The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 34

Abby’s P.O.V

So, last night was definitely...interesting.

It’s been the only thing that I can focus on lately considering I’ve been so tired. These nightmares have really been affecting the amount of sleep I get every night.

Oh, and did I say that Scott kissed me?

Well he did, and let’s just say that that’s the other reason I didn’t get much sleep last night.

I’ve been thinking about it alot lately. I’m talking about that day at the ice cream shop, not the kiss. Although I guess I’ve been thinking about that alot too. Anyhow I know that there was no way that the two men who I saw walk into that ice cream shop were not Parker and Mr. O’Neil: there’s no way at all, the similarities were too close. But why would Ryan lie? Why am I even contemplating this? I saw the security footage, there’s no way someone could have tinkered with the footage for the short minute that I was in the bathroom with Scott.

Is there?

Maybe everyone is right, I need to see someone about this.

I scream and turn around when I feel a hand tap my shoulder. I look up and breath out a sigh of relief when I see that’s it’s just Oakland. I had just gotten out of my last class about an hour ago and I decided to get some coffee from the cafe because I’m tired of hanging around my friends because they’re always analyzing me. I called Scott and he told me that he’d meet me here after his last class.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” Oakland says quickly taking a seat in the seat across from me. “I just saw you here and I figured that I would come and say hi.”


“Hi,” he laughs but there’s something different about him today. He looks...tired? His eyes are red, he looks like he hasn’t slepy in days, and his shoulders are slumped. Very different from the usual confident Oakland that I’m used to.

“Everything alright?” I ask staring at him.

“Oh yeah,” he says a little too quickly. “I’m just a little bit tired. Been having nightmares a lot lately.”

“N-nightmares?” My ears perk up and I look at him intentely. Is he going through the same thing as me? “What k-kind of nightmares?”

“Usually it’s the same one every night,” he frowns. “But I don’t really want to talk about that.”

“W-what do you w-want to t-talk about?”



“Abby I like you.”

“I l-like you too Oakland.”

“So you’ll go out with me?”

My eyes nearly fall out of my head when I hear him say that. He meant that he likes me like that?

“I h-have a b-boyfriend,” I say and push my chair back a little bit more to create more space between us but he just reaches across the table and sets his hand on top of mine.

“For how much longer though?” He asks and I raise an eyebrow at him wondering what exactly he’s insinuating. “Three days? A week? We both know that Scott doesn’t know how to keep it in his pants.”

“W-what t-the hell?” I draw my hand back and shoot him an angry glare.

“Okay that might have been out of line,” he says raising his hands up in surrender. “But c’mon Abby, I’ve been trying to impress you for weeks. And he’s been trying for what? Two hours? That’s a little unfair.”

“Unfair?” I stare at him with both my eyebrows raised. “I d-didn’t realize that you w-were allowed t-to dictate which of my decisions w-were fair or not.”

“This is all coming out really wrong,” he says placing his head in his hands for a few seconds before looking back up at me. “Listen I just want you to give me a chance to show you that I’m better.”

“I have a boyfriend,” I repeat and it looks like he’s about to say something but we both turn our heads when we hear another voice.

“Yeah she’s got a boyfriend,” we both turn around to see Scott standing there with a very pissed off look present on his face. I grin at him and he glances down at me but keeps a stony expression directed towards Oakland. Oakland stiffens immediately and I can see his fists begin to clench.

“Scott,” he says nodding his head at him. “We were just talking about you.”

“Oh really?” Scott asks grabbing my hand and pulling me up next to him. “I know I’m a real hot topic but Abby and I really have to get going now.”

“Does she know that?” Oakland asks glancing at me.

“Bye Oakland,” I say. I guess this is my fault, I should’ve noticed his behavior beforehand and maybe this all could have been prevented. I’m about to pull Scott towards the door so we can leave but before I can I’m being pulled back and I feel him press his lips against mine. Okay, yeah I know that it might be a little rude to make out in the middle of a cafe with Oakland sitting right there to witness it right after he told me about his feelings for me. But Scott’s lips are so...mesmerizing, that it took me while to pull away.

“Y-you’re such an asshole,” I say when I finally pull away and see the Oakland has already stood up and is making his way towards the door very angrily.

“I could’ve totally kicked his ass.”

I bet you can’t guess which one of us said that.

“You d-didn’t need to,” I say rolling my eyes at him.

“You didn’t want me to?”

“Why w-would I?”

“So you could see my super hot biceps,” he says looking down and flexing his arms. “Some have said that these are too good to be true. Other who have actually seen them haven’t lived to tell their story.”

“If you d-don’t shutup I’m going to lock y-you out of t-the room.”


When Scott and I get back to the room he’s about to unlcock it but we’re both surprised when we find that the door is already unlocked. He looks at me and motions for me to stay outside, I guess he’s just trying to be cautious. I stand still outside of the door listening. Soon, I hear Scott yelling but he doesn’t sound like he’s scared, he just sounds angry. So I take a chance and peek into the room.

“You couldn’t have called to at least tell me you were coming?” I can only see Scott’s back but from the tone of his voice I can already tell that he’s glaring at them.

I glance around the room and see Becca, Victor, Liam, Anna, and wait...who’s lap is Anna sitting on?

“Falon,” Scott says glaring at his brother who has his arm looped around Anna’s waist. “What the hell do you think you’re going here?”

“We need to talk to you Abs,” Anna says standing up and walking over towards me, but Scott immediately steps in her way. I still feel kind of bad about not telling her about Scott and I but we haven’t exactly had time to have a sisterly conversation...okay yeah maybe I could have told her the other day at the mall but I was nervous and then she sprung the wohle marriage thing on me.

“No we don’t,” Scott growls before pointing towards the door. “Get out of our room.”

“I’m not here to argue with you baby brother,” Falon says shaking his head at Scott and smirking. “Anna and I were talking with her parents about Abby-”

“Why are you so close to Anna’s family all of a sudden?” Scott asks looking at him suspiciously.

“What does it matter?”

“I think I’m allowed to wonder what my brother’s intentions are after all the bad decisions you’ve made in your life.”

“Well couldn’t I say the same for you baby brother?” Falon chuckles raising an eyebrow at Scott. “I mean shouldn’t I be asking why you care so much? You don’t usually care this much and you barely even know Abby.”

“I barely know my girlfriend?” Scott stares at him as if he’s grown a second head. “You’re one to talk! You met your ‘fiance’ last week!” I look over at Anna as soon as he says that and I swear her jaw hits the floow as soon as he says that. I guess I don’t have to worry about telling her about Scott and I anymore. “Secondly I don’t have to listen to this anymore so get out and-”

There’s suddenly a knock on the door and Scott looks like he doesn’t know whether or not he wants to answer it. Finally he stops glaring at Falon long enough to go over and greet whoever is at the door. Anna moves to sit back on Falon’s lap. Well...she doesn’t look pregnant. Liam is sitting on the floor with his arms crossed like a small child and his eyes flicked to mine for a second but then he’s glaring intentely at something across the room. Scott? No, as far as I know they aren’t mad at each other about anything. Victor and Becca are sitting a couple feet away from him obsessing over some book that they just finished, you almost wouldn’t even be able to tell whether or not they were listening to the conversation we just had at all.

Scott walks back into the room with four people following him. We all go silent as soon as we see them. Why did Scott just walk into the room with my parents, a police officer, and Mr. O’Neil?

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