The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 36

Scott’s P.O.V

“I’m sorry,” I look up to see Falon hovering above me. After running out and leaving Abby in the room I came outside and sat on the sidewalk to cool off a little bit. I know it’s not fair that I drove her all the way out here and then left her in my brother’s hospital room, but I always get like that when I visit here. Last time I punched Falon, that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been here in so long. I can’t help but get angry and sometimes I just can’t seem to control myself.

“S’alright,” I shrug. He doesn’t say anything, he takes a seat next to me and I look out at the parking lot. I see my mother and father walking towards the hospital entrance. Mom is crying on my Father’s shoulder while my Father holds on to her as they walk but he keeps a stony expression the whole time.

“It’s not something that they want to do Scott,” Falon says. I look over at him to see that he possesses the same expression he wore earlier today when we talked outside of my dorm room.

“How could they though?” I ask angrily. I can already feel myself starting to get worked up all over again. “How could they just pull the plug know that there’s still a chance that he could wake up? Who gave them they right?”

“He’s not going to wake up,” Falon says looking at me pitifully. “You and Miranda are the only ones who can’t seem to accept that.”

“Why would you want to accept any of this?”

“I never said I wanted to but it’s been long enough,” he says setting his hand on my shoulder. “I miss him too but it’s been a year already.”

“You’re telling me that you aren’t mad about this at all?”

“Yup,” he stands up and I stand up right after him.

“How could you not be?”

“Scott,” he smiles at sadly. “I’m not having this conversation with you. You need to grow up and accept what’s happening. Even if you don’t like it.”

Falon and I stare at each other but I don’t think either of us is necessarily angry. I just can’t seem to grasp why he’s acting like this. He and Daniel were probably just as close as Daniel and I.

Suddenly a car door is slamming shut and both our heads snap towards the parking lot where we see a very disoriented Miranda walking away from her car towards us. She immediately walks over towards me and I’m caught by surprise a little bit when she hugs me. She begins to sob uncontrollably into my chest. Now in recent years I wouldn’t say that Miranda and I have been exactly too close, but her and Daniel definitely were. Yes, Danial was close to everyone, he was just that kind of guy. Believe it or not, before all of this happened all of us Rogers siblings got along a whole lot better than we actually do now.

Falon shakes his head before walking towards the hospital entrance and slipping inside.

“Falon told me about it earlier,” she says taking a step back and wiping her tear stained cheeks.

“Falon has been a dickhead lately,” I laugh. It’s kind of a relief that I’m not the only one that isn’t okay with just unplugging Daniel when he could still be fighting.

“Have you already went inside to see him?”

“Yeah,” I nod my head and begin picking at my fingernails. “But I kind of left as soon as I got in there. I got angry.”

“Will you go in with me then?” She asks and again I’m taken by surprise. She’s never asked anyone to join her in the room with Danial whenever she went before, and believe me, Miranda visited constantly. “It’s just, I’ll probably break down or something and I’d rather not be in there by myself and I’m not really talking to mom and dad right now, and Falon just doesn’t understand, and-”

“Okay,” I chuckle shaking my head at her. “I’ll go with you.”

I throw my arm around my sister’s shoulders and we walk in together.

On the way down to the room we run into someone wearing a black ski mask but whoever it is just keeps walking in the opposite direction. Huh, sketchy. I don’t think too much of it as I continue walking towards Daniel’s room. I don’t think too much of it as I continue walking towards Daniel’s room. I hope Abby isn’t too mad about me leaving her inn there, I was only gone for twenty minutes and I probably would have done something stupid had I stayed in there.

When we get inside of the room the first thing I see is a very shocked looking Abby staring out the window.

“Abby?” I ask, she hasn’t seemed to have noticed that we’re in the room and even after I say her name she doesn’t say anything to acknowledge that we’re in the same room.

“Stutter girl.”


“What’s she doing here?” Miranda asks shifting awkwardly on her feet. I guess she remembers Abby from the last time we had that nice little family dinner.

“What happened?” I walk up to Abby and place my hand on her shoulder but she jumps back and stares at me with wide eyes like I’ve just frightened her. “Are you okay? You were just staring out the window really creepily.”

“Um...” She looks from me to Miranda then her eyes settle back on me again. “Y-yeah.”

“You sure?”


I don’t believe her but it’s quite obvious that she isn’t going to talk to me about anything while Miranda is still in the room so I leave it alone for right now. I walk over towards Daniel and take a seat in the extremely uncomfortable blue chair. My brother doesn’t look much different than he did a year ago. He looks well-groomed and although he looks as though he may be asleep you can tell that at any moment he could wake up and breathe energy into any room. I feel a pair of hands wrap around me and I smile a little bit when I see that it’s Abby.

“So are you guys a thing now or...?”

I look over at Miranda and nod. Even though my parents are obviously making the wrong decision about what to do with Daniel I’m starting to understand that at some point I’m going to have to come to terms with this. Falon seems to already have and even though she may not want to anymore than me, Miranda is going to have to. I mean I’m sure there are people out there that are going through much worse things than I am right now, it’s really not that bad.

What else could go wrong?

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