The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 15

Abby’s P.O.V

“T-this is your h-house?” I ask Scott as I stare at the beautiful structure before me. It could barely be called a house. It was like three mansions combined.

“No it’s my parents,” he says rolling his eyes at me. I slap his shoulder and he laughs.

When we step inside it’s even more beautiful then the outside. Maybe it’s supposed to be a metaphor or something, like how people say it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

My house is absolute rubbish compared to Scott’s.

We’re immediately greeted by a butler and maid who both hug Scott and shake hands with me.

“Your parents are waiting for you in the dining hall,” the butler says and Scott thanks him before dragging me forward.

When we get to what I suspect is the ‘dining hall’ I see four different faces. Two of them are much older looking which leads me to believe that they must be Scott’s parents. The older looking guy especially favors Scott, he’s got to be somewhere in his forty’s and he still looks rather handsome.

The other two people in the room look to be about Scott and I’s age. His brother and sister maybe? Yes definitely, the three of them could be triplets.

“Scott late as always,” his dad says sitting back in his seat and giving Scott the death glare.

“Father, an asshole as always,” Scott says rolling his eyes.

“Don’t talk to me that way young man,” Scott’s dad says narrowing his eyes at Scott.

“Everyone this is Abel but everyone calls him Ab for short,” Scott says patting my shoulder. I’m glad he at least thought of a better name than just Ab.

Hello’s are exchanged and I’m introduced to his parents as well as his brother and sister. Falon and Miranda. Falon is definitely handsome just like Scott. He’s got the same blue eyes, same smirk, and he gets the same crinkle under his eyes when he frowns. I remember Scott telling me about Falon the one time we talked in the woods and I already know that Falon is bad news so I avoid looking at him too much. The only difference Falon has from Miranda and Scott is the fact that Falon has blonde hair. Miranda is like a very beautiful version of her mom. Her mom is sitting across from me and I can’t help but admire her beautiful brunette hair. Scott’s mom could easily pass for a twenty year old. Miranda is the type of girl that I would’ve considered to look bitchy back in high school. But she can’t help how she looks so I give her the benefit of the doubt.

“It’s very nice to meet you Abel,” Scott’s mom says smiling at me as I take my seat. I’m sitting between Scott and Miranda.

“It’s n-nice to meet you t-to Mrs. Rogers.”

“You don’t have to be nervous with us sweetie,” Scott’s mom says furrowing her eyebrows at me. What?

“He’s not nervous,” Scott says nonchalantly rolling his eyes. “He was in a fire when he was younger. It messed up his vocal cords and now he just stutters a lot.”

“Oh my gosh,” Miranda turns towards me and gasps. She sets her hand on top of mine. “That sounds terrible, you must be like so brave.”

“Yeah,” I say as I awkwardly pull my hand away from her grasp. “I’m b-brave. T-that’s why some of my friends c-call me Ab.”

“That’s so cool,” she sets her head on her fist and grins at me.

“Alright,” Scott’s dad says loudly sitting up straighter. “So, um, Abel. What are you majoring in this year?”

“I’m n-not exactly sure,” I say trying my hardest to sound at least relatively like a guy.

“Just like Scott I suppose,” he mutters.

“I’m sorry,” Scott says clenching his fists in his lap. “I’m sure you were hoping for at least one son that wasn’t a disappointment but instead you got two that were disappointments. But you can’t exactly do anything about that so you should really just stop throwing it in my face every other minute.”

Scott’s dad is about to respond but before he gets the chance to, several different people walk into the room holding silver platters. I watch in amazement as they set all the platters on the table and lift off the tops to reveal different types of foods. Then all the people simultaneously bow before standing straight and leaving the room in a single-file line.

Well, that was fancy.

“Dig in,” Scott says piling a bunch of food onto his plate.

Okay, so since I’m a guy I should do the same thing Scott is doing and pile a bunch of random shit onto my plate? Is that how guys do it? But I mean even though I can generally eat a lot, I can’t even think about eating one fourth of the mountain sitting on Scott’s plate without throwing up. But I know I’m supposed to be acting like a guy so I should make more of an effort to eat more like a guy right?

“So Ab do you have a girlfriend?” Miranda asks staring at me. When I turn to look at her I notice her sit up straighter and push her chest out more.

“Um no,” I say deepening my voice even more. “I-i’m more of a free rider. I d-don’t like to be t-tied down.”

“I’m the exact same way,” she smirks

I tense up when I feel someone’s hand on my thigh. My first thought is Scott but he’s got both his hands on the table and he’s grinning like a mad man. I look up to see Miranda wiggling her eyebrows at me mischievously.

Oh God no.

“Hey Scott,” I say standing up abruptly. “C-can I talk to y-you a minute?”

“Right now?” Scott asks looking up at me with amusement evident in his tone.

“Yes,” I say glaring at him.

Scott stands up and waves for me to follow him. We walk through two different extremely large rooms before Scott comes to a stop and looks at me expectantly.

“Switch seats with me,” I immediately say.

“Why?” He asks furrowing his eyebrows.

