The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 2

Turns out Scott only has one bed in his room.

Guess he’ll just have to sleep on the floor.

I haven’t spoken a word to Scott since we left room 69. Liam’s face is probably still red from when I slapped him after he hit my ass while I was walking out the room.

Anyhow, I’ve made the decision to not speak around Scott. I couldn’t take being called Stutter girl again, it would ruin me.

Maybe if worse comes to worse I’ll just ruin him first.

Our dorm room is actually exceptionally larger than I thought it would be. In the midst of my not talking, Scott managed to talk up a storm, and I learned quite a few things. One being that his dad actually owns the college. He says we’re going to have to wait a while before they actually get our room problem situated.

“What’s your problem?” Scott asks as I set my stuff down on the table near the door, “why won’t you talk? Did you go from stuttering to completely mute?”

Okay so obviously he hasn’t given up on making fun of my stutter and obviously he hasn’t matured in the least since the last time I saw him.

“Well I guess I get to pick which side of the bed I want first,” he says ripping off his bow tie.

“Y-you’ll b-be sleeping on t-the floor,” I say as I begin to unload my belongings.

“Ah she speaks!” He shouts before smirking over at me, “well maybe it would be more accurate if I said, she stutters.”

“I see p-private school hasn’t a-affected you much,” I say ignoring him as he begins to unbutton his shirt. As it turns out he doesn’t have a t-shirt or anything on underneath his button down, so the first thing I see when he takes off his shirt is absolute beauty. But it appears that with beauty also comes scars. Several scars.

“I don’t crack easily under pressure,” he says before noticing that I’m now staring at his abs, “don’t be shy. If you want some you can have it.”

Haha, yeah no. I can’t put up with this.

When I was still in school with Scott he was known to be the biggest flirt. Not with me of course, to him I was always just the girl who stuttered, not the girl he’d try to sleep with. I was thankful for that because I didn’t have to deal with him anymore than I already had to.

As far as I know Scott never actually slept around. Sure he’d make out with some girl in the corner and then immediately drop them the next day but as far as I know he wasn’t the type of person to sleep with just anyone.

“Give it a rest asshole,” I say surprising myself by how confident I sound before walking out of the room and heading towards the other side of campus. I can’t believe I actually got through an entire sentence without stuttering in front of him.

I know Anna will be pissy about me popping up on her doorstep already, but really this is all her fault. If I’m going to get teased all through out college too then I might as well just go back home.

Okay I’m looking for room 24.



Ah, here we go, room 24.

I knock several times before waiting, finally a short redhead wearing a beanie opens the door.

“Greetings,” she says as she smiles up at me, “what brings you to my den of iniquity on this fine day?”

Before I can answer someone screams my name from behind her.

“What’re you doing here?” Anna asks dragging me inside her room by my arm. “I saw you like two hours ago. You should be bonding with your room mate. What’s your room mates name anyhow?”

“It’s S-scott,” I say quietly.

“Oh so it’s a guy,” she says perking up and leaning against the wall. “Is he hot? Scott is a very common name amongst hot guys.”

“I-it’s Scott Rogers,” I say a bit louder this time, “t-the one who c-called me Stutter girl.”

“The one I punched in the nose?”

“You punched someone?” The girl who answered the door walks over and stands next to me, “and you know Scott?”

“I w-wish I didn’t,” I say.

“Yes I did punch someone,” Anna says, “and Abby this is my room mate Rebecca. Rebecca this is my baby sister Abby.”

“Call me Becca,” Becca says glaring at Anna, “I hate it when people call me Rebecca.”

“Wait so your room mate is Scott?” Anna asks finally letting it sink in.

“Yes and he’s as m-much of an asshole a-as h-he was back in h-high school,” I explain, “I w-want to go h-home.”

“You want to go home just because of Scott?” Becca asks sitting on the edge of one of the two beds in the room, “I know he can be an ass but that seems like a bit much.”

“How do you know Scott?” Anna asks turning her attention over to Becca.

“My sister used to be best friends with his older brother,” Becca says, “naturally him and I became friends. Just give it some time, I’m sure you’ll get used to him. I did.”

“I can set him straight for you again if you want me to,” Anna says smirking, “but I’m not letting you go back home.”

Of course she isn’t. I didn’t think she would but it was sure worth a try. I’m obviously not going to have Anna try to set Scott straight or anything like that. He’d only tease me for confiding in my sister to do something about him. But maybe now I can convince Anna to let me stay with her and Becca.

