The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 29

Scott’s P.O.V

I smirk to myself as I drive behind Oakland to wherever he’s leading us. He must be stupid if he thinks I’m here just to tag along, I’m gonna figure out how to put this idiot in his place.

“Behave yourself,” I hear Abby say and I look over at her amused. “I d-don’t need you g-guys fighting tonight.”

“Anything for you,” I say shrugging. Becca and Victor are riding with Oakland because Abby apparently wanted to have a word with me. Of course she just wants to tell me to not do anything stupid, makes sense.

“Anyways...” She says and I look over at her before looking back at the road. “G-get any n-new t-texts latealy?”

“That’s a strange question,” I say furrowing my eyebrows. “But if you must know, then no I haven’t. I lost my phone somehow when I was rescuing you from Parker. Why?”

“Oh,” she huffs crossing her arms over her chest. “You just h-have to make everything h-harder for me don’t you?”

“That’s what I intend to do.”

“Well I sent y-you a text...”

“And I obviously didn’t get it,” I say raising my eyebrow at her as if it’s obvious, which it is. “Once again, I’m phoneless. What did you send me?”

“A t-text...”

“And what did this text say?” I ask her slowly.


“Yes to what?”

“Your p-proposal.”

“I never proposed to you.”

“N-no I mean-”

“I’m not even ready for marriage yet Abby,” I say shaking my head at her. “I’m flattered though.”

“Y-you’re such an idiot,” she says huffing out a breath of air quite adorably. “You know w-what I’m t-talking about.”

“I honestly have no idea,” I say trying to drag this out for as long as I can. “What are you saying yes to?”

“You a-already know!”

“I don’t think I do,” I say turning towards her in the driver’s seat as we stop at a red light. “What are you saying yes to?”

“To being your girlfriend!” She shouts angrily. “I’m k-kind of regretting it n-now...”

I grin at her as I hear the words coming out of her mouth. When she didn’t answer me after our date last night I will admit that I was kind of nervous that she was going to turn me down. And then of course Oakland had to pop up and make me even more anxious by trying to take her out alone, like I would ever even let that happen.

“Please don’t regret it,” I say looking into her eyes and grinning even wider when I see the deep blush in her cheeks. I did that. We stare at each other for at least ten more seconds and then all of a sudden both of us just start to lean in. Or maybe it’s just me leaning in. Or is it her leaning in? I don’t know but my heart rate definitely picks up when I realize what is about to happen.

Then of course the car behind us just so happens to honk at us and because her and I are so close when we jump we bump foreheads resulting in painful groans coming from the both of us. I look up and see that the light has already turned green. Then I look out my window and see some old guy in the truck behind us looking at us with the most pissed off expression. I smile at him widely before leaning even further out of the window and flipping him off.

“Scott,” I look back in at Abby to see her shooting me a glare but at the same time she has a small smile playing at her lips. God her lips.

I quickly sit back down in my seat and realize that I was supposed to be following Oakland but now his car is nowhere to be seen.

“I don’t know where they went,” I say as I finally pull forward from the red light. But not before flipping the old man the bird one last time. “Obviously this is a sign that we shouldn’t be hanging out with them tonight.”

“C-c’mon Scott,” Abby says rolling her eyes at me. “We t-told them t-that we’d meet t-them there.”

“I don’t know how I feel about my girlfriend hanging out with other guys,” I say smiling at her with a teasing tone in my voice. “Plus how are we supposed to get there if I don’t even know address?”

“Oakland t-texted me the address,” she says smirking at me. “We c-can’t just leave B-Becca and Victor w-with Oakland.”

“Fine,” I say looking at her. I laugh as I see her trying to blow a piece of hair out of her face as she types away on her phone, and I smirk when she looks up and blushes once she catches me watching her. She gives me the address and we begin driving towards the restaurant.

“I’m doing this on one condition,” I say looking back at the road and grabbing her hand in mine. “If he tries something on you, I’m punching him.”

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