The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 44

Scott’s P.O.V

“You really fucked up this time, huh?”

I look over and glare at my older brother who just holds up his hands. I look over towards the bed that Abby is currently laying in with her sister. It took us nearly an hour and a half to get her to fall asleep. Thankfully Miranda was the only one to come down the stairs while Abby was trying to convince us that she was completely and totally sober.

“No but seriously dude,” Falon says and I turn back towards him raising my eyebrows. “You didn’t just fuck this up. You took a situation that was already pretty fucked up, threw it in a blender of all the other fucked up things and-”

“Falon,” I say sternly. “I am well aware of the situation and I’m fixing it.”

When Anna and Falon finally get here, well over an hour after I had called them, Abby had for some reason curled into a small ball and started crying. But when I kneeled down and touched her shoulder to try and calm her down she damn near punched me in the balls before murmuring a string of curse words to herself.

When that Anna and Falon had finally decided to show their faces, Anna was not happy that Abby was crying in a corner and I damn near got punched in the balls again. Anyways after that I guess the sister in Anna came out and Falon and I just sat there while Anna rushed Abby around and got her washed up and whatnot. Abby had finally fallen asleep about ten minutes ago cuddled into the side of her sister.

“You know Anna’s pretty pissed at you,” Falon says shaking and stating the obvious.

“Once again I am well aware,” I say looking away from him and shutting the door to the room Abby and Anna are currently staying in. “She got here and her sister was on the floor crying.”

“That and she kind of trusted you,” Falon says shrugging as he follows when I begin to start walking down the hallway. “I mean she expected for you to look after her sister and then she gets here and finds out she’s drunk.”

I’m about to respond but that’s when I hear another extremely loud knock on our front door. I look at Falon and he just raises his eyebrows at me questionably. Who the hell could that be?

I walk down the hall, passed the room that Oakland is currently occupying, and down the stairs with Falon following close behind me. I hop down the last two steps and jog towards the door and open it. I look around not seeing anyone before turning and looking back towards Falon who is staring at something with wide eyes. And that’s when I hear it. It’s barely audible but it’s quite obvious that it was a whimper. I look back outside and I finally see when Falon is staring at.

A body.

“Scott,” I hear Falon say softly from beside me.

“Yeah,” I answer not looking away from the body laying on the ground.

“I don’t think there’s supposed to be liquid coming out of that body,” he says and I can hear his voice crack a little bit. “Why is it on our steps?”

I look over at my frightened older brother because I know that he only starts asking really stupid questions when he gets nervous.

I walk out onto the steps and the whimpering I heard earlier grows louder. I turn the porch lights on and as soon as I do I cringe at what I see. A person lays on the ground, a very beaten up person. I can tell that it’s a man although the way he’s laying I can’t seem to see his face. But something that does catch my eye is a slip of paper on the person’s back. I pick it up, careful not to touch the person but I almost immediately drop it when I notice splotches of blood spread on the paper. I breathe in deeply before opening the paper and reading the few words that are written.

Consider this a warning.

I frown and quickly stand up, stumbling a little bit as I do.

“I’m gonna call the police,” I hear Falon says and I whip my head around to look at him.

“Don’t,” I say shaking my head at him.

“There’s a freaking body laying on our doorstep,” he hisses at me. “Why the hell wouldn’t I call the police?”

“Just call Anita,” I say referring to our on call doctor. She was the person who helped Abby after what happened with her and Parker. “It probably looks worse than it is, maybe there’s no reason to bring the police into this.”

“Are you even hearing yourself right now?” he asks loudly. “This is the perfect reason to call the cops, you-”

“Just do what I said,” I growl at him. He squints his eyes at me and gives me a long look.


About an hour and a half later I’m laying in my room with my arm slung over my face thinking about the note that I found from earlier. What have I done to deserve this type of warning for something?

After Anita go here I didn’t bother sticking around and I let Falon explain everything because I literally feel exhausted. I barely got any sleep at all and I know that my parents will be up soon and will want answers. But even after I laid in my bed I couldn’t manage to find sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything.

After another half an hour of just laying in my bed I hear a knock on my door. I grown, assuming that it’s my parents, and shout that they can come in.

“Scott,” I look up and see Anita standing in the doorway.

“Oh hey,” I quickly sit up and look at her expectantly. “What’s up?”

“The patient is awake,” she says sighing before rubbing at her eyes. “He’s awake and he should be fine. He looked a little worse than he actually was.”

“Is he alright to talk to?” I ask standing up straight and stretching.

“I believe so,” she says. “He’s resting in the infirmary right now. From what I’ve inspected there are no broken bones or anything so hopefully he won’t need to make any trips to the emergency room.”

I follow Anita down to the infirmary but when I’m about to go in she insists that she’s just wait outside. I shrug and open the door to walk in but stop when I see two people look up at me. Falon smiles at me a little bit and his eyes are red, almost as if he had just been crying.

I take a closer look at the man laying in the bed next to him. He can’t be much older than us but his face is completely bruised up. There’s a very noticeable scar running across his left cheek but it must be fairly old compared to his other wounds considering how faded it looks. Daniel had almost the same exact one on his left cheek too.


“Hey there stranger,” he says smiling at me a little bit. He just used the same nickname that only Daniel used to use for me. I look over at Falon and he discretely nods his head.

It is him.

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