The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 30

Abby’s P.O.V

So I heard about the town fair that’s supposed to be here this week,” Oakland says staring at me as we walk down the sidewalk after an extremely awkward dinner that consisted of Scott and Oakland glaring at each other while Becca and Victor laughed at them.

“Did you hear about the idiot that kept trying to steal what wasn’t his?” I hear Scott ask. I turn towards him and raise my eyebrows.

“Who?” Oakland asks as he also raises an eyebrow at Scott.


“Weak,” Victor says shaking his head at Scott.

I laugh at Scotts poor excuse of a joke as he pouts. He winks at me and Oakland shoots a confusing glance my way. He’s a blonde at heart.

We continue to follow Oakland down the street until a giant Ferris wheel comes into view. As we round the corner I see the fair towering in all it’s awesomeness. The smell of expensive salty foods lingers in the air and I’ve already lost count of the amount of guys who are roaming around here shirtless. Most of them probably shouldn’t...ever...go shirtless in public. When we reach the ticket guy Oakland gladly reaches for his pocket and pulls out his wallet.

“I’m paying for her and I,” Oakland says nodding his head towards me. I’m about to protest and tell him that I am completely capable of paying for myself but Scott seems to beat me to it.

“I got it bro,” Scott says as he slaps Oakland on the back a little harder than what’s necessary.

“No it’s fine,” Oakland says before nodding towards Becca and Victor. “You can cover them.”

“I’ll cover all of us,” Scott says puffing his chest out and stepping in front of Oakland. He hands the ticket guy a one hundred dollar bill before stepping back and smirking at Oakland. Becca is standing behind us snickering as she whispers something to Victor who nods with a small smile on his face.

“I need to put your bracelets on,” the ticket guy says looking quite bored. I step up and hold my wrist out so he can latch the little paper bracelet onto my wrist.

“I like your beanie,” ticket guy says smiling nicely at me and gesturing towards Scott’s beanie which I had stolen from him before we got out of the car. I smile back and thank him but then I feel a pair of arms loop around my waist.

“Hey,” I look over and see Scott who is now talking to ticket guy. “Did you hear about the idiot who kept trying to steal what wasn’t his?”

“Scott,” I interrupt him shaking my head at his antics. “You c-cant use t-that more than once.”

“But it’s original,” he whines pouting at me.

“T-that isn’t original at all,” I say twisting out of his grip. “J-just hurry up.”

“As you wish.”

I roll my eyes at him and begin walking into the fair.

“One more time,” Oakland says as he aims the little gun at the target.

“You’ve b-been trying this for t-the past ten minutes,” I whine as he pays the woman another ten dollars.

I had mentioned how cute I thought the stuffed panda bear was and now Oakland is absolutely determined to win it for me by shooting water from a water pistol at targets. So far he hasn’t been successful at all and Scott had just been standing next to us laughing at Oakland. Becca and Victor ditched us after Oakland’s sixth fail.

“He’s so bad at this,” Scott snickers as Oakland shoots and misses again. By a lot.

“It’s cute,” I say and Scott’s attitude automatically changes.

“That’s not funny,” he mutter as I smirk at him. “You wanna see something hot though?”

I narrow my eyes at him and he shoves Oakland aside before handing money over to the woman working the booth. He turns and smirks at me before ripping his shirt of and flexing as if he’s about to play in the Olympics or something. I look around and see that he has already drawn attention and a small crowd from his little gun show he’s putting on. I do my best to ignore the amount of stares I see him getting from several of the girls. Oakland must notice too cause he just about looks like he wants to rip his own shirt off for more attention too. Scott turns and winks at me before shooting five perfect shots. He smirks at Oakland before telling the woman, who is also swooning over him, what he wants and she hands him the panda.

“Thank you!” Scott shouts waving his hand and holding the panda bear up like a trophy. Many of the people in the small crowd that has materialized are giggling at his stupidity. “This is such a prestigious award! I’d like to thank the academy-”

“Alright Rogers,” Oakland says looking quite frustrated. Oakland quickly grabs my hand and proceeds in dragging me away. But Scott catches up and shoves Oakland away.

“I would appreciate it,” Scott says before taking my hand in his and pulling me against his still bare chest. “If you didn’t touch my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” Oakland asks looking at me with a quizzical expression as if he needs confirmation.

“M-maybe we should g-go now,” I suggest.

“Girlfriend?” Oakland asks again looking at Scott this time.

“Can we leave now!?”

We all turn around to see Becca and Victor being chased by a very angry looking shirtless man and his very well-built friends. The man is sporting what seems to be a strawberry milkshake on him. Victor is completely out of breath because he’s carrying Becca on his back. Scott quickly throws me over his shoulder before I even have a chance to decide to do anything. Even though we’re being chased by very hairy shirtless guys I can’t help but get extremely nervous about being this close to Scott again while he’s’ shirtless. Not to mention the fact that my butt is literally right next to his face.

Oakland is close behind us and he’s wearing a look of terror and aggravation on his face. I’m gonna have to remember to apologize to him after we get back to campus. My friends and I basically ruined his night. Hopefully, if these hairy dudes don’t get to us first, I’ll make Scott apologize too.

Later that night we’re laying in bed and Scott has his arms wrapped around me. We’ve woken up like this before but this times it’s different. This time we’re knowingly laying with each other, somehow every night before this we would end up tangled together on accident and I’d always push him off the bed in the morning. But now that we lay in a comfortable silence as boyfriend and girlfriend it’s just...different. An indescribable difference. Yet still good. So unlike many nights lately I drift asleep listening to Scott’s heartbeat with a smile on my face.

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