The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 24

Abby’s P.O.V

I wake up with a bad pain near my side. God, what the hell did I do? I try to turn onto my side but for some reason I can’t because I’m being trapped by something. I pry my eyes open and look up to see Scott just centimeters away from my face. He’s close enough that I can feel his breath fanning the side of my cheek. I’m careful not to move as I stare up at him but I start squirming involuntarily when I feel my arm fall asleep. I look up at him again and attempt to move my arm without waking him.

“You know it’s rude to stare,” he suddenly says without opening up his eyes. I scream, jumping six feet away from him. In out dorm room I would’ve fallen off the bed but lucky for me Scott is rich and has a big ass bed. I groan loudly when I jump away from him though because a sharp pain goes through my back when I land.

“Shit,” he says looking over at me with something in his eyes...concern? Probably not. “Are you alright Stutter Girl?”

Again with the nickname, nevermind that. I should probably be asking him if he’s okay. He’s still got the black eye and a couple bruises on his face from the fight yesterday. I only groan in response as I wait for the pain to subside. I see Scott stand up and leave the room. Great, now I’m stranded.

Scott comes back in the room a few minutes later to see that I’m still laying in bed staring at the ceiling, still in pain. He walks over holding a tray and sets it down on the desk next to the bed.

“Okay so either way this is gonna hurt,” Scott says looking down at me and crossing his arms. “We can do this like ripping off a band aid and just have you sit up quickly. Or I can help you up slowly but that might actually hurt a lot more.”

I look up and give him a simple nod. He’ll know to do this quickly.

Anyways, several tears and cries of pain later I’m finally composed and sitting up in a good position.

“I brought you some pain pills with your breakfast,” Scott says shyly. He places the tray on my lap and I look down at it to see eggs, bacon, toast, and a glass of orange juice.

“You m-made me b-breakfast?” I ask feeling kind of triumphant. I’m sure Scott doesn’t just make breakfast for many people.

“No,” he says rolling his eyes at me as if the idea of him making breakfast was preposterous. “I had our Butler make it for you. But believe me when I say that my cooking is thing you’ll ever fit in your little mouth of yours. I mean, besides this long-”

I immediately cover my ears and start humming so I can’t hear whatever he’s about to say. Childish I know, but can you blame me? Scott laughs and prys my hands away from my ears so that I can hear him again. I stare at him and he doesn’t unlatch himself from my hands immediately but when he finally does he coughs awkwardly into his hand before turning around and picking up a huge stack of papers.

“I do have something for you,” he says setting the papers down next to me. “This is all the work you need to finish because of all the school you’ve missed.”

“I c-can’t believe I h-have to use t-these again,” I say kind of pissed off about having to use crutches again. Scott and his father left a little while ago to go talk to the police about what happened and to get a restraining order on Parker if we can’t do anything more than that.

“Soooo...” I’m currently sitting on the couch with Falon and Miranda and its’ honestly kind of awkward. Falon of course decides to break the silence. “How was getting kidnapped?”

“Falon!” Miranda shouts scolding him.

“What?” He asks her laughing before he looks back over to me. “She’ll answer the question if she wants to.”

I don’t answer him, I just stare back at him. Scott still hasn’t told me why he doesn’t like his brother so I’m not sure whether or not I should trust him yet.

I’ve already called and spoke to my parents. They didn’t sound too worried about the fact that I was locked in a basement and beaten, but they agreed that as parents they should probably drive down and check on me.

It’s not that my parents don’t care about me or anything like that, but I guess you could say they have the mentality of rich people. It’s obvious that we aren’t rich but they sure as hell try to act like we are. We probably would have a lot more money if it weren’t for all my medical and doctor’s bills.

“Honey I’m hoooommmeee,” Miranda, Falon, and I all turn our heads to see Liam standing in the doorway with Scott lingering behind him with a pissed off look on his face. Liam staggers over to us and when he reaches me I can smell the aroma of alcohol coming off of him.

