The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 31

Abby’s P.O.V.

“It’s been so long since we’ve had a girl’s day,” Anna squeals as she hangs on to my arm and drags me into the mall. I haven’t seen Anna in a little over two weeks and I think she’s having withdrawal symptoms or something, which is actually quite surprising since I use to be the one always obsessed over spending time with her.

“It h-hasn’t been t-that long,” I say trying to feel better about myself for not attempting to call her in so long. I’ve probably been a pretty crappy sister lately. I mean I could use the excuse that I was indeed attacked by my ex, but I still could have called her.

After shopping in several stores Anna finally decides to take a break and we sit down in a small cafe. I’ve noticed that she’s been quite fidgety all day. Also she’s bought me a lot of stuff...which is very unlike Anna. The only times she’s ever bought me anything were when I either begged or it was a holiday.

“’s it going?” She asks sipping her coffee nervously. Her eyes seem to flicker around the room, stopping on everything but me.

“Fine,” I say narrowing my eyes at her. “What’s g-going on w-with you?”

“Nothing,” she says far too quickly.

“A-anna I know when-”

“You know?” She asks as her eyes open wide. “So it’s not a surprise? I’m so glad that you already know! Wait! Who told you!? Was it F-”

“I h-have no idea w-what you’re talking about.”

“Oh,” she sighs before looking back up at me. “Well the thing is...I’m getting married!”

“Excuse m-me?”

“I’m getting married Abs!”

“I t-think I h-heard you wrong,” I shake my head at her. My sister couldn’t have possibly just said to me that she’s getting married. That’s preposterous. “D-did you just say t-that you’re g-getting carried?”

“No Abby I’m getting married,” she says sounding slightly more chipper than before. “And I want you to be my maid of honor.”

What the actual fudge?

I know good and well that Anna knows she can’t get married while she’s still so young and in college. She’s only twenty one! Our parents would never approve.


“I know you’ve got a lot going on,” she says grabbing my hands from across the table. “But it would literally make me the happiest person in the world if you would be the maid of honor.”

“W-what about mom and d-dad?” Our parents have very openly expressed their thoughts about people getting married before they have a stable home and job. Let’s just say that they didn’t have very good things to say about it. “You c-can’t do this right n-now Ann.”

“But I love him Abs,” she stares at me with puppy dog eyes and I almost want to glare right back and slap some sense into her.

“Who is i-it?”


“W-who is it?” I raise my eyebrows at her as she shifts uncomfortably in her seat.

“ want to know who the other bridesmaids are! Well it’s-”

“No,” I shake my head from frustration. “W-who’s the guy?”

“ mean the best man! Well-”

“Who the hell are you marrying!?”

Anna jumps a little, slightly shocked by my shouting at her. But seriously, how could she not expect me to be freaking out? She’s getting married to some guy she’s obviously already hesitant about telling me his name, which isn’t a good sign. What am I going to do if it’s somebody I hate? Or somebody else who used to fortune me in high school? Or even worse, what’s if it’s some horns old guy she met online.

“You c-can t-tell me,” I say setting my hand on her shoulder and she sighs before finally telling me.

“It’s Falon.”

“We can’t let this happen,” Scott says as he continues to pace back and forth in the rather small room.

You see, after I got back to the dorm room after hanging out with Anna, I found Scott curled up in a ball on my bed looking rather pissed off. I found out that while I was with Anna he was with Falon and they more or less had the same conversation Anna and I did. There was more punching and less talking.

Apparently Falon had done this sort of thing before. Scott told me a little about his girlfriend before me and how Falon must have developed feelings for her so he seduced her and once they found out she was pregnant he proposed. They got married within those next few weeks, but months later he realized that he didn’t have to be with her in order to take care of the kid so he immediately divorced her.

“I can’t believe he even asked me to be his best man,” he says as he clenches his hands into fiats and his nostrils begin to flare, which I have to admit was extremely hot.

“Wait,” I stare up at him from the bed. “We c-can’t just overlook t-the fact t-that you’re implying m-my sister is pregnant.”

“Why else would he be with her Abs?” He asks looking down at me sympathetically. “You know Falon well enough to know that he isn’t in just anything for nothing, especially not for love.”

“But Anna isn’t t-that stupid,” I say shaking my head.

“Yeah but my brother is exactly that stupid,” Scott rubs the line that has creased itself into his forehead before looking back at me with an apologetic look. “Sorry for bitching. C’mon lets go.”

“I’m g-good,” I say shaking my head and grabbing my kindle. “I have to c-catch up on my reading.”

“You don’t have a choice,” he chuckles shaking his head. He grabs my hand and pulls me up off the bed.“I want to show you something.”

“You always w-want to show me something,” I mutter. “It d-doesn’t always end well

“Do you trust me?”



After grabbing my crutches and getting to the place where Scott just had to take me we actually just ended up at the same ice cream shop we were at the last time. Scott said something about me “needing to get out of the dorm.” Which I suppose is partially true but I definitely don’t agree with it.

“Back so soon?” I look up and see up and see Ryan, the same guy who helped me out after I feel on my crutches here the last time.

I nod and I’m about to respond when I feel myself being tugged away by a much stronger person than me. I’m basically stumbling behind him and I nearly drop my crutches. Once we stop I automatically turn around towards him and slap him across the face.

“What the hell?” Scott asks staring at me and gasping.

“Oops,” I laugh, sitting down in a chair.

“You knew it was me.”

“How c-could I?” I ask raising an eyebrow at him. “For all I know y-you could h-have been Parker.”

“I doubt Parker would show up in this ice cream shop,” he says narrowing his eyes at me. My eyes widen as his eyes seem to go a degree darker and I see him suddenly leaning down. He places a quick kiss on my nose before muttering in my ear. “You looked cute. But right now I have to use the bathroom.”

He quickly stands up and basically runs towards the bathrooms, I laugh when I see him trip over a able leg and almost crash into Ryan. But he quicker regains his composure and speeds into the restroom.

I sit back in my seat and look around the tiny ice cream shop. It has a very comfortable feel, almost like a 50s diner type thing. I’ve always appreciated old places like these, I guess that makes me more like my mother than dad.

Suddenly I what a bell ring from by the front door which symbols that a new person just entered. But as soon as I see the person I pull a Scott and bolt towards the bathrooms, almost tripping along the way. They couldn’t have come here together could they? Maybe the second guy wasn’t even who I thought it was.

But I swore I just saw Mr. O’Neil.

With Parker?

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