The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 42

Abby’s P.O.V

Scott: Where are you??

Scott: Abby where the fuck are you?

Scott: ABBY

Scott: Whoever is reading this, I’m calling the cops.

Scott has been texting me for the last ten minutes trying to figure out where I am and all I’ve been doing is reading it. Oakland and I left McDonald’s a couple of hours ago and we’re now sitting beside a beautiful lake. He says that his Grandparents own the property but that they’re on vacation up North so we won’t get in trouble for being here.

“I h-have to text h-him back now,” I mutter to Oakland who is lying back with his hands behind his head and a frown on his face. He looks over at me with a look of pity on his face.

“For what?” He asks shaking his head at me before looking back up at the sky. “Haven’t we established that the guy is a huge dick?”

“I’m n-not gonna let him c-call the cops,” I say rolling my eyes at him. He just gives me a small smile and shrugs. I shake my head at him and text Scott back.

Me: Scott I’m fine.

Scott: Where the hell are you?

Me: Out.

Scott: What the fuck does that mean?

Me: I’ll be back later.

My phone starts ringing and I sigh before answering it.

“H-hello?” I say.

“Abby where the fuck are you!?” He yells and I see Oakland sit up a little bit raising his eyebrows at me to make sure I’m alright. I give him a little nod and he shrugs before laying back down again.

“It d-doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t fucking matter?“He shouts and I hold the phone away from my ear a little bit so I don’t end up going deaf after this conversation. Stuttering and deaf, that sure wouldn’t be good. “Where are you?”

“T-that sure didn’t seem t-to matter w-when you were shoving your t-tongue down that girl’s t-throat,” I fire back angrily. The other end of the line is silent for a second. A second longer than he should have been.

“W-what?” He stutters. Wait...did Scott Rogers just stutter? “What are you talking about Abby?”

“Oh d-don’t t-tell me you already f-forgot,” I chuckle at him. “Oakland told m-me all about it.”

“Oakland?” Scott grunts angrily. “Is that who you’re with? What the hell Abby? Why are you with that Dbag?”

“So it’s t-true?” I ask ignoring his question and pointing the conversation back towards him. “You were w-with someone yesterday?”

Once again it goes silent on the other end of the phone and that’s all the confirmation that I need. I shake my head and a tear escapes down my cheek, my throat starts to burn and I think Oakland notices because he sets a hand on my shoulder as I attempt to hold my emotions in.

“Listen Abby,” Scott says softly. “I don’t wanna talk about this over the phone okay? You need to come home, it’s not safe out there.”

“I think I’d r-rather be out h-here t-than in a house w-with a ch-cheater.”

“A cheater?” He asks sounding confused. “Abby I didn’t-”

But I’ve already hung up with him when he’s about to say something. I guess I really should have seen this kind of thing coming. He isn’t necessarily the kind of guy that I should have been messing around with in the first place.

“Are you alright?” Oakland asks looking at me with a concerned look on his face. I look back at him and shake my head before standing up and walking towards he lake. I motion for him to follow me and jump in.

Scott’s P.O.V

“What do you mean she’s not there?” Anna asks me tiredly as I pace back and forth in the room that Abby is supposed to be sleeping in. I had decided to call her after attempting to call Abby several times after Abby had hung up on me earlier. It’s probably been about an hour since I’ve been able to get in contact with Abby.

“I mean she’s not here!” I whisper shout loudly as that my parents can’t hear me. “I think she ran off with that Oakland guy, she’s pissed at me and isn’t answering my calls anymore.”

“Why is she pissed at you?”

“That is beside the point,” I huff as I run a hand through my hair before yawing tiredly. I’m so tired of all this shit, now I’m searching for my girlfriend and my best friend? Well, that’s just not fair. “She shouldn’t be out on her own.”

“I thought you said she was with Oakland.”

“She is but-”

“Problem solved,” Anna says happily. “She’s no longer out there on her own.”

“Aren’t you worried about her at all?” I growl at her.

“Listen,” she says calmly. “You and I both know Abby is smart. I trust her to not get into a black van with a stranger that she doesn’t know.”

“But what if she has another one of her episodes,” I say. “Oakland wouldn’t even know what to do.”

“Babe who are you talking to?” I hear another voice coming from Anna’s side of the line and immediately recognize it as my brother’s.

“I’m talking to Scott,” she answers tiredly. “Apparently my sister escaped her little prison cell.”

“Ooooh I wanna talk,” I hear a bunch of shuffling from the other end of the line and a small squeal. I frown and I’m about to hang up when someone finally says something.

“Baby brother!” My elder brother shouts into the phone incredibly loudly.

“What’re you doing with Anna?” I ask wondering when my brother had escaped that house. It seems as though everyone is just slipping out from my grasp.

“Being naked,” he says and I hear a loud smacking sound and a groan. “Ouch, calm down Ann. It’s not like he hasn’t already figured it out.”

Suddenly there’s a loud knock at my front door and I groan as I begin walking down the many stairs. Who would even be here this early in the morning? The knocking continues at Falon blabbers on about something in my ear.

“Listen Falon I have to-” I begin to say as I open the door but as soon as I open the door I nearly drop my phone. Standing at my door is a soaked Abby and Oakland, well they’re actually more-so leaning against it like at any moment one of them may collapse.

Is that alcohol I smell?

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