“Why is she just staring off like that?” I hear Becca ask as she waves her hand in front of my face.

“She’s thinking,” Anna says looking over at me and furrowing her eyebrows, “and I already know what she’s thinking and it’s a no.”

“C’mon,” I whine, “just let me stay f-for a little. I h-hate him.”

“Staying here is a sign of weakness,” Anna says pointedly, “if you want him to leave you alone we’re going to have to fight fire against fire.”

“I’ve always wondered why people said that,” Becca says with a kind of far off look, “if you want to win it would be smarter to fight fire with water wouldn’t it?”

“Either way,” I say, “how d-do you propose I d-do that?”

“The annual freshie party is tonight,” Becca says pointing at me, “it’s party that happens every year to kick off the semester. We could totally make you look all hot and irresistible.”

“Not happening,” I immediately say.

“Actually it’s not a bad idea,” Anna says standing up and walking over towards me, “it might actually work.”

“But it’s not a-actually going to happen,” I say.

But of course it did happen because that’s how things worked with Anna and me. Anna makes a decision, I am forced to follow along with it. Half the things I’ve done with her were not done willingly. Like stealing that bag of chips from the gas station when we were eleven, or taking a sip of dad’s tequila after he’d left to go to bathroom. If there was one thing I learned that day it was that guys do indeed pee exceptionally fast.

Anyhow several hours later here I am sitting in a chair listening to my sister and her room mate debate about which eyeliner looks sexier on me.

“It’s amazing,” Becca says holding me by the shoulders at arms width, “you look amazing.”

A while back Anna and Becca decided it might be easier if only one of them helped with my appearance. This was only because they were already having their fifth fight and still hadn’t gotten anywhere. So they decided to just let Becca handle me seeing as she is majoring in style or cosmetology or something, I wasn’t actually paying attention when she told me.

“Am I a-allowed to look at m-myself now?” I ask slightly frustrated that I’ve been staring at their bathroom wall for the last several hours.

“Promise me you’ll love it,” Becca says. ”

“I h-haven’t even seen I-”

“You’ll love it,” she says before quickly spinning me around towards the mirror.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Becca had me put on an all-too-short blue sequin dress she says she completely designed herself. It does sort of complement my grayish green eyes but it barely reaches my mid-thigh. I mean I understand the point this is to get Scott all bonery and stuff but still.

I have absolutely no idea what they did to my face though. I look...pretty. Becca didn’t go heavy on the makeup like I thought she would. From what I can tell she actually went pretty light. She straightened the ends of my hair and had me put on contacts so I wouldn’t have to wear glasses. I actually hate contacts though, that always make me feel like my eyes are burning.

“What’d you think?” Becca asks chewing on her bottom lip as if nervous to hear my opinion.

“I like it..” I say mostly to appease her, “it’s just t-the dress is t-too-”

“Too short,” she says rolling her eyes, “yeah you said that half an hour ago when I had you put it on. Just trust me, you’ll basically have guys eating out of your hand, and if you’re lucky they’ll be eating out of somewhere else too-”

Okay, ew.

“Now,” she says, “let’s go show your sister before she blows a gasket.” So Becca dragged me out of the bathroom to show my sister.

“Holy fuck,” Anna says when she sees me being dragged from the bathroom, “Becca when did you have time to switch my sister out with a model?”

I think I should take that as a compliment but with Anna you never actually know.

“Well now that you’re done,” Becca says, “I’ve got an hour to kill before the party actually starts. I’ll be outside reading if you need me.”

“Shouldn’t you g-get ready for t-the party too though?” I ask raising an eyebrow at her.

“I’m going as is,” she says gesturing to what she’s wearing. She has on a pair of black skinny jeans, a black veil brides shirt, her beanie, and a pair of black chucks. “I never worry about what I’m wearing when I go to these things.”

“But a-aren’t you majoring in-”

“I might be majoring in it but that doesn’t mean I actually care about it,” Becca says picking up a pair of what looks to be reading glasses and a book off the desk in between the two beds. “I’m doing what my mom wants me to do. Now if you’ll excuse me...”

Becca leaves to go read her book, Anna contemplates whether she should go with her blue eyeliner or her black one, and I try to figure out ways to somehow make this dress longer.

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