The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 38

Scott’s P.O.V.

Maybe I’ve been overreacting, maybe I haven’t, but it’s not everyday that your pretty much dead brother wakes up and escapes from the hospital. My parents called me about an hour ago to tell me that they’re staying in a hotel until tomorrow and then they’re going to go out and look for Daniel. I mean where could he possibly have gone after waking up from a coma? It’s really starting to stress me out.

Damn Daniel.

I’ve been sitting around in his room for over two hours doing nothing. I used to always come in here after visiting him in the hospital because it made me feel closed with him. I’d usually stay in here for the rest of the night and sleep in his bed but I don’t want to be a dick and just leave Abby out there in my house with nothing to do. I just felt like I was having an anxiety attack earlier and I didn’t want her to see me like that so as soon as we got in the house I bolted.

Anyhow, now that I’ve collected myself, I walk out of Daniel’s room and slowly make my way down the stairs.

“Abby!” I call out as I walk around the seemingly deserted house. I walk into the dining room and see Tom, our butler.

“Have you seen Abby?” I ask walking up to him and he stops sweeping for a moment and smiles when he sees me.

“She left about an hour ago,” he says before he continues to sweep around the room.

“Wait,” I say following after him while he continues to sweep. “What do you mean she left? Who did she leave with?”

“One of the maids saw her get in a car and leave,” he says shrugging at me. “I’m assuming that she called one of her friends to come and get her since you locked yourself in your room.”

“Why didn’t you come and get me? I could’ve drove her home myself!”

“Your mother specifically told us not to bother you after you visit with your brother.”

“Whatever,” I grunt and I quickly jog up to my room to call her. But her phone immediately goes to voicemail. I don’t remember her saying anything about her phone dying and besides, what friend does she have that lives close to me? I shrug it off and walk back up to Daniel’s room.

Great, now not only do I have no idea where My brother is, I can’t seem to keep track of my girlfriend either.

Abby’s P.O.V

I glance around the small ice cream shop. Once again there doesn’t seem to be many people here, only about three or four besides us. Ryan is over at the counter and he sends me a friendly wink when he sees me looking over at him.

“It was my fault,” I look up at Liam as he breaks the silence. We’ve been here for about twenty minutes now, he damn near scared me to death when he popped up out of nowhere at Scott’s house. He looked like he was on something, I couldn’t tell if it was alcohol, drugs, or both, but it was definitely something. When he saw me he said that he could just come back later but I couldn’t let him drive around in his own and I offered to take him back to campus since he decided he didn’t want to stay at Scott’s house. And somehow we ended up in this little ice cream shop because he said he wasn’t ready to go back.

“W-what was your f-fault?” I ask and he leans his head down on the table. He seems more down to earth than when he showed up at Scott’s house. Definitely a lot less drunk or high or whatever he was, it was probably a combination of both.

“Daniel,” he says and I furrow my eyebrows at him confused. Scott never said anything about Liam being with them the night of the accident.

“W-what about him?”

“Nothing,” he slurs and then frowns a little bit. I shake my head at him, he looks like he hasn’t shaved in days he just seems depressed.

“What are y-you d-doing to yourself?” I ask him and he tilts his head up to look at me but keeps it rested on the table.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says groggily. “A better question would be if I were to ask why you’re dating Scott. But that’s weird so I won’t.”

Okay, he still seems drunk.

“W-why would you w-want to know?”

“I dunno,” he lifts his head off the table and sets his head on his fist so that he can make eye contact with me. “It’s just you’re...not terrible looking...pretty. So why Scott? You had Oakland, I’m sure there were other people...”

“Why d-do you c-care so much?” I narrow my eyes at him. Why does he have such a sudden interest in my love life?

“It’s just you don’t really know him,” he shrugs nonchalantly. “I mean he was an asshole to you for years and now you think he cares? Why does he get everything even after being an asshole?”

“W-where is all t-this coming from?”

He looks me in the eyes before shaking his head and sighing. He sets his head back down on the table and closes his eyes.

I don’t know what compelled me to try to have an intelligent conversation with him while he’s in this state. Liam and I have never been close before, especially not after the first time we met.

“W-what aren’t you t-telling us?” I ask and he huffs before sitting up straight in his seat and glaring at me.

“W-what make you so s-sure I’m k-keeping something f-from you?”

I look at him unamused by his attempt to imitate my stutter. It doesn’t bother me as much when people do it anymore, especially considering its Liam and his opinion is as small as he probably is.

If you know what I mean.

We sit there for what feels like forever staring at each other and I see his eyes soften a little bit. I honesty don’t think he’s a terrible person, even if he keeps trying to make me think that he is. There’s some reason that he’s been running to alcohol and whatnot lately and I’m going to find out whether he liked it or not.

Liam and I’s staring match is interrupted when we hear the bell of the small ice cream shop ringing. Both of us turn towards the door wondering who just entered the room. Both our mouths drop open and Liam is the first to speak.


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