The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 16

“It wasn’t my idea,” Scott says shaking his head.

Miranda’s face has gone completely pale. Falon is rolling around on the table laughing. Scott’s mom is looking kind of indifferent. And Scott’s dad just looks angry.

“Okay wait,” Miranda says shaking her head before looking at me. “So you’re a girl?”

“Yes,” I nod not making eye contact with her. Wow, this is awkward.

“Well it’s been fun!” Scott says standing up and walking towards me. “But we really must be getting back to campus...”

“Scott,” Mr. Rogers says glaring at his son. “Pop into my office when you get back to campus. I want a word with you.”

Scott frowns before he ushers us out of the dining room. I don’t bother saying anything to his family as we leave. That couldn’t have gone any worse.

When we get outside, instead of walking towards the garage where I remember the chauffeur parking the car, Scott makes a left and starts jogging towards the back of the house.

“W-where are you g-going?” I shout as I follow slowly behind him.

“I want to show you something,” he says turning around towards me so that he’s jogging backwards.

“N-no I c-cant miss my c-classes again,” I say shaking my head at him.

“It won’t take long,” he whines. I’m about to refuse again when he grabs my hand in his. My mouth immidiately clamps shut and all of a sudden I’m nervous. Why am I letting him have this affect on me?

I follow behind him silently as he drags me along with him. Once we make it around the back of the house he leads us over towards the fence and begins to climb it.

“W-what’re you d-doing?” I ask when he drops to the ground on the other side of the fence.

“Follow me,” he says. He begins walking forward along the length of the fence. I follow him from my side of the fence.

I can’t see anything beyond the side of the fence Scott is on. There’s only a bunch of trees, it could probably be a small forest. After a couple minutes of just walking, Scott stops. There’s a gate that is connected to the fence and I move to push it open but I stop when I see a giant padlock.

“Stay here,” Scott says as he runs off and disappears behind one of the trees. When he comes back out he’s holding an aluminum bat. Before I get the chance to ask what he’s doing, he bashes the padlock hard with the bat. I flush before taking a step back. Five bashes later the padlock is lying on the ground and Scott pushes the gate open breathing heavily.

“I c-could’ve just c-climbed the fence too,” I say rolling my eyes as I walk through the gate. “No need t-to go the extra mile.”

“I’d go a million extra miles for you,” he says staring at me with an emotion in his eyes that I can’t decipher.

I don’t say anything as I feel the blood rush to my cheeks. Scott walks in front of me and waves for me to follow after him. As Scott walks in front of me I take the time to state at his very defined back. As we walk I notice how he tenses up every step he takes. He’s definitely leaning most of his weight on his right leg. Is he hurt?

“Why do you care?” Scott asks turning around and walking backwards as he tilts his head at me. Shit, I should’ve know...he’s a mind reader. Wait no, that doesn’t make any sense for a human to be able to read minds. That must mean he’s an alien mind reader!

“Are you tired or something?” Scott asks frowning. “Because I’m pretty sure that if I were an alien mind reader I’d know it.”

Oh. I must have been thinking out loud again. I seriously must be tired.. Or maybe Scott is using his super alien telepathy powers to screw with my mind.

No, I think I’m just tired.

I follow Scott through the small forest. I scream a couple of times and I fall on my ass when a squirel runs across my feet. Scott is grinning at me the whole time and places his hand on the small of my back to usher me along. Finally after a little more walking, Scott stops in front of a giant tree. He walks around to the other side of the tree and I follow. There’s a ladder draped down along the length of the tree. My eyes widen when Scott grabs the ladder and begins climbing.

“W-where are you g-going?” I shout at him. He looks down and motions for me to follow him.

“It’s not far,” he says befot continuing his climb.

I huff and look up at his retreating form as he continue he’s his climb up the ladder. After contemplating whether or not giving Scott the satisfaction of knowing that I’m scared as opposed to falling to my death is worse, I decided to start climbing.

My body was definitely not built for this.

It’s not as far up as I thought it was but none the less I’m still out if breath when I reach the top. I’m do out of shape. Scott is just a few feet above me and I watch as he shoves open a door and pulls himself up into. Then his head pops back out and he helps me up.

I look around the little room we land in and in amazed. It has a couch, a mini fridge, a desk, a computer, a flat screen, and a bunch if books scattered across the floor along with a few random pairs if boxers. This looks more like it should be his room than his actual room.

“This,” he says gesturing around us. “Is my childhood. Sorry if it’s a but messy buy I wasn’t expecting company.”

“We n-need to get back t-to campus,” I say looking around nervously. I don’t know why Scott would bring me here but I can’t afford to miss another day of classes.

“But I wanted to hang out with you a little,” Scott says pouting. What I’d happening?

“But we ne-”

“Just ten minutes,” he whines.

“T-ten minutes?” I sigh already giving in.


“Fine,” I groan with a small smile on my face. “Ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes,” he says grinning at me

*Five hours later*

“H-ha! I told you t-that you couldn’t d-do it!” I shout as Scott backs away from the tree House door shaking his head.

“It’s not that I don’t enjoy the thought of running through the woods in my boxers,” he says. “But there are snakes out there sweetheart. And if I get bit I die.. ”

“T-that doesn’t sound t-too bad,” I say laughing.

Scott and I have been playing truth or dare for the last twenty minutes and I don’t know why I found the idea I’d him streaking so amusing.

“Your turn,” he says sitting down and laying his head in my lap. I resist the urge to run my hand through his hair. “Truth or dare.”


“Why did you date Parker?” He asks and he must notice how I shift uncomfortably because he quickly adds: “and don’t even think about chickening. You already used all three of your chickens.”

Why did I go out with Parker?

“He w-was a nice guy,” I shrug. “He told me I was b-beautiful, took me in d-dates, and made me f-feel special. He w-was the only guy t-that ever noticed me.”

“You don’t need a guy to know that you’re beautiful.”

I’m taken aback by what he says. He’s just trying to make me feel better.

“W-whatever,” I snort. “If I w-were I probably would’ve g-gotten more attention.”

“And Parker was the only one who gave you that?”

“He’s the o-only one w-whos ever made me feel p-pretty,” I say. “And not just p-pretty on the outside. B-but he made me feel g-good about myself.”

“You’re not even pretty though,” he says sitting up and looking me straight in the eye. I can feel Hus breath fanning my cheek. I furrow my eyebrows at him.

“You’re gorgeous.”

And before I can say anything else he smashes his lips to mine and I stiffen immediately.

Scott Rogers is kissing me.

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