The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 11

I definitely did have the water too hot but I guess I can’t change that now. My skin is incredibly pink, it looks like all I did was stay outside and sun tan for several hours.

All I had to wear was a t-shirt and jeans so when I stepped out of the bathroom Anna immediately started freaking out when she saw my arms. Becca and Scott kind of just stared at me.

I guess I scared Anna a little when I came out of the bathroom all red like that. I used to do that to myself a lot when I was younger, I guess it was some kind of weird form of self harm or something so everyone was always worried that I was slowly losing my mind, when in reality I was just trying to avoid losing my mind.

Now, I’m still with Scott, Becca and Anna but we’re walking towards the cafe to get our breakfast. Well they’re walking, Becca made Scott run back and get my crutches before we left. I hate using these crutches, they make me feel even more disabled than I actually am. Anna made me put on a sweater before we left because she didn’t want anyone to see my arms or anything even though the pinkness is still very evident on my face. I guess it just doesn’t look good when the girl who always stutters is on crutches and looks to have a very terrible sun tan.

“I can’t believe you did that again,” Anna says shaking her head pitifully at me.

“Did you used to do it a lot or something?” Becca asks looking over at me.

“Frequently enough for it to be a problem,” Anna says with disapproval laced in her voice.

“You really shouldn’t do that,” Scott says looking over at me with his eyebrows drawn in. “It definitely can’t be good for you.”

“Since when d-do you c-care?” I ask looking back at him.

He doesn’t say anything back, he just looks forward with a frown on his face and keeps walking. I don’t look away from him though, I scan his face wondering how someone so annoying can have such a defined jaw line. Everything on his face just seems to come together even when he’s frowning. Like the way, his eyes squint just slightly enough for his frown to look more like a smirk, but I guess you’d have to be looking closely enough to know the difference between his smirk and his frown. Like now, when he turns to look at me and his mouth turns up slightly and his eyebrows lift. That’s his smirk. Wait, he’s looking at me...

“Like what you see?” He asks running a hand through his already messed up hair.

“I’m n-not even looking at y-you,” I say blowing a piece of hair out of my face and quickly turning away from him. Hopefully I turned away quickly enough for him to have not seen the blood that was rushing through my face.

“You were totally checking me out,” he says triumphantly. “It’s okay, plenty of people want inside my pants.”

“I d-don’t want inside your p-pants-”

“Then why do you keep stuttering?”

“Okay that’s enough,” Anna says shooting an annoyed glare at Scott. “That was definitely a cheap shot.”

“I’ll take what I can get,” Scott says shrugging.

The rest of the walk to the cafe we all stay silent except for Becca who is going on about some band she’s obsessed with. I myself wasn’t listening and I doubt that Anna or Scott were either.

By the time we get to the cafe we have a good half an hour before classes start and I expected the rest of our little group to already be inside eating. But no, they’re actually sitting outside waiting for us.

“What are you guys doing?” Becca asks them before I get the chance. Scott doesn’t seem as clueless as Becca and, in fact he’s grinning like he knows something that we don’t.

“We aren’t going to classes today,” Jace says grinning.

“What are you t-talking about?” I ask narrowing my eyes at them. “I c-can’t skip class. I a-already missed yesterday.”

“We had a feeling you’d say that,” Jace says smiling triumphantly. “Which is why we aren’t going to skip class. Class is going to be canceled.”

“What?” Becca asks looking at then with a confused look on her face.

“I tried to tell them not to do it,” Victor says shaking his head with a very bored look on his face.

“Do what-” before she can finished what she’s saying a very high pitched noise starts going off throughout the campus.

“I can’t believe you guys,” Hannah says shaking her head.

“Guys I did it!” We all turn around to see a very excited Cole running towards us with a very happy look on his face.

“Did what?” Becca yells over the loud noise that still has yet to stop. She must realize something as her eyes grow wide. “Wait that’s the fire alarm. You guys didn’t-”

“No they didn’t,” Cole says still grinning. “But I did. I set fire to the science lab. Don’t worry, you can all thank me later.”

“Why didn’t I know about any of this?” Becca asks with wide eyes.

“Who cares why you didn’t know about it?” Anna says with even wider eyes and a scared look on her face. “This is arson. You just committed a felony-”

“Calm down sweetheart,” Cole says, still smiling. “It’s just a small fire. I know what I’m doing, it’s enough to have them cancel the rest of classes for the day though.”

I’m definitely friends with the wrong people.

After a little while the fire trucks begin to show up, and a bunch of people start filing out of classrooms. Like Cole predicted there was an announcement that due to an accident that occurred in the chemistry lab all classes would be pushed back until tomorrow.

“Well let’s go then,” Scott says turning and walking the other way. Naturally we all follow. I run up to try and catch up with Scott.

“Why d-did you-” I begin to ask but before I can finish his cell phone begins ringing. He pulls his phone out and holds a finger up to me as he answers it. I know he didn’t just give me the finger....


“Sup pops,” he says as he answers the phone. He must be talking to his dad.

“No I do not know anything about a science building being caught in fire,” he lies. I almost forgot that his dad was the principal or whatever. “I’ll tell you if I hear anything though...yeah I know you don’t trust me but you love me anyways right?...Well then, no need to be rude. Ugh, fine, bye.”

Just listening to that conversation made me happier for some reason. I guess it was just funny listening to Scott lie through his teeth to his dad, even though something like that shouldn’t be funny. I guess it just shows how manipulative Scott can actually be.

“Where are we going?” Anna asks from behind us.

“Palmerston,” Liam says.

“W-what the hell is t-that?” I ask looking back at him.

Scott immediately stops in his tracks and turns to look at me with wide eyes. And when I look back I notice that everyone except Anna is wearing the same expression Scott is: shock.

“You’ve never been to Palmerston?” Victor asks.

“No,” Anna says shaking her head. “Our parents never really took us many places if they didn’t have to.”

“You guys haven’t even lived yet,” Becca says. “We need to get you two there right now.”

“Let’s go then,” Scott says grabbing my hand and tugging me along behind him.

Why did he grab my hand you might ask. Well hell if I know, I’m just as confused at this point. But as he pulls me along I try to ignore the tingling rush that starts in my hand then travels through my whole arm.

“W-what is P-Palmerston?” I ask again.

“Only the best amusement park slash mall slash theater slash food place in the world,” Scott says looking back at me with the most adorable childish grin on his face. “The cheeros are literally to die for.”

So we all make our way over to the “twin mobile” and climb in. I’m surprised Anna’s still going along with this as quietly as she has been lately. She must be trying to figure out what exactly I see in this group of people. I’m honestly still wondering that myself, I mean they just committed arson and I might as well have just went along with it. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really had any real friends but still, they might not be the best people that I should associate with.

But just like I do everything, I go along with it. And soon enough we’re on the road to Palmerston.

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