The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 14

Abby’s P.O.V

A surge of electricity goes through my body as Scott holds me protectively in his arms.

I look up into his beautiful eyes and gasp in shock. He looks so innocent as he grins down at me. This is probably the most cliché moment I’ve ever had before. I can just imagine what would happen next: he’d lean down and kiss me passionately and we’d live happily ever after. But that’s not exactly how my life works.

“You act like stupidity is a virtue for you,” he says as his grin turns into an evil smirk.

“If you’re g-gonna b-be a smartass,” I say shoving him so that I can stand up. “First you h-have to be smart. Otherwise y-you’re just an ass.”

I’m about to stand up but before I have the chance I feel a strong arm wrapping around my waist. I fall back on to Scott’s hard chest and tense up when I feel his breath near my ear.

“That wasn’t very nice,” he whispers into my ear. I can feel his lips brush against my ear and my heart nearly implodes. “I think you should apologize.”

“And I-if I d-don’t?” I manage to breathe out the question.

“Then I’ll just have to punish you,” he says before I feel his soft lips touch the back of my neck. I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning.

“Um, still here.” I jump out of Scott’s grasp quickly and stand up. I look over towards the doorway and see Liam standing there smirking. I swear, he and Scott have nearly the exact same smirk.

“W-what’re you guys d-doing here?” I ask looking back and forth between them. Scott is still sitting on the floor looking a little bewildered. Last time I heard Scott was supposed to be going home for the weekend and Liam was going with him. So I was pretty happy to think that I was going to get some me-time.

“My parents want you to have dinner with us on Sunday,” Scott says standing up and walking over towards me. “So we’re gonna have to dress you up like a guy.”

“What? Why?” I am not dressing up like a guy.

“If you know my mom you’d understand,” Scott says pinching the bridge of his nose. “I’m not asking much of you.”

“Y-yes you are,” I say tolling my eyes. “I’m not going to act like the opposite gender f-for one n-night just to amuse your p-parents.”

“I’ll pay you,” he says standing up straighter.

“How much?” I can’t believe I’m even considering this.


“Five dollars?”

“Five thousand,” he says rolling his eyes.

My mouth drops open when he says that. I mean I know he’s rich but I didn’t know he was rich enough to be handing out money left and right for something as stupid as wanting me to dress up like a guy. I’m not gonna take his money, but I can’t just leave him hanging I guess. I am his room mate after all.

“T-tell you what,” I sigh as I sit on the edge of my bed. “If you p-pay for the p-pizza tonight I’ll do it. B-but I’m not t-taking your money.”

“You don’t want the money?” He asks sounding surprised. I’m sure any sane person would’ve taken that money.

“No, I d-don’t.”

“But you’ll still do it?”


“You’re weird,” he says smiling adorably as he tilts his head at me.

“I s-still want my pizza.”

Scott’s P.O.V

“I think I did a good job,” Becca says as she steps back to admire her work.

And Becca’s right, she did do a good job. She transformed Abby into Ab within an hour. We found a wig for Abby that should gave off a more boyish appeal and she’s wearing a pair of jeans and one of my baggy shirt. I can’t help but admire how she looks in my clothes. Becca had to wrap something around Abby’s boobs so that they wouldn’t stick out as much and if we’re being real here it must’ve taken her a lot of work because Abby’s got some really nice boobs which might have been tough to cover up.

While Becca was fixing Abby up, Liam and I have been trying to teach Abby how to talk more manly.

“Pussy,” Liam says staring straight at her with the most serious look on his face. Sometimes I wonder why I’m friends with this idiot.

“I’m not saying t-that,” she says pouting as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“You have to,” Liam groans. “It’s a guy thing.”

“I refuse.”

“It’s basically like saying pussy cat,” he says rolling his eyes. “But without the cat.”


“Say it.”








“You’re so freaking difficult!” Liam yells exasperated. I laugh at his pissed off looking face.

“I think we’ve taught her enough,” I say as Abby stands up. Is it weird that I think she still looks beautiful when she’s a guy?

I look down at my watch and see that it’s already half past 4 which means Dave is probably standing outside waiting for us. I give Becca a kiss on the cheek and give Liam a fist bump. We walk out of the room. Sure enough Dave is already there.

“Hello sir,” Dave, my chauffer greets us as he holds the door of the limousine open for us.

“Dave,” I say giving him a head nod as I climb into the limo. Abby climbs in after me and looks around the limo in awe.

“Never been in one before?” I chuckle when Dave shuts the door behind her.

“Nah dude,” she says attempting to deepen her voice. She must be trying to sound more like a guy.

“You gonna talk like that the whole ride that?” I ask amused.

“I only t-talk with my dick!” She shouts still trying to sound like a guy. “You know? C-cause it’s big.”

I burst out laughing at her. This is most definitely going to be a disaster.

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