The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 49

Abby’s P.O.V

A couple of hours later Anna and I are sitting in the dining room by ourselves when we hear a loud thump. All the parental units left a little while ago so right now it’s just Anna and I. Scott and Falon still haven’t come back from when they ran out of the house earlier to look for Parker. It began raining outside about half an hour ago so Anna and I decided to not try looking for them because we both figure that they can make it back without us having to get wet. I’d at least hope they know how to make it back.

“Do y-you want something t-to eat?” I ask her as I shuffle a deck of cards. We have been playing cards ever since Anna finally calmed down a little bit. It’s been really rough lately and this whole Parker showing up out of nowhere is really causing a lot more trouble.

“When do you think they’re going to get back?” Anna asks instead of answering my question. She’s been really worried about Falon. I never thought that she actually cared about him that much. It seemed like it was all seem some big charade for money but maybe she actually does really care about him.

“If t-they aren’t back in t-ten minutes we c-can call for help,” I say rubbing my sister’s arm as her jaw clenches. She seems a lot more worried than I’m feeling. I don’t believe anything is wrong, every time Parker has showed up, or at least every time I’ve seen him pop up, he’s always disappeared before anyone else could see him. Even now that Anna believes she saw him I’m still not sure whether or not those times that I saw him were real or imagined. “I’ll make us s-some c-coffee.”

She nods and I stand up to walk towards the kitchen. But before I can even reach the room I here the front door open and a bunch of wrestling around. My head snaps towards Anna’s and she immediately stands up to run into the front room and I follow closely behind. When we get into the room I stop in my tracks at the sight before me.


Scott and Falon have him pinned to the ground and all three of them are absolutely soaked. Scott and Falon are breathing heavily but Parker is just laying there as if he doesn’t mind that they’re holding him captive.

“Call...the...police,” Falon says in between breathes. Everything that happens after that is kind of a blur, I know that Anna rushes around to find her phone and call the police. Scott finds a pair of handcuffs in his Dad’s closet and handcuffed parker to the heating vent so that he and Falon didn’t have to hold him down anymore. In the midst of all of it, I stand in the same spot I was in when I entered the room. Staring the monster handcuffed to a vent.

I’m trying to decipher whether or not all of this is actually happening. All those times that I had been told I was imagining things felt real, and this feels real too. There’s a thin line between reality and imaginary and I can’t seem to tell whether or not I’ve crossed it.

I am finally snapped out of my thoughts and everything going on around me when Parker slowly lifts his head and makes eye contact with me for the first time since he was dragged in here. As soon as his dark eyes meet mine my stomach drops. What did I ever see in those eyes when I dated him in the first place? How did we get here?

“Did you miss me dear?” He sneers with a disgusting smirk plastered on his face.

All of a sudden Scott is rushing past me and kneeling next to Parker, grabbing the collar of his shirt in a threatening matter. Scott leans in and says something that I’m too far away to hear but when he leans back Parker has a look of fear on his face. But he quickly replaces it with a wide grin at Scott as if whatever Scott just said to him didn’t scare him at all. Parker looks up at me before looking back at Scott.

“I’m pretty sure that she wants you just about as much as she wants me right now,” Parker says smirking at Scott. “I mean I know I’ve done some bad stuff but at least I’d never cheat on her.”

As soon as he says that I feel all of the air completely leave my lungs. How the hell would Parker know about Scott cheating on me? There’s no way he would know unless someone told him. Oaland was the one who told me but there’s no way that he would know Parker.

I begin to hyperventilate and I slowly sink to the floor. It suddenly gets very hard for me to breathe and spots are starting to blur my vision.

“Abby,” I see Scott appear next to me and he stares down at me horrified as he assesses the situation.

“” I barely squeak it out but Scott seems to understand and he immediately stands up and sprints out of the room. Hopefully in search of an inhaler.

Finally, when it feels like my lungs are about to explode and I’m about to pass out Scott and anna appear next to me. Scott kneels down next to me and holds the inhaler up to me lips and after a few hits off of it, I can finally breathe steadily.

“Don’t worry,” Scott whispers looking down into my eyes as I rest my head on his lap. “I’ve got you.”

“You’ll always h-have me,” I whisper back before I can think about it. Stop saying things like that Abby, you aren’t together anymore.

He tilts his head at me as if he’s confused by what I just said but he now has a content smile on his face. He doesn’t say anything further though, instead he offers to help me up and slowly I’m able to stand on my own two feet again.

“Are you okay?” Anna asks me as soon as I’m standing up straight. “Of course you aren’t okay, you need to rest.”

“You can rest in my bed anytime you want,” Parker speaks up from the other side of the room. Anna immediately tenses up when he speaks. Scott is about to stomp acrosd the room angrily when we hear another voice speak up in the room.

“Daniel has arrived and is ready for cheerful noises and pizza!” We look over and see Daniel limping into the room. Shouldn’t he still be in the infirmary? He looks around the room cheerfully and honestly for a second I forget Parker in the room because of Daniel’s dimples. I mean damn, are they adorable.

Daniel’s eyebrows furrow up in confusion when he realizes that no one is talking and we’re all staring at him. His eyes travel to a still soaking wet Scott but his gaze stops when he spots a handcuffed Parker casually sitting on the floor looking bored as ever. Daniel tilts his head at Parker before speaking.


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