The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 39

Abby’s P.O.V

The man standing at the door looks exhausted and out of breath. He’s wearing a hospital gown and is looking around frantically. Liam stands up from his seat and begins to walk over towards Daniel and I stand up and walk behind him. But as soon as Daniel sees Liam and I walking towards him he stops and squints at us before turning around and bolting back out the door.

“Daniel!” Liam shouts as Daniel sprints out of the little ice cream shop. Liam runs out after him but I don’t bother following him because there’s no way that I’d be able to catch up with them. I walk back over to our table and decide to call Scott to tell him that we found his brother. But when I take my phone out I try to turn it on and realize that it’s dead. I groan and sit back in my seat, I might as well just wait here until Liam comes back.

“What was all of that about?” I look up to see Ryan standing above me with a look of confusion on his face. He’s holding the same broom that he always seems to be holding whenever I come here.

“N-nothing,” I say shaking my head tiredly.

“Who was the guy you were with then?” He asks raising his eyebrows. He sets his broom down and sits down in the seat across from me.

“J-just some idiot,” I say shaking my head at him.

“You seem to bring a lot of those in here,” he says smiling at me strangely.

“Are you t-talking about S-scott?”

He just shrugs and sits back in his seat, making himself comfortable. I notice his eyes scanning my face and I immediately look down at my hands to avoid having to look at him.

“W-Where’s B-brittany?” I ask him realizing that I haven’t seen her since the first time Scott and I came to this ice cream shop. “Does she n-not w-work here anymore?”

“She’s just on vacation,” he shrugs nonchalantly. “I’m taking over this place until she can make it back.”

I don’t know why but all of a sudden I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable being here with just him. He seems different today, way too calm.

“Ryan,” he looks up at me when I say his name and I look back at him seriously. “Are y-you absolutely s-sure you d-didn’t see anything t-that day?”

“What day?” He asks stupidly as if he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. What other specific day would I have reason to talk to him about?

“W-When Parker s-showed up.”

“He was never here Abby,” he says but he’s still smiling at me when he says it. He’s looking at me pitifully. I narrow my eyes at him but he just looks back at me.

“H-he was,” I say glaring at him. I can’t be crazy, there’s no way that he wasn’t here. It felt too real, it had to be happening.

“If that’s what you want to belie-” Just as Ryan’s about to respond the bell to the store rings. I look over at the door expectantly, hoping that it’s Liam so I can just get out of here already and not have to put up with this anymore than I’ve already had to today. But instead I’m greeted by the same face that I’ve been seeing far too much of lately.

Parker is standing there holding a ski mask in his hand and grinning at me menacingly. He’s wearing the same exact thing form when he showed up at the hospital while I was in Daniel’s room. He smirks at me and begins walking towards our table and I immediately stand up. I hear Ryan’s voice trying to talk to me and asking what’s wrong but I can’t even pay attention to him right now. My eyes are locked on Parker’s as he continues to walk towards me.


Scott’s P.O.V

“Schizophrenic?” I ask the Doctor again for the millionth time and all she does is nod sadly at me. I mean this is just great, am I right? It’s not like I already have enough on my plate already. Now:

1. I can’t seem to find my brother.

2. Nobody’s heard from Liam since he ran out after Daniel, that’s what Ryan told me.

3. And now my girlfriend supposedly might have schizophrenia.

It’s been a day since Abby had her melt-down. Right now I’m sitting in my living room with Abby’s parents, her sister, Falon, Becca, Ryan, Victor, my parents, and of course Dr. Joseph. Abby is in our guest room again sleeping.

“Due to her behavior that’s what I believe is happening,” Dr. Joseph says.

“That can’t be true,” I say shaking my head at her and running a hand through my hair. I’m absolutely exhausted, I haven’t slept since finding out Daniel was gone.

“C’mon Scott,” Ryan says and I glare at him even though I have no reason to. “She busted me up just because she thought I was Parker. You’re lucky it wasn’t someone else cause they might’ve pressed charges.”

That’s true. Supposedly Abby screamed and punched Ryan because she thought he was Parker. She broke his nose and probably would have done worse. I’m still not sure I believe that she would have done that. Ryan said that supposedly the security cameras were taken down for inspection earlier that day so there was no real evidence that any of it happened. But that’s also no reason for Ryan to be lying about any of this.

“Just start giving her these twice a day,” the doctor says to Abby’s parents and I see her hand them a small bottle of pills.

“I take it she won’t be coming back to school?” Becca asks sounding just as worried as I’ve been. I know they’ve grown close lately. Becca doesn’t like to admit it but I know that she cares.

“She can after a couple of days,” Doctor Joseph says as she begins to pack up her stuff. “It definitely doesn’t help to shut people with her condition off from society. She needs to normalize herself with the world again, and treating her differently won’t help at all. From what I’ve heard she’s still in the early phases so hopefully if she takes the meds and doesn’t get too stressed out she should be fine. But she will not be allowed back on the campus if she has an episode on campus.”

I furrow my eyebrows at the thought. No Abby on campus? No Abby in my room to piss off? No one but me in the room? It’s kind of a foreign thing to imagine. She’s usually always just...there.

“Let’s say she does have another one of these episodes,” I hate using that word when we’re referring to Abby. “And it ended up like this one. What would happen?”

“Well I’m sorry to say this,” the doctor says as she begins to leave the room. “But if another one of these episodes happens it probably means that she certainly has a serious case of schizophrenia and she would have to be hospitalized immediately.”

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