The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 10

Okay so maybe I wasn’t being completely truthful before when I said that I had no relationship/dating experience before. I technically have but after it was over all I did was try to forget about it. His name is Parker Reynolds. We ‘dated’ for a while junior and senior year of high school. I can’t even really remember how we ended up going out with each other in the first place. I do remember how nerdy and sweet he was when we first started dating. Then he changed.

We broke up towards the middle of senior year and I didn’t think I’d have to see him again after we graduated. I definitely didn’t want to see him again after the last night we were together...

So seeing him here, at my college, staring at me with his wide chocolate brown eyes and still adorable dimples, I can’t even move. We both stare at each other for what feels like forever before Becca finally interrupts us.

“Ehem,” Becca says snapping her fingers at him. “Who are you? And why are you staring at each other like that?”

“Becca I’m finished!” Anna screeches walking out of the bathroom. Her hair is still dripping wet and she’s wearing an extremely bright yellow sun dress. She doesn’t seem to notice me or Parker as she strides over towards her closet.

“Hey Anna,” Becca says skeptically looking between Parker and I.

“Can I borrow a pair of your converse?” Anna asks digging through their closet. ” Mine are like tiny pieces of shit at this poin-”

In the middle of her sentence she looks up and sees Parkers. I watch as her face goes from confused to tensed up as soon as she sees him.

“Hey,” he says waving awkwardly at us. Miraculously his voice has somehow gotten even deeper since the last time I spoke with him.

“What are you doing here?” Anna immediately asks. She walks up and pushes me behind her, as if she’s afraid Parker is going to try something.

“Um...” he shifts nervously from where he’s standing. His eyes go from me to Anna to Becca then back to me again.

He’s still good looking. Like extremely good looking. It looks like he finally got over that blonde hair phase he was going through when he started getting more popular in high school. I always thought that he was cuter as a brunette.

“I wanted to see you,” Parker says staring at me slowly scratching the back of his head.

“Okay that’s a little creepy,” Becca says looking from me to Parker. “Not trying to be rude or anything but who the hell are you?”

“I just want to talk,” Parker says ignoring Becca’s question.

“Didn’t we already go over this a few months ago?” Anna says sternly, placing her hands on her hips. “She doesn’t want to talk to you.”

“Why don’t you let her say that for herself then?” Parker asks glaring at her. Yeah the two of them never really got along too well....

“Get out,” Anna says pointing at the door. I know Parker well enough to know that he isn’t going to leave that easily. I guess that’s one thing that he and Anna will always have in common: their stubbornness.

“I just want to talk,” he says looking away from Anna and up at me. I can see him pleading with me in his eyes.

It’s been months now Abby, just get it over with.

“Alright,” I say stepping in front of Anna. I ignore her as I quickly move over towards Parker who now has a very triumphant look on his face, and as soon as I see it I’m not sure whether or not I’m making the right decision by talking to him now.

I walk outside and he follows behind me. Class starts in about an hour and a half so I’ve got a little time to talk to him before Becca and everyone else is ready to go get breakfast.

“What d-do you want?” I ask as Parker shuts the door behind him.

“To talk,” he says looking down at his shoes nervously. “And apologize for what I said, and what I did and everything.”

“Just s-stop Parker,” I say holding my hand up to stop him from continuing. “I d-don’t need your apology. What’s d-done is done.”

“Well I need to know that I apologized,” Parker says scratching the back of my head. “But I’m also here because I wanted you to be the first to know that I got in.”

“Got into w-what?”

“College,” he says gesturing around us. “I got in here, I know my grades went down a lot towards the end of the year last year. But somehow I got an athletic scholarship and when I found out I’d be going to the same school you’re going to...well it was a surprise.”

“You y-you’re g-going here?” I ask my eyes widening a little. He can’t come here, he just can’t. If he comes here the chances of me having to see him on a daily basis increase and I really don’t need this kind of distraction in my life anymore.

“Yeah and there was something else I wanted to tell you,” he says grinning again. “I think I’m still in l-”

“Who’s this?” I jump a little when I hear his voice. I whip my head around and see Scott standing right behind me, but he isn’t looking at me. He’s too busy glaring daggers at Parker.

“I could ask you the same question,” Parker says looking slightly confused. I’m secretly grateful Scott popped up when he did, I don’t think I can talk to Parker or even look at him for much longer. Not after what he did to me.

“Scott Rogers,” Scott says putting his hand out so that Parker can shake it. I’m surprised by how different Scott is acting, I don’t know why but something just doesn’t feel right.

“Parker,” Parker says cautiously shaking Scott’s hand. “I think I should get going though, I just got here and I have to meet with my room mate and get all settled in and stuff...”

“Okay,” Scott says walking over to me and giving Parker an all too hard slap on the shoulder. “Nice meeting you dude.”

“We can finish talking later,” Parker says shooting me a small smile.

All I do is nod. I don’t think I can trust myself to answer in a way that can even be considered civil. It’s just now hitting me, and for some reason I’m just really pissed off that he thinks he can just pop up at my college, give me a very shitty apology, then just expect everything to be alright even though it very obviously isn’t. I swear he is literally the most oblivious people I know and it’s so annoying. I watch Parker as he walks away, wanting desperately to throw a rock at his head.

“Soo...” Scott says turning and looking at me again. “You ditched me while I was showering.”

“W-what was I supposed to d-do?”

“Well you could’ve been a good room mate and waited for me,” he says crossing his arms over his chest. “Then again I shouldn’t really expect that much from you.”

“You s-shouldn’t expect anything from me,” I mutter.

“Wait something’s different,” Scott says eyeballing me up and down. “What’s different about you? There’s definitely it...oh! Where are your crutches?! You aren’t supposed to be walking!”

“I t-think I’m fine,” I roll my eyes at him before walking back into the room with Becca and Anna. Becca is too busy probing Anna for answers to notice me and Scott slip into the room. I quickly walk past either of them before they have the chance to say anything. I turn the shower up as high as I can and take my clothes off. I climb into the shower and as soon as the water touches my skin I know I’m going to regret having the water so hot later, but for right now that doesn’t even matter. As I sit at the bottom of the shower with the scorching hot water burning my skin I finally begin to cry.

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