Love At First Fight

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Nobody gets involved in the illegal street fighting business unless they're absolutely desperate for something. Situations put people in tough situations, but it's how they handle them that counts. "My eyes snap up to his eyes at the same time his snap back to mine, and I'm once again staring into those green orbs. Knight is Trevor Kingston and that means... I just beat the shit out of the bad boy." Two very well known street fighters: Violet Ramsey, A.K.A "Lioness", is an outsider by day, but a very popular street fighter at night. Trevor Kingston, A.K.A Knight, is a popular kid by day and street fighter by night. Nobody gets involved in the illegal street fighting business unless they're absolutely desperate for something. Situations put people in tough situations, but it's how they handle them that counts. Both teenagers have secrets to keep, fights to fight, and things to protect. But more than just that: Both have reasons to hide their identities. What happens when the two have to fight and they not only recognize each other, but they feel a spark as soon as they touch? But even worse, what will happen if one of them slips up and their identities are revealed?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


As I place my fake glasses on the table and pull on the ski mask over my head, I stare at myself in the mirror. I’ve never let the crowd see my face but they always go crazy when they see me, Mike says it’s because I have a killer body. I guess I can’t disagree with him there.

Tonight I’m supposed to be fighting the Knight. He’s the only illegal street fighter that may pose as a threat to me because although I’m undefeated, so is he. I’ve never been to any of his matches but word on the street is he fights in only his boxer to psych out his male competitors and the people in the crowd go crazy about it. I myself fight in my sports bra, sweat pants, and of course my trusty old ski mask.

It’s kind of an unspoken rule to wear a ski mask in this league. You don’t want someone snitching on you and having the police get involved but for some people, like me, you can’t afford to get caught.

“You ready?” Mike, my ‘manager’ asks. Mike is a real buff guy with an indigo Mohawk and tons of tattoos. I nod at him and he gives me a pat on the shoulder. “Remember, this guy is undefeated but I was at his last fight. He got cut real bad right below his abdomen-” Mike lifts his shirt and points to the spot he’s talking about. “If worse comes to worse a swift kick right there might reopen the wound and he’ll probably go down.”

I nod again and he just smiles at me. Mike knows how serious I get before matches.

“Good evening ladies and gentleman!” Mike and I hear the booming voice of the host and we quickly left my dressing room to go take our places.

“Fighting tonight-” the host shouts as I peer through the curtains to see the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen. I guess the two most undefeated people in the league fighting is pretty big. “Ooooonnn this side, one hundred and thirty eight pounds of fury and five foot seven inches of anger is none other than the currently undefeated...Lioness!”

I push out of the curtains and jog out high fiving screaming fans before stopping right next to the host.

“And in this corner!” The host begins again, “Two hundred and forty two pounds of pure muscle and six feet of madness is out other currently undefeated competitor...the Knight!”

I look towards the other curtain as the crowd erupts in screams expecting to see some super buff guy with a hairy chest come running out. But I’m thoroughly surprised when the person runs out, although he does have a very lean muscular chest, he looks to be a little younger than I expected. At least now I can indeed confirm the rumor that he does play in his underwear.

“Alright we want a clean match,” the ref says running up to us and saying that even though he knows most of our matches are almost never clean. “Shake hands.”

I take a step closer to Knight and shove my hand out. I feel a jolt of electricity run through my hand when it touches his. I instantly look up into his eyes only to see him already looking into mine.

Wait...I’ve seen those eyes before.

I shove the thought into the back of my mind and quickly pull my hand away from his. I can’t be thinking about this stuff right before a match. The sound of the host talking again pulls me from my thoughts.

“Tonight during this historical battle one will walk out undefeated. One will win this fight. One one...can be the champion!”

The screams of the crows bounce off the walls as Knight and I take our positions. I look up into his eyes and why does it feel like he’s smirking at me through his mask right now?

“Alright on my count!” The ref says stepping in between us. “One...Two...Three...Fight!”

The ref moves out of the way and the sounds of the crowd cheering fade away and now it’s just me and Knight...and those bright green orbs of his...

Suddenly there’s a sharp pain in the back of my leg and I realize that I must’ve spaced out. The kick to my leg causes me to tumble backwards and I’m now on the ground. Knight is standing right over me and before he gets the chance to come at me again I sweep his legs and he comes tumbling towards me.

I swiftly role out of the way and quickly stand up. As soon as he stands up he comes charging at me, I guess he’s a take charge kind of guy. I bend down but I’m too late, he’s already on my and his hands are already around my neck. I know what he’s doing. He’s using a technique that won’t necessarily choke me but if he does it right it should make me pass out. It’s nearly impossible to get out of.

I look up into his green eyes that are filled with sympathetic anger. God, how the hell do I get out of this one?

“If worse comes to worse give him a swift kick to the abdomen and he should go down.”

Of course!

But there’s no way I can kick him there in the awkward standing position we’re in right now. I struggle but I bring my hands around his neck to make it look like I’m trying to strangle him back. I draw his body close to mine, close enough so that the ref won’t see what I’m about to do. When I’m sure the ref can’t see, I lift my knee and land a very hard, very illegal nut shot.

He immediately staggers backwards murmuring a string of curse words and as soon as he lets go of my neck I take the chance to land a hard kick right to where Mike told me to. And he’s right, Knight screams out in pain and crumbles to the ground. In street fighting your opponent has to be on the ground for a t least ten seconds for you to win but you aren’t allowed to hold him down. It doesn’t look like he plans on getting up anytime soon though.

I immediately start feeling bad when I see blood start to gush out of the wound. His manager rushes over and he’s carried out on a gurney,

“And your champion!” The host yells running back out and standing next to me. He grabs my hand and thrust it in the air, pulling the attention off of Knight. “Lioness!”

Everything else after that is a blur. All I could remember was everyone celebrating while all I could think about was the boy with the green orbs for eyes.

Damn, he left a bruise.

I’ve put my regular clothes back on and I’m about to leave. I like to wait until I’m sure everyone else has left before leaving out little under ground arena. I look out of my dressing room both ways before stepping out of the room. But as I round the corner and see the person I least expected I realize that I probably should’ve put my mask back on.

“Nerd?” My worst nightmare asks. What the hell is he doing here? “What’re you doing here?”

His eyes travel down to my bruised neck at the same time that I notice the blood stain by his abdomen.

No, it can’t be...unless...

My eyes snap up to his eyes at the same time his eyes snap back to mine, and I’m once again staring into the green orbs.

Knight is Trevor Kingston and that means...

I just beat the shit out of the bad boy.

I suddenly can’t stop myself from laughing.

Trevor Kingston has been my bully since I ‘accidentally’ spilled my yogurt all over her back in kindergarten. What can I say? I thought he was cute and little me wanted his attention, but I sure as hell got it after that. He hasn’t left me alone since.

“You...” Trevor says with his eyebrows furrowed. He’s failing to create a coherent sentences while I’m down on my knees laughing and clutching my sides.

“I kicked your ass,” I squeal laughing even harder. Not even thinking about the fact that this the guy who could completely ruin my social life in school.

He glares at me and I immediately stop laughing. He’s trying to remind me who the bully is here and who the “nerd” is. He gives me a satisfied smirk before walking back down the hall. Him and his green orbs disappearing around the corner.

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