The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 32

Abby’s P.O.V

The closest escape from Parker and Mr. O’Neil was obviously the bathroom. So when I saw Parker and Mr. O’Neil starting a conversation with Ryan I stumble backwards into the woman’s bathroom.

But of course to my luck the woman’s bathroom doesn’t end up being the woman’s bathroom.

As soon as I stumble inside Scott’s head turns towards me and he immediately screeches. Like full on screams, a very unmanly scream. I on the other hand quickly cover my eyes, realizing my mistake. I can’t believe that I just ran into the men’s bathroom while my boyfriend is using the urinal. But I can’t just leave, Parker and Mr. O’Neil are out there. So I stand there awkwardly as I listen to Scott pee with my hands covering my eyes.

“Um...Abby,” I don’t uncover my eyes to look at him because I can still hear him going. “Any reason that you’re still here?”

“Um...” I don’t answer him for a while and I shift on my feet as I hear him gradually stop and him flush the urinal.

“I’m decent now,” he says as I hear water from a sink start. “You can open your eyes and tell me why you’re in the men’s bathroom.”


“Piss?” He looks over at me and raised an eyebrow. “Yeah that’s what I was doing. But seriously. Couldn’t stay away from me for that long?”

“P-Parker.” I finally stutter out. I’m still slightly shaken by seeing him alongside my teacher.

“Parker?” Scott immediately tenses up and he finished washing his hands before he turns to me to say anything. “What about him?”

“I s-saw him,” I say looking down at my feet. “W-with Mr. O’Neil.”

“You saw him with Stan?” Scott asks as he dries his hands on a paper towel. “When was this?”

“I saw t-them in t-the shop.” I say looking back up at him. “T-they w-were talking to Ryan b-before I ran in h-here.”

“So he’s still out there?” I see anger flash across Scott’s eyes. I slowly nod and he rushes out of the pass me and out of the bathroom.

“Scott!” I run after him. I obviously didn’t expect him to run out, although I don’t know why I didn’t. When I get outside of the bathroom Scott is over talking to Ryan. Parker and Mr. O’Neil don’t appear to be in the shop anymore.

“W-what did t-they want?” I ask as I stop next to Scott. Ryan looks over at me confused.

“What did who want?” He asks as he moves to sweep the floor with the broom that he had been leaning up against.

“She said she saw you talking to two guys a few minutes ago,” Scott nods his head over in my direction.

“No,” Ryan looks over at me and raises his eyebrows. “Nobody else has even come in since you guys got here.”

“T-that’s not true,” I shake my head at him and turn towards Scott who appears I already be staring at me. “I s-saw them come in h-here.”

“You sure it was them?” Scott mutters to me quietly. I nod quickly and he takes a deep breath before turning back towards Ryan.

“Can you show us the security footage for today bro?”

“Sure,” Ryan shrugs and we follow him to a small room in the back. “But I can promise you that no one else has come in here.”

We gather around a small tv and he in inserts a tape into the slot before pressing play. He fast forwards towards the part where Scott leaves to go to the bathroom. Ryan is wiping off a table and I’m sitting at the table just staring at the front door for some reason. I watch, preparing to see Parker and Mr. O’Neil walk in, but it never happens. Instead I see myself stand up as if in pain and bolt towards the bathroom for no reason. We watch for a minute or two after that, but Ryan was right, no one else entered the little ice cream shop.

Am I going crazy?

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