The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 40

Abby’s P.O.V

I’m starting to get a little bit pissed off.

I’ve been sitting in the same bed for nearly three days. There’s always at least one other person siting in here with me and giving me medicine to take at the same time everyday. But no one will tell me why the hell I’ve just been laying around in Scott’s guest room. Scott won’t even tell me, I don’t see him much during the day cause he must still go to his classes. He’s always back at night time though, driving back and forth from campus all the time must be exhausting.

My Mom is the one sitting in here with me right now. I’ve asked her several times already when I’ll be able to get up or why I’m even being held in here at all, but she gives me the same sad expression that everyone else does before shaking her head at me.

“J-just tell me w-what t-the hell is wrong w-with me!” I yell at her and she jumps a little bit in her seat, probably surprised that I’ve finally resulted to screaming at her.

“I’m so sorry,” she says shaking her head and I notice tears starting to stream down her cheeks. This happened the last time I asked her what was going on, it seems that every time I ask her she always breaks down and cries.

“C-can you tell me w-what you’re s-sorry about?”

“Not today honey,” she says and I huff angrily. I just can’t believe that they’ve basically imprisoned me in this room and they don’t even have the decency to tell me why.

Both of our heads snap towards the door when we hear a gentle knock on it.

My boyfriend’s head pops through the door and he grins at me but the smile doesn’t completely reach his eyes.

“You can step out now if you need to,” Scott says looking over at my mother. “I can stay in here now, it’s almost six anyways.”

My mother doesn’t say anything to me or Scott as she stands up and leaves the room. As soon as she leaves Scott shuts the door and walks over to stand next to the bed. He looks down at me but doesn’t say anything for a while. I can tell that he’s tired because his eyes are red and he looks like he hadn’t shaved in days.

“W-what’s going on?” I ask him hoping for an answer this time. It’s been kind of difficult talking considering that this is all I’ve wanted to talk about lately.

“Long story short?” He says and I nod before scooting over in the bed and he slides in beside me. He puts his arm around my waist and I rest my head on my chest. “We’ve been looking for Liam for three days. We haven’t been able to find him since he ran out of the ice cream shop looking for Daniel.”

“W-why d-didn’t you tell m-me before?” I ask turning and looking at him. Liam being gone for one or two days is normal, but being gone for three?

“We’ve been looking all over,” Scott says shaking his head tiredly and closing his eyes. “He seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. His parents have filed a police report and have organized search parties but I don’t think we’re making much progress in my opinion.”

“Well w-why am I just s-sitting in here d-doing nothing?” I ask getting angry again. What kind of good could I possibly be doing if I’m just sitting in here instead of looking for Liam like I should be. “What’s w-wrong with me?”

Scott is silent for a long while and I begin to wonder whether or not he heard me but then he finally says something.

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” Scott says kissing top of my head gently. “Your parents are just trying to take some precautions and I’m forced to go along with it.”

“P-precautions for w-what?”

“There’s just some stuff going on right now,” Scott says before turning his head so that he’s looking me in the eyes. “But there’s nothing wrong with you and everything is going to be fine, okay?”

I nod and he leans down to plant a sweet kiss on my lips. It’s about to turn into something more when we hear someone coughing from the doorway. We pull away from each other I see Oakland and my father standing at te door.

“Um you have a visitor Abby,” Scott stiffens when he sees Oakland and immediately glares at him. “And Scott, could I have a moment with you?”

Scott looks down at me with terrified eyes and I just shrug. I mean my dad did just walk in on us about to make out, I’m surprised that Scott’s surprised that my dad wants to talk to him honestly.

“I think Oakland should come with us,” Scott says but my dad shakes his head at Scott’s attempt to make sure I’m not alone with Oakland.

“I need to talk to you about my daughter alone,” Dad says and Scott nods before standing up. He looks at me with pleading eyes and I just shrug again, there’s nothing I can do about this.

Scott glares at Oakland and purposefully bumps shoulders with him before walking out of the room with my Father.

“Well don’t you look cute today,” Oakland says smiling down at me but I just raise and eyebrow at him as he stands next to the bed.

“If by c-cute you mean m-makeupless, hair n-not combed, and p-pissed off,” I say sarcastically. “Then I g-guess t-that’s me.”

“I find it kind of adhering,” he says sitting on the edge of my bed. “How’s life treating you? It’s been a while.”

“It’s b-been like a w-week,” I say rolling my eyes at him.

“Ouch,” he says grasping his chest as if he’s in some sort of pain. “That eye roll kind of hurt.”

“I was h-hoping it w-would.”

“But seriously,” Oakland says as he looks at me with concern evident in his voice. “How have you been?”

“B-besides not knowing w-why I’ve b-been trapped in t-this room?” I ask tapping my chin with my finger. “Just peachy.”

“What’s you mean you’re trapped in here?”

“I m-mean they w-won’t let me out,” I whine. “And t-they won’t tell me w-why. I feel like I-I’m suffocating in h-here.”

“Well,” Oakland looks like he’s in deep thought. “What if I could get you out of here?”

“H-how?” I ask curiously. I haven’t been outside in what feels like forever.

“Tonight,” he says. “I could sneak you out if you’d be up for a night of just hanging out with me.”

Last time Oakland and I talked it ended on a bad note. And I really desperate enough to to get out of this room that I’d sneak out with him? I mean I’ve hung out with Oakland before and nothing’s happened except for the last time. Maybe things can go back to normal with him and I.

“Fine,” I say nodding my head and he immediately grins at me and I can’t help but smile back at him. He stands up and the door to the room opens revealing Scott as he walks back into the rooms. Oakland looks at him before looking back down at me and kissing the back of my hand before walking towards the door.

Scott glares at him the whole way out, but that doesn’t prevent Oakland from winking at me before walking out of the room.

What have I gotten myself into?

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