The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 23

Scott’s P.O.V

Ha! Stupid asshole didn’t even think to get rid of her phone!

Every iphone has an app that you can use to find it if you ever lose it. Everyone who’s ever come in contact with ann iphone should know that. So hiring someone to hack into Abby’s apple account so we could search it wasn’t all that hard.

“You really think Parker would take her?” Anna asks for the sixth time since we left my hosue. I’m starting to regret taking her with me.

“Will you please just look at this address and tell me if you recognize it?” I ask handing her the address I got out of my hacker. I figure that Anna might know where it is since she used to be good friends with Parker too. Anna stares at the paper for a few seconds before narrowing her eyebrows.

“It’s Parker’s cabin,” Anna says turning to look at me. “His parents were never really around a lot so sometimes he would go there and have giant parties. It’s a pretty long drive away.”

“How long?” I ask glancing sideways at her.

“A good five hours,” she says shrugging. Great, five hours driving with a girl who can barely go ten seconds without talking.

“-so that’s why it didn’t work out between me and Steven,” Anna says. I’m five seconds away from strangling this girl, this is probably the twentieth story I’ve heard about one of her exes. I calm down a little bit when I see the street we’re supposed to turn on. I park the car by the curb and step out, I made sure to park a block away from the actual cabin so Parker doesn’t get suspisous if I were to park in front of his cabin.

“Why did you park so far away from the cabin?” Anna whines from behind me as she jogs to catch up with me.

“Cause if Parker really is here with Abby I’d rather not get caught,” I sigh.

“Can you carry me then?” She asks. I guess her and her sister do actually have something in common: they’re both lazy. Even if she does look and a act a little bit like Abby I refuse to carry her, instead I just quicken my pace.

I hear her mumble something under her breath before she continues to follow a few paces behind me. As we walk I immediately take notice of the giant cabin at the end of this dead end street, there aren’t any other houses around it at all, so it’s the only house on the street. I begin to jog and ignore the groan that I hear come from behind me.

When we reach the cabin I see a car in the driveway which means someone must be here. I wait for Anna to catch up with me and we duck and hide behind a bush.

“What do we do now?” She asks like she expects me to have already concocted a plan. I don’t look at her as I stare at the cabin.

“You idiot,” Anna lightly slaps the back of Scott’s head. “You mean to tell me that the whole ride here you didn’t even think of a plan?”

“Well I couldn’t exactly think straight with you explaining every single one of your life fucks,” I growl running a hand through his hair. How does Abby put up with this girl?

“No need to be an asshole here dude,” she says putting her hands out defensively. I see her eyes avert and she looks at something behind me. “Looks like we don’t really have time to come up with a plan thought.”

I turn around and peak my head up from behind the bush. I see Parker stepping out of the cabin and holding someone in his arms. He starts walking towards the car in the driveway. Shoot, I don’t have time to think.

I stand up and slowly start walking towards him, his back is to me so he won’t see me. As I continue to get closer to him I see clearly that the person in his arms is indeed Abby. Her forhead is bruised and her nose is bleeding but she isn’t completely unconscious. Her eyes are halfway opened and she almost looks...drugged?

I feel anger pulse through me as Abby’s eyes widen slightly when she sees me. But she doesn’t say anything, she jsut squeezes her eyes shut. I run towards Parker and immediately lunge at him, careful not to hurt Abby, but she does end up falling to the ground while Parker merely stumbles a little. Anna, who was right behind me, runs over and attempts to carry Abby away. I look at Parker and my nostrils flare at him, he doesn’t look scared though. He simply looks back at me with fry in his eyes and grins at me deviously. He looks like a complete psycopath.

I lunge towards him again.

Abby’s P.O.V

The car ride is completely silent, Scott and I now have matching bruises. Anna opted to sit in the back and I think this is the first time that I’ve ever been anywhere with her and not heard her talk.

Scott pretty much went to town on Parker. Parker got some pretty good hits in and scratched Scott up a little bit but in the end Parker was the one who ended up looking worse. I was surprised when I saw Scott and Anna, I didn’t think anyone would end up finding me before Parker reached the airport.

He told me that was going to fly us to Australia after he beat me. He made me swallow something that was enough to not knock me out completely but I couldn’t really talk, I guess he technically needed me awake when we were at the airport considering they probably wouldn’t just let him carry me on the airplane without saying something.

At some point I fall asleep and I’m awoken by Anna loudly slamming her door. I look around dazed and flinch at the pain I feel in my side when I try to stretch. Scott opens my door and picks me up without looking me in the eye.

“You d-don’t have to c-carry me,” I sayto him. My voice sounding way too scratchy.

He simply shakes his head at me and sighs before walking foward. I look around and notice that it’s pretty dark outside but I can see the outline of Scott’s house. Why did he bring me here?

“It’s a little late to be driving all the way back to campus,” Scott says as if reading my mind. “Plus we have a nurse on duty here that can have a look at all your bruises.”

I nod and bury my head into the crook of his neck. When we reach the house Anna knocks on the door and when the butler sees Scott he immediately lets us in. I tap Scott’s shoulder and he lightly sets me down.

I follow Scott and Anna follows me, the first thing I hear is laughter coming from their dining room. His family must be in the middle of eating dinner. We walk into the room and just as I thought his whole family is there. His mother is the first one to notice us and her mouth immediately drops open as soon as she sees us and she goes pale when her gaze lands on me. I swallow nervously, this isn’t exactly how I wanted to meet them again.

“What happened?” Surprisingly Scott’s sister is the first one to rush over towards us. Falon stands up and offers me his seat which I gladly take because my side is seriously starting to hurt again.

“Her crazy ex,” Scott explains shaking his head.

“That’s not vague at all,” Falon says. I see Scott’s mom rush out of the room with his father in tow. They return seconds afterwards with a lady in scrubs.

“Two extremely bruised ribs and a bone fracture in her right hand,” the nurse says shaking her head. “Everything else is just bruised, I have some pain meds down in storage and we can ice it but I suggest going to the hospital tomorrow and picking up some perscription meds.”

The nurse, who is now my favorite person in the world, gave me a cast for my arm and taped a bag of ice around me abdomin so I wouldn’t have to hold it up. It’s sometime after midnight now and everyone but Scott has gone to bed, he’s been sitting in the chair next to me the whole time staring at me but not saying anything.

When the nurse is finally down inspecting me and gives me the pain pills, I thank her and follow Scott out of the room. I follow him into an elevator that takes us to the next floor.

“Where are we going?” I ask him and he looks back at me and finally gives me a small smile. He lets out a small breath like he’s been waiting to breathe all night.

“We’re going to sleep,” he says and I follow him down the hall and we stop in front of a familiar door. He opens the door to his room and I walk inside. As soon as we are in the room we both plop down on his bed and I don’t even bother questioning why I’m sleeping in his room and not a guest room, or why I feel him gently place his hands around my waist when I shut my eyes. All I know is that I feel completely safe falling asleep with this gorgeous boy laying next to me.

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