Falon’s eyebrows furrow and he stands up, walking over to where Liam is now hunched over. I’ve only ever seen Falon as a carefree guy so it’s weird seeing him look so much like he actually gives a shit.

“I think something’s wrong with him,” Miranda says to me in a hushed voice. “Everytime I see him lately, he’s either been drunk or high. It must be-”

“Babe!” Liam shouts looking at Miranda and slowly licking his lips.

Scott is pinching the bridge of his nose and he looks like he wants to punch someone right now. Falon must notice this too because he immediately begins to coax Liam out of the room.

“W-what’s wrong w-with him?” I ask Scott when Falon and Liam have finally left the room. But before Scott can even look up at me another voice comes booming into the room.

“What the hell is wrong with Liam!?” Scott’s dad yells walking right up to Scott.

“He’s drunk,” Scott says shrugging and taking a step back from his fuming father.

“And you brought him here!?”

“Well yeah,” Scott says furrowing his eyebrow at him. “He’s drunk, I don’t just want him out wandering into traffic.”

“Maybe you should’ve thought about that before you let him get drunk.”

“Let him?” Scott’s eyes flare with anger as he begins clenching and unclenching his fists. “He is not my responsibility, I can’t control him!”

“Why does everything always have to be like this with you?” His dad asks taking a step closer to his son’s personal space. “You’re still acting like a child, you can’t seem to do anything right! You cant’ even take care of your brother!”

Brother? I have a feeling this argument just turned into something completely different.

“Liam is not my brother,” Scott says poking his father in the chest. “And he’ll never be Daniel either.”


His father’s eyes suddenly cloud with some unknown emotion and now his shoulders are slouching.

“Scott I didn’t mean to-” But before he has the chance to finish what he’s saying Scot storms out of the room. I look over at Miranda and she’s staring at her father with a pale and scared look on her face. But we’re all snapped back into reality when we hear a loud bang and a very frustrated scream.

I stand up and slowly make my way over to the staircase and walk up the stairs towards Scott’s room. It’s halfway open so I knock lightly before entering. The first thing I see is an imprint in the wall that’s in the shape of a fist. The second thing I see is Scott sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. I can see the blood on the knuckles of his right hand.

I quickly walk into his bathroom and fill up a bowl of water and grab a cloth before walking back into the room and kneeling before him. I take him hand in my hand and begin dabbing at the blood on it. I try to ignore the warm feeling I get as he continues to stare at me.

“Daniel was me brother,” Scott says suddenly and I Iook back at him to see that he still has yet to stop staring at me. His eyes are bloodshot red almost as if he had been crying.”

“You d-don’t have to t-tell me if-”

“No it’s fine,” he says giving me a small forced smile. “He’s three years older than me and we were really close. Even closer than me and Liam. Even though I knew he was my brother, he was almost like the closest thing to a father figure I had back then because my dad works a lot.”

He suddenly stops talking and looks down at his hands. He then looks back up at me and pulls me into an embrace, as if he’s afraid of me disappearing.

“It was my sixteenth birthday so he wanted to go out and celebrate,” he whispers in my ear with a shaky breath. I have to hold myself back from moaning since it wouldn’t exactly be appropriate right now. “So we got drunk...and I had just gotten my license...he well...we had to get home...and...and-”

I can feel his shoulders begin to shake as he tries to finish but I think I already know where this is going.

“He wanted me to drive,” Scott finally says. “I ran one red light and a car rammed into us from the side. They his Daniel’s side. The driver other car died on impact and so did the guy riding with him, but Daniel and I were placed in intensive care for weeks. But he still h-hasn’t waken up. He’s still in a coma.”

I attempt to pull away from Scott so that I can look him in the eyes but instead he just pulls me closer to him. He rests his head in the crook of my neck and I shiver when I feel his breath against my skin. We don’t say anything for a long time but eventually we separate and just stare at each other, and I swear that his eyes move down to my lips for a split second. But what surprises me even more than that is the words he speaks next.

“Will you go on a date with me?”

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