i’m spoilt would be an understatement.

Even though my father is from America my mother is originally from London and we often visit there, it’s a beautiful place, the fashion is always on point and I hope that one day I get to live over there.

“Mummy look!” I shout over the noise. My finger points towards a beautiful shop further down filled with jewellery. I rushed over to it. There were diamonds and sapphires and rubies all lined up side by side. The twinkled in the afternoon sun. Even in the crisp air looking at them made me feel warm. I look behind to see that they had dresses on sale too. I felt as if I was on cloud nine, I was grinning from ear to ear.

" Mummy! Can we go in-” I turn around to look for her, when i don’t see her i stop what i’m saying. ” Mummy? Mummy!” I turn and run towards where we were heading desperate to try and find my mummy. I stop myself for a second and sheepishly correct myself, mommy. Thank god my father wasn’t here.

My mother had been scolding my attitude all day. I'm just glad it wasn't my father. I usually get so smug but I ended up on the floor seconds later and then in my room for the rest of the evening. Father always apologised the next day saying he’ll never do it again, but he always did.

" Mummy!” I scream with fright. My eyebrows were now scrunched together and i no longer knew where i was, no buildings around me looked familiar. My throat was sore from all the shouting. I just want to go home! Mummy…. I want my mummy. Nobody around me seemed to care. All upperclass men and woman who shot me unimpressed looks, or just ignored me all together.

My face was burning, hot fat tears rolling down my face. I stumbled towards the sidewalk trying to get out of the busy crowd. My heart was pounding and I didn’t know what to do. My hands flew up to cradle my throbbing head, I felt hot despite the cold weather. I sat down on the sidewalk, bringing my knees to my chest and began to sob.

I was just so tired and I was coming down from so much excitement. I wonder where mummy is? Wouldn’t she be worried?

" Why are you crying?”

I lift my head, completely alarmed. My heart hammered in my chest, all I could think was ‘stranger danger’. Has somebody come to kidnap me? However it was a young boy standing in front of me. He looked unclean but apart from that there was nothing i could see wrong with him. He was a sight to see and i wondered if he too was lost.

" I’ve lost my mummy.” I mumble eyeing the boy who wouldn’t of been any more than four years older than me. He had the most intense blue eyes i have ever seen and dark brown hair. He had a kind face, it eased the nerves that were swimming around inside of me.

" What about you?” I question him, my voice was still slightly wobbly from all the crying. ” Why are you alone on the street?”

He froze in his place those bright blue eyes boring into my green ones. His confident position suddenly fluttered and i could see shame hidden behind that dazzling smile.

" I live out here.” His voice was low and soft as if he was scared of anybody else finding out.


" Im homeless, i have been for as long as I can remember.”

" But Why?”

" Bad Decisions a lot of bad decisions. ” That made sense I guess but does he choose to live on the street? Why can’t he just buy a house? I ask him this and he laughs.

" Houses cost Money and i don’t have any.”

Somebody without money? I have seen few people sitting on the streets but she simply thought it was by choice not because they were forced to due to lack of money. I didn’t know what it was like to have no money and he didn’t know what it was like to have money. But maybe, just maybe I could change that.

" Here take this.” I put my hand in my coat pocket and produced the stack of 100 dollar bills, I watched as his eyes widened at the sight. I reached out to give it to him.

“No I couldn’t that it’s far too much.” He looked almost scared of the bills in my hands.

" Please take it, you need it far more than I do. I mean I was going to use it to buy another pretty dress but I have hundreds at home, why buy another when you could use it” I tell him, sighing a little.

He smiled at me, a bright beaming smile that lit up his whole face. ” Thank you”. I like his smile, it makes me feel face. I get this warm feeling where my heart is and it makes me giggle.

“What’s your name?”

" Luke.”

Luke. I felt a tingle of warmth close to my heart, it makes a big smile spread across my face.

I heard somebody shout behind me. I turn to see my mother running towards me, i don’t know why but i feel like crying. I don’t want to leave Luke. Something about him drew me in closer and made me feel safe, happy.

" I have to go now” I whisper, smiling at the older boy. “ Wait!” He asked grabbing my arm. “ What’s your name?”

" Get away from that boy, we need to go!” I heard my mother shout.I felt a sense of relief knowing where my mummy was, but i didn’t want to leave Luke just yet.

“Nobody deserves to live on the streets, especially somebody like you” I continued. “In the future if want to talk call this number.” I handed him a card with my father’s number on it, sure it was a business card but it was all I had in terms of a phone number.

Then I hugged the small thin boy with rich chocolate brown hair and stunning blue eyes, that were so bright they were almost silver. Hugging him put an even bigger smile on my face, if that was even possible. But soon I was pulled away by my mother.

Once again being pulled along the streets as her mother stressed about what her father would think and her giving the money away and coming home without a dress. She didn’t really care about the money or even the dress it was the fact that she would have to tell my father what happened and then face his wrath.

But I wasn’t thinking about that or even listening to a word my mother was saying as she pulled me down the street towards our town car.

I was thinking about the young boy with the bright blue eyes and yet what I didn’t yet know is how it would change my life forever.

Hi Welcome to my first book! I hope you all enjoy.

Much love xx


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