“Because your sister is definitely flirting with me,” I huff crossing my arms across my chest. “And it’s getting awkward.”

“Well she can’t help it,” Scott says trying now to laugh. “You’re a very attractive guy.”

“I’m s-sure I’ll look very attractive w-when I shove my foot up your ass.”

“Look,” Scott says stepping so close to me that I actually begin to hold my breath. “You just need to make it through dinner. I’m sure Miranda has the courtesy to not sleep with you while we’re eating the main course.”

“Fine,” I groan. “W-what’s up with you and your d-dad?”

“Oh him?” Scott frowns. “The guy hates me. He’s only ever been proud of Miranda even though she sleeps around pretty much every day. Falon and I are just background music to him.”

“Oh,” I frown up at him. That must be why Scott always acts like such an ass. Not enough attention at home.

Maybe it’s because I feel sympathetic for Scott or because he looks so vulnerable at the moment, but before I have a chance to think about it I step forward and wrap my arms around Scott. He immediately stiffens but I don’t let go just yet. Even if he isn’t enjoying it, I think it feels nice to be this close to him. To feel his heat radiating off his body and mixing with mine.

Wait, no, we can be doing this.

Scott and I cant happen. I cant like him because I know all heĺl do is hurt me.

Who says he even likes you in the first place?

I quickly shove away from Scott and turn around so that he cant see the blood rushing to my face. After a second I turn back around and look at Scott but he wont look at me in the eye. Heś looking anywhere but my eyes.

¨W-we should g-get back in there,“I say. Scott just nods before walking back towards the dining room. I follow after him and take my seat between him and Miranda.

¨Oh good you’re back,” Miranda chirps smiling widely. ¨Daddy and I were just talking about how ill be starting at Yale next semester.¨

¨Nobody fucking cares,“Scott mutters under his breath.

¨You’re just mad you weren’t smart enough to get into such a highly admired college,¨she says flipping her hair.

¨Oh Miranda,¨ Scott says shaking his head at here. ¨I think we both know that the smartest thing to ever come out of your mouth was a penis.¨

I look up at Scott with my eyes wide. I don’t care if he hates his sister or not, that’s just something you don’t say. Especially when you’re in front of your parents.

¨Scott!“Mr. Rogers says standing up furiously.

¨Oh I’m terribly sorry father,“Scott says also standing up. ¨I didn’t know that you were never informed that your daughter is a slut.¨

¨Okay Abel,¨ Mrs. Rogers says standing up. ¨ill show you to Scottś room.¨

I stand up and follow Mrs. Rogers out of the room but I can still hear Scott and his father going at it. Miranda follows Mrs. Rogers and I up the stairs. Miranda looks like she’s on the verge of tears as she runs down the hall and rushes into one of the rooms, slamming the door behind her.

“I’m so sorry,” Mrs. Rogers says shaking her head. “We can never have a normal dinner together without someone getting into an argument. I was hoping that they’d tone it down a little with a guest over.”

“S’okay,” I shrug.

“Just make yourself at home while I go try to calm those two down,” she says as we stop in front of a door that has a sign on it that says: ‘Do Not Enter. Or do. I don’t really care.’

“Go on in,” she says pushing the door open. She gives me another stiff smile before speeding down the hall and down the stairs.

I push the door open and walk in. The room smells heavily of cinnamon and it’s giant. There’s a king size bed smack dab in the center of the room and the walls are painted a deep shade of blue. There’s a flat screen TV and a very fancy looking computer.

There isn’t much covering the walls and even though it’s a beautiful room it doesn’t tell you much about Scott. There are no pictures anywhere. Nothing that suggest that this room actually belongs to Scott.

I sit down on the edge of his bed, not really knowing what to do. This day has been exhausting. I don’t think much of it when I curl up into a ball and begin to drift off to sleep.

“Wake up princess.”

“Piss off,” I mumble rolling over onto the other side of the bed.

“If you don’t get up right now,” I open my eyes and look up. I’m annoyed when I see Scott’s face grinning down at me. “I’m going to take all my clothes off and climb in there with you.”

“G-go ahead.”

His grin falters for a second. “Get up we’re heading back to campus in an hour,” he says tilting his head and giving me a weird look.

I look around at my surroundings and realize that I’m lying in Scott’s king size bed. It feels like I’m laying on a freaking cloud. I look over and see my wig sprawled out on the floor but I don’t bother picking it up. I walk into the bathroom and splash my face with water.

Ugh, I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I wonder what Scott told his parents, I’m such an idiot.

I walk out of the bathroom and I don’t see Scott anywhere so I assume that he’s already downstairs. I slowly make my way down the stairs and I hear voices as I near the dining room.

When I walk into the dining room everyone stops and stares at me.

I know I look terrible but that’s no need to stare.

But when they don’t stop staring at me I realize my mistake.

I forgot my wig.

My hair is flowing freely over my shoulders and there’s really no turning back not. I look over to Scott for help but he just stares back at me with amusement in his eyes.

“Well,” Falon says sitting up and grinning at me. “I must say Ab, you look even more beautiful with longer hair.”

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