The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 37

Scott’s P.O.V

I jolt awake when I feel someone shaking me and someone screaming loudly. I open my eyes and look up to see Falon standing above me and shaking my shoulder. I look to my side and see Abby stretching as she lifts her head up off of my chest and sits up in her seat. I look around the small hospital room groggily and notice my sister and parents standing in the doorway staring at nothing as if they’re shocked about something.

“W-what’s g-going on?” Abby asks wiping her eyes and looking up at Falon. God, her voice is so hot after she just wakes up.

“We gotta go,” Falon says looking down at me and ignoring Abby. I furrow my eyebrows at him and slowly stand up.

“Why?” I ask him as I stretch my arms and help Abby out of her seat. “Where are we going?”

“Daniel’s gone,” Falon says and I raise an eyebrow before turning towards Daniel’s hospital bed and noticting that it’s empty. My anger fuels as I realize that they must have pulled the plug on him while I was asleep. But why would they do that?

“ guys did it already...”

“No that’s not it,” Falon shakes his head at me. “He’s gone. We don’t know where he went.”

“What the hell do you mean you don’t know where he went?” I look over at my parents and Miranda. My Dad looks up and me and shakes his head like he can’t believe it either.

“You and Abby must have fallen asleep in the room,” Falon says sounding like he’s just as lost. “Mom, Dad, Miranda, and I went out to get some dinner but when we got back he was just...gone.”

“Gone?” I look around at all of them and they look down at the floor. “How the actual fuck do you lose a person that’s in a freaking coma?”

“The Doctor thinks that he’s still in the hospital,” Falon shrugs. “If he isn’t then he couldn’t have gotten far. Which is exactly why we need to go now. Doctor says that he probably just woke up, freaked out, and somehow ran out. It’s happened once or twice before.”

“S-so we shouldn’t b-be worried?” Abby asks grabbing hold of my hand.

“Not if we leave now,” Falon says sounding rather annoyed. “You and Abby can go out and start looking down the main roads. I’m going with Miranda. Dad is going by himself and Mom is going to stay here just in case it turns out he’s still in the building.”

I nod and Falon pats my shoulder before walking out of the room with Miranda and my Father following behind him. I walk up to my mother and give her a quick hug before taking Abby’s hand in mine and walking out of the room. When Abby and I reach the elevator I quickly push the button for the lobby and wait impatiently.

How do you just lose a person that was in a coma? But now that I think about it, Abby and I were sitting right there in the room with him. How could he have not seen us? He had to at least have recognized me. Why didn’t he wake me up? Is it possible that he didn’t recognize me?

“Scott y-you’re h-hurting my hand,” I hear Abby say and I immediately losen my grip on her hand.

“Sorry,” I mutter before looking over at her. I see that she’s actually already looking at me and I’m slightly startled by the intensity of her stare.

“We’re g-going to find him,” she whispers into my ear and I shiver as the warmth of her breaht touches my skin.

“How?” I whisper back even though there’s no one else in the elevator. “I can’t even seem to find myself right now.”

“I’ll h-help you,” she says and I give her a small smile.

“I’d like that,” I say and she grins at me. Then suddenly we’re kissing. I don’t know who exactly initiated it, hell maybe it was both of us. But I can’t help but to forget about Daniel and Parker and any other things that I should be worrying about. Because those thirty seconds that I was kissing Abby felt like something brand new, something I hadn’t experienced before. And even though I have kissed her before it hadn’t felt like this.

Unfortuantely there’s this stupid bell that goes off when you reach the floor that you’re going to on an elevator and it scared Abby and I half to death. Instead of pulling away and staring into eachother’s eyes like they do in all those sappy movies we jumped and not only bumped heads but bumped the front of our teeth.

“Ouch,” I groan holding my mouth and glaring at the elevator door. I look over at Abby to see that she’s blushing furiously and staring down at her feet.

I decide to not say anything about it just this once and I toss my arm around her shoulder so that we can leave the hospital.

Abby’s P.O.V

We’ve been looking around for Daniel for about four hours now and we’ve still come up with nothing. I’m still not sure whether or not I should tell Scott who I saw in the hospital room earlier because maybe I was just hallucinating again and it’s not even relevant. There’s no reason to get Scott and riled up for no reason.

“We’re never going to find him,” Scott says. We’re parked in front of his house right now because he decided that we need to turn in for the night. We’re both feeling pretty helpless at this point.

“We will,” I say again for what feels like the hundreth time tonight. But he just shakes his head at me and climbs out of the car before walking towards his house with his head hanging. I quickly climb out of the car and follow after him from a distance. When I get inside I get inside I see Scott sprint up the stairs and I hear a door slamming. I slowly walk up the stairs and walk past Scott’s door when I notice that it’s open and there’s no one in it.

I continue walking down the hall to make sure that Scott’s okay.I pause in front of a close door that has ′DANIEL′ on it in broad letters. Figuring that this is Daniel’s room I knock on it a couple times and I hear rustling come from inside.

“Not now!” I hear Scott yell from inside and I sigh before making my way back down the stairs. I walk outside and take a seat on the steps looking out at the dark world from their porch. There are some streetlights on and every once in a while a car will drive by but other than that it’s completely quiet. So that’s why I’m almost positive that I hear something coming from the tree right next to the porch.

I stand up slowly and squint but I still can’t see anything. I’m starting to think that it’s nothing and I’m just tired from all the looking around Scott and tonight but then I hear it again and it’s starting to get a little weird. Maybe I’m just freaking out for no reason. It’s probably just a dog or something. I slowly walk down the porch steps and that’s when I see the shadow. It’s not very prominent but it’s definitely there